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  1. Viivi

    My hometown Turku

    My favorite places and buildings, randomly
  2. Welcome! Nice to have you here with us!
  3. Hee hee.. never apologize for that, E. I like everything about you, including the little typos you sometimes make. :)

  4. Fantastic!! I simply can't wait!!!

  5. You are a SWEETHEART!!!!! :)

  6. Hello Sigil, and welcome! I know exactly what you mean about excitement, employers, and such but let me assure you: once you feel at home, there's no way you could stay away. :)
  7. E, just when i was so blue you came with that lovely news. I will sleep like a baby tonight. Thank you! xoxo

  8. Good to hear from you! A chocolate bunny sounds very yummy but I do understand that you're not enjoying your meltdown. The summer came here early May already, then went away and came back again. It's been warm, hot even, yet often rainy. Why would you want our autumn? It's dark, muddy, and cold, brrrr!

  9. Good to see you, Erin!

  10. Hey, dear friend! Thanks for your kind message on Fb the other day, it was really nice of you to drop me a line. Have a great weekend!

  11. You're sweet, E. I'm glad if my wishes helped a little bit.

  12. How are you today, Eth? Better, I hope? xoxo

  13. That is so sweet, Graham. :) Thank you.

  14. Graham, I love your profile pic, you both look so happy. Plus you look incredibly much like my bf!

  15. Nope, it was a real glimpse in a real episode. Catherine went to Peter's house to talk about Frank and the Millennium Group. When Watts came out of the house, Catherine saw his daughters giggling in the hall, having fake moustache on. All I have to do now is to find the right episode! Just a moment! :) Edit: It's Luminary! This is from the transcript: [A door bell rings. Through the glass we can see Catherine. Sounds of laughter inside – "someone's at the door", "who's idea was that", "what idea". The front door is opened by Watts. Behind him are his wife and daughters, giggling, his daughters wearing false moustaches exactly like Watts's. Catherine is awkward and upset.] Transcript: https://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/t...ost&p=35901
  16. OMG, this is fantastic! Downloaded them immediately. Thank you, Graham!!!!
  17. I love your new sig, Mark! It makes my eyes crooked and head spin, but I love it all the same! ;) xoxoxo

  18. I tend to think that most bald men are sexy but I don't see that in Watts. I do like the character, though.
  19. Your manners are alive and well; welcome!
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