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  1. And now i have it here, too. Hehehe :) xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, you put the tulips onto your background! I love that! So glad you like the picture. I have it as my bg pic on Twitter and Myspace as well. :)

  3. Thank you, Graham, good to hear that. :)

  4. Thanks, Graham. :) I hope all is well with you too.((( HUGS )))

  5. Brilliant job, as always. Thank you, J!
  6. Happy Halloween, Graham! I hope you're having a really great one. <3

  7. How are you doing, Darlene? ((( Hugs ))) and happy autumn!

  8. How are you, cutie?

  9. # 39 His expression in Jose Chung's when Watts asks Frank outside the movie theater "What's the matter?", and he replies: "It's this Selfosophy thing..."
  10. E, you're the best. I'm so proud to call you my friend, angel.

  11. I'm sorry but I don't have Skype. :)

    Happy Easter!!

  12. Thanks, Gra! (I did pass it on too! :)

  13. You've just been e-hugged. Pass it on!

  14. Thank you, Graham! :) xoxo

  15. Thank you so much, Darlene! You're very kind, and I truly appreciate your friendship. Hugs!!

  16. Love you, B-day Boy! :)

  17. Viivi

    Happy spring, everyone!

    :) Thank you, Graham! XO
  18. Viivi

    Happy spring, everyone!

    From the album: Springtime

    Just some flowers I bought last weekend and then photographed, because the sunlight on Sunday morning was so beautiful and bright. (I've only cropped the photo, it's not been edited in any other way.)
  19. Viivi


  20. Thank you, Graham! XOXO

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