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  1. Lovely teaser for season 6! Btw, i bet you can't guess which actors are kissing on that video. https://youtu.be/1WhnOE90fN0 Edit: I'm so sorry: the video is gone from Youtube now. I had no idea it had apparently been posted by a channel that didn't have permission to do so, or something. (The whole channel has been terminated.) Maybe if i can find the video elsewhere, i'll post it here again.
  2. Here's a link to an interview with Tovah Feldshuh (Deanna). One small detail from there: she says they will continue shooting in May. I hope they will let something leak out again (pics, etc.) as they progress. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/walking-dead-tovah-feldshuh-season-6-116651086370.html The picture below is from a fan site.. My sweethearts!
  3. When it comes to the final episode in general: i liked it very much, and it had a lot of action which is always good. Something seemed to be missing, though. Not sure what that was. (Please don't get mad at me ) Btw, what Morgan said to Daryl after saving him and Aaron made me like him even more because it's the exact same thing my mother used to say: "All life is precious". Foolish or not, it's a beautiful thought.
  4. I'm so glad Morgan is back, he is too cool! I loved the expression he gave when the "Wolf" guy threatened to kill him. It was so subtle, yet it said everything. ​ Poor Wolves, they didn't know what they got themselves into.
  5. I've re-watched them several times, they're such fun summaries of the season storylines! Here's an interesting interview with executive producer Gale Ann Hurd on the season finale. I can't wait! https://variety.com/2015/tv/news/walking-dead-finale-preview-gale-anne-hurd-rick-shane-glenn-deanna-1201461054/
  6. People, have you seen these? Awesome, and so funny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj0uJwZrAdA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q301I60KT0
  7. I love those clips, too. Thanks for posting them, Simon! Can't really think of anything in particular about Jessie that could remind Rick of Lori.. But: she is attractive, someone outside Rick's group that's genuinely nice and treated them kindly from day one, plus she gave him a haircut which can actually be a pretty intimate thing, so... About Deanna: it will be very interesting to see her actions in the final episode, because i'm not at all sure that she believed either Gabriel's or Nicholas's lies. Just look at her face when she watches the video of Nicholas's interview after the trip that killed Aiden and Noah. Nicholas: - These people have to go. They are not like us. I know you see it. Deanna: - You don't know what i see. I see a great deal.
  8. It's the same thing with broadcasting here in Finland, which is why i'm avoiding Twitter and many other sites on the internet on Mondays before the evening comes. I wonder what the spin-off show Fear the Walking Dead will be like, and i also wonder if we're gonna see it over here.. Well, i certainly hope so... I just wish there was some other way for all of them to survive and cope than beating and killing each other. It seems to me that Deanna is trying very hard to be a sensible, strong person who can come up with good decisions... That doesn't mean she always succeeds. What do you guys think about Michonne's violent reaction to Rick's bloody-faced rant? I've seen some angry comments on it from TWD fans on other sites. I think she was just trying to prevent further damage and keep Rick from getting kicked out. I don't know..
  9. Rick has become somewhat like Shane, hasn't he? Don't get me wrong; he's still my favorite character, i'm just not sure i like everything he's doing these days..
  10. Great posts by everyone, and great analysis on Carol by Graham. I was wondering about her odd behaviour towards Sam as well: Carol was deeply hurt emotionally when she lost her daughter Sophia first, and then later Lizzie and Mika who were both dear to her. Maybe she doesn't want any other child to be or become close to her anymore because she's afraid of losing them, too? Under a lot of stress like Gra described, maybe she has "just" let her heart grow cold so that she couldn't get hurt anymore? Btw: where the heck is Morgan?
  11. I absolutely love this show. In fact, it's the only TV series i watch regularly anymore. And i think i'm in love with Andrew Lincoln.
  12. Happy holidays <3

    1. Watts


      Hyvää joulua Viivi. :)

  13. My deepest condolences and all my love to you and your family, Laura. Please know we are here for you whenever you need us, dear friend.
  14. Welcome, Jacob! Good to have you here!
  15. Miss you all... Hope everyone is having a beautiful autumn.

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Thanks Viivi, I hope you are too.

  16. Another great topic! I've just woken up, so i might have second thoughts about this later when my mind is clear, but here are the ones that first popped into my head (maybe that's just the reason they should be picked) - Del Boxer (Seven and One) - Al Pepper (PPTD) - "Selfosophy Psycho" (José Chung's Doomsday Defense)
  17. Hello Iceland! Any volcanos erupting lately? How are the geysirs doing? Are there any other clichés i could throw at you?

    Thanks again for your help with "the audio from hell". I need to stay far away from the stage next time.... not. :D

  18. Hello, my friend! Have a good weekend!

  19. What a cool topic! My Top 5 would be - Pilot (best TV i had ever seen) - Lamentation (best TV i had ever seen, pt 2, and the first TV show episode ever that made me truly and utterly scared. I kept checking that the door was locked before going bed, etc.) - Powers, principalities... (there's something so beautiful about Al Pepper, heehee) - José Chung's (i love self-irony, and i'm a skeptic at heart, plus it 's so brilliantly written that it can't be left behind) - Seven and One (a beautiful, engaging episode that touches the "I'd love to believe" part in my heart)
  20. Six years at TIWWA today! Wow, time does fly. <3

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      Wow, congrats girlfriend. Awesome.

    3. Viivi


      Thanks, Darlene :)

  21. Sorry for not being around. Love you all!

    1. Earthnut


      Sure have missed you. Love you too.

  22. I love and miss you. In your heart, you must know that.

  23. What's on YOUR mind?

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