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  1. Besides: you're cute!

  2. Nice photos you have up there! :)

  3. :) Thank you, Benjamin! You have a great 2010 too!

  4. I hope you're feeling better already, my friend. **Hugs**!!

  5. Mark, I know I already wished you a happy new year, but may I do it twice? :) I hope you will have a fantastic 2010, and that all your dreams will come true, my sweet friend. Thank you for all the understanding and advice you've given me, I couldn't have survived without you.

  6. I loved Sapphire and Steel as a kid! Our whole family used to watch it together, I was scared to death, and loving every moment! "Upstairs and downstairs...." Brrrrrr, the spookiness! Joanna Lumley was amazing, and I also liked David McCallum's coolness. (He's one of those people who never seem to get much older; if you've seen him in NCIS, for example, you know what I mean.) Then there were a few supporting characters that were great as well, like Lead. Re-watched a few episodes a couple of years ago, and of course it didn't feel as scary as it used to. But still it was very good!
  7. Awww, you're so sweet. :) Don't know about them wings and halo, but at least i'm in a heavenly mood! I hope you're having tons of love and warmth around you, and that your new year will sparkle with all the happy stuff imaginable. **HUGS**!!!

  8. Merry Christmas, dear Mark!

  9. Merry Christmas, Graham! Thank you for yet another wonderful year at the best site in the world, looking forward to 2010! (And I agree with Laura :)

  10. :) Merry Christmas, Jósef!!!

  11. ***HUGS*** to my angel!!!!! :)

  12. How could we forget you?! You're our dear friend and we miss you constantly! Did you have time to read the thread for your b-day? Hoping to see you here again soon, Erin!

  13. Yes, I noticed you had corrected something in there. :) The vid is on my profile on Myspace now, btw. I really admire your talent!

  14. I am so sorry, my friend! I swear I was going to post a b-day greeting on the board for you, but then just forgot - too much everything on my mind these days. Please accept these belated but warmest happy b-day wishes, I hope your big day was great!!

  15. Welcome, Josef! :)

  16. Hyvää joulua, enkelini. :)

  17. Hey Gra! I love your new profile pic as well. You look a bit like a younger version of Mark Snow. :) Very cool!

  18. Aww, sorry to hear that you're freezing, sweetie. Oddly enough, it's been relatively warm around here the last couple of days, about 10 degrees Celsius, which is approx 5-10 degrees more than we usually have this time of year. I wish I could give you a huge real-life hug that would keep you warm no matter what, but since I can't (sniff!), please try to catch this virtual one: ((...

  19. Mark, you are a sweetheart!

    I sent you an email on Myspace; did you get it? <3

  20. Yay!!! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for telling me in advance, sweetie!

  21. Eth... WHEN am I going to see your lovely face again? Put the profile pic back! It's been far too long. Please! :)

  22. Happy Halloween, Benjamin!

  23. Happy Halloween, dear Nut! I'm sorry I haven't written, it's been a busy few days for me. Talk soon! :)

  24. Halloweeny hugs to my friend! I hope you're having a delightfully creepy weekend with the peeps near and dear to you. <3

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