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  1. Happy Halloween, darlin'! Sorry for being absent yet again; Filter posted a new song on their Myspace yesterday which meant a lot of work for the fanpage, as you can well imagine. It will be in the movie '2012', btw, very soon. Even though I'm hardly objective, I'm telling you: it's a fantastic song, certainly hit material. Talk soon, dear! xoxo

  2. Hey Chip, so great to hear from you! A cryptic comment will always make my day! :) So, you're on Fb, too? I'm not sure what think of the place; most of the time I do like it, sometimes not so much. (If you'd like to add me on there, please PM me here, and I'll send you my details.) Happy Halloween to you too!!

  3. Hey! How nice to see what you look like! And you look very nice, I might add! :)

  4. I miss you too, Gra! So sorry for not having been around, I'll be here around Halloween, I promise. xoxoxo

  5. Even more (((hugs))) to my sweet!

  6. Well, sweetheart, since you asked: I've been on Myspace, missing you! :( Sometimes I hate the internet. Hugs and smooches to my darlin'!

  7. Grateful (((hugs))) to my sweet friend!

  8. Life's okay in Viivi-land, thanks for asking. How are you doing, my sweet? (((HUGS))) back! And a big smooch!

  9. Good to hear that your little dog is doing better. Have a great weekend, Darlene!

  10. Hey, welcome back! I think I remember you from summer 2005 when I joined - did you previously have The Polaroid Man as your avatar? Really good to see you here, and I hope to chat with you on Fb too. :)
  11. OMG, it does look like an owl.. I hadn't even noticed that before. It's Milllenniumistic now!
  12. For me, it would depend on what the person is like. Example 1: I watched the show with my bf chronologically from 1.1, every episode, because that's who HE is: logical and systematic, and he would hate it if he missed something. Example 2: showed a few episodes from the beginning first, and then JCDD, to one of my brothers who's kind of impulsive, AND loves a great script. And both loved what they saw! :)
  13. You guessed it: I do love and appreciate all three seasons - but season 1 still is the one that touches my heart the deepest. I'll never forget the wonder and awe watching it the first time, being stunned about the fact that something so fantastic had been made for TV. Also, it always brings this word to my mind: pure. I mean that in a newborn kind of way. (Not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me :) And with this I do not mean that the other seasons would've ruined it all. They were just different. They were not season 1!
  14. Sweetie, I will treasure your every word forever, not only on my page but also in my heart. :)

  15. Oh, and feel free to wipe this dreadful flood of my comments here, i won't mind! Lol


  16. Hey, i just heard that someone left a comment on my blog on Myspace today, and it wouldn't go through.. What also puzzled me today that it seemed that a certain rockstar had only received ONE comment on his page in a week, which is just unreal - me thinks that Myspace is having big issues at the moment.

  17. :) Just left the new comment a moment ago.

  18. Well, I can try but it might not work again.. a comment that was left to the Filter fanpage yesterday disappeared too. I only know that because I left it myself - I'm dreading that there are more missing that we will never know about, and people will get mad at us, thinking that we've rejected them on purpose. Ah well... I'll try again, sweetie. <3

  19. Have a great week, dearest Eth. I'm so glad you're my friend! xo

  20. Thank you! I like this one myself as well, the colours have a calming effect. I actually had it as my desktop background too for weeks.
  21. Viivi

    The Turku castle

    I'm glad you like it! When I'm in the mood for taking photos, I usually take numerous shots of everything I like. Sometimes I'm lucky and one or two of the shots actually turn out to be good. :) The rest is usually rubbish.
  22. Viivi

    The Turku Castle

    Thanks again! :) It was a beautiiful day near the end of May, everything was shining, not just the sun.
  23. Viivi

    The main library of the town

    Thanks, Graham! Yes, especially very young people, students etc., often tend to use bicycles.
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