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  1. Hey my friend, sorry for the delay. I didn't get a notification about your comment to my email, so there's been a glitch somewhere, nor did I notice it myself until now.

    Things are good, I'm doing quite well, eagerly waiting for summer. I hope all is well with you too. Feel free to drop by anytime. Have a great weekend!

  2. Absolutely brilliant, Darlene. Thanks for writing and posting this.
  3. Thanks guys. It's odd to see a post that I don't really remember writing. I mean, I know i must have but it seems like it was written by someone else. Funny feeling. Anyway, I do remember finding the connection, and how stoked I was. I believe this detail has been included with many others into the trivia listing of the mother site, btw. Please take a look if you haven't already, it's amazing. Complete Trivia Listing
  4. Scott, please don't be gone!

  5. Beautiful family!

  6. Great idea, E! I chose a a scene from Seven and One, an episode particularly close to me. This is the scene where Frank tries to find answers searching through webpages and prints. I can relate so well to that feeling: "I don't know what to do or think". Whenever I see the scene (or the whole episode for that matter), it brings tears into my eyes, but it also brings a strange sense of relief, safety and hope. Image 203.
  7. It's a brilliant read. Thanks for all your hard work, Jim and E, both of you.
  8. Yay!! Great news indeed! It will take a while until it comes out here but I can wait. I like NCIS, btw.
  9. Hello Stanislas, and welcome!
  10. Welcome Bernard! Good to have you here.
  11. I understand completely, E. Please don't be hurt, I'm sorry if I was too blunt. I see what you mean, my friend.
  12. The interview is brilliant as they all have been. Thanks for yet another job well done! But the capslock is dreadful. Really hard to read it, my eyes hurt. But I do understand your point, E.
  13. Welcome, Julien, nice to have you here with us. As for the ringtone: I really don't know but I'm sure someone here does. :)
  14. Hellllllo Charger, and welcome to the best place on the internet! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Finn. Täällä on älyttömän mukavaa porukkaa, joten sulla on täällä taatusti tosi hauskaa.
  15. Congratulations to all of you. Well deserved!
  16. Welcome, Roger! I've been to northern Norway once, it was breathtakingly beautiful.
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