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  1. I absolutely love The Sinner! Not only because of Bill Pullman who is one of my all time favorites, but also because of... everything. The writing, the mood, the characters, the colors... Season 4 was just aired here in the Finnish national TV a few months ago. (Yes, I still watch the telly sometimes. 🙂)
  2. Much love to you, my dear friend Graham! I hope you're doing well. It's been a while since we've talked but all is well over here. ❤️

  3. What a great topic, davidmarx2000! One of mine is from Gehenna (S1, episode 2): "If there's a bad man, I'm sure Daddy's going to catch him."
  4. Wow, what a great new feature! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Graham. (I thought i would just drop by quickly to see what people have been up to, and then my jaw dropped when i saw those screenshots. 😆 )
  5. Oh my, this is awesome! Welcome back, Zombieromero, good to have you here with us. The community is not as active as it used to be but we still love it. Looking forward to reading your posts! What have you been up to?
  6. Happy birthday, our sweet friend Graham! I hope you're having the greatest time ever!
  7. Happy birthday to you, Julian, I hope you're having lots of fun on your special day!
  8. 💖 Dear Randee, I hope you had the best time ever on your birthday yesterday! All my hugs and much love to you!
  9. Truly a fascinating video! Can you imagine how they felt when the thing revealed itself? Awesome, even though it's also very, very creepy.
  10. Hi folks, you've probably heard the news already. How exciting! https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/11/us/zodiac-killer-cypher-340-code-trnd/index.html (CNN)More than 50 years after the so-called Zodiac Killer first began terrorizing the streets of Northern California, a code-breaking team is believed to have finally cracked one of the killer's mysterious coded messages sent to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1969. Dubbed the "340 cipher," the message was unraveled by a trio of code breakers -- David Oranchak, a software developer in Virginia, Jarl Van Eycke, a Belgian computer programmer, and Sam Blake, an Australian mathematician. Decoding the cipher revealed the following message. It was sent in all capital letters without punctuation and included the misspelling of paradise: "I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me That wasn't me on the TV show which brings up a point about me I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradice all the sooner Because I now have enough slaves to work for me where everyone else has nothing when they reach paradice so they are afraid of death I am not afraid because I know that my new life will be an easy one in paradice death." The TV show the message refers to is "The Jim Dunbar Show," a Bay Area television talk show. The cipher was sent two weeks after a person claiming to be the Zodiac Killer called into the show. Man says he presents 'most evidence' that deceased dad was Zodiac Killer "It was incredible. It was a big shock, I never really thought we'd find anything because I had grown so used to failure," Oranchak, who's been working on solving the killer's messages since 2006, told CNN. "When I first started, I used to get excited when I would see some words come through -- they were like false positives, phantoms. I had grown used to that. It was a long shot -- we didn't even really know if there was a message," he said. The trio took their findings to the FBI a week ago, but didn't reveal their breakthrough until the FBI's confirmed cleared by the authorities, they said. The Zodiac Killer is most known for leaving a trail of five unsolved murders between 1968 and 1969. He was never caught, but he gained notoriety by writing letters to police and local media up until 1974, sometimes in code, boasting of the killings. Bloody bits of clothing were included with his letters as proof of his actions. He claims he killed as many as 37 people. The FBI said in a statement that the case remains an ongoing investigation for the bureau's San Francisco office and its local law enforcement partners. "Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, and out of respect for the victims and their families, we will not be providing further comment at this time," the statement read. The San Francisco Police Department has also been made aware of the solved cipher, and said the information has been sent to the department's cold case homicide investigators. Oranchak detailed the process for cracking the cipher on his website and in a YouTube video, where he used a specifically developed decryption software and a bit of luck to finally make the connection. The team used a unique program to sift through 650,000 variations of the message. In one, a couple of words appeared. "We got really lucky and found one that had part of the answer, but it wasn't obvious," Oranchak said, explaining that they then had to handpick their way through to decipher the rest of the message. The only disappointing part, Oranchak said, is that the missive contained no personally identifying information. Oranchak holds out no hope for solving the two remaining ciphers. He described the mission as "almost hopeless," as both are very short, with thousands of different names and phrases that could fit.
  11. Viivi! Thank you for my lovely Christmas Card, it arrived safely this morning! Really cheered me up! Lovely surprise and just like the one Frank received! ❤️ :angel:


    1. Viivi


      Wow, that was quick, I only posted it two days ago! 😲 I'm so glad you liked it. 💖 Merry Christmas, my sweet friend! :kiss_snowman:

    2. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Merry Christmas!  :Cap: :Wreath-3:

  12. As wonderful as ever, love this so much. Thank you, Alex, and happy Halloween to you too!
  13. Still missing you, my dear friend. I hope you are healthy and happy.

  14. Hello Lasu, and welcome! Very nice to see a fellow Finn here!
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