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  1. Scott, thanks for stopping by, you've been missed! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  2. Hello, fellow fan and TIWWAer, it will be nice to hear your thoughts and opinions on all things Millennium!
  3. Just finished listening. That bonus track is so great!
  4. I'm listening right now (theme from Blood Relatives) and I'm getting goose bumps all over. I'm so happy! This must be the second best thing I got for Christmas. :)
  5. Mine came today!!! My hands started to shake when I saw the envelope - so much that I had trouble taking the pic. :)
  6. Most definitely this site is the most beautiful, Thomas! It's also so cosy around here. Every time I've showed TIWWA and it's mother site to a friend, they have been absolutely in awe. And this site has become a second home for me too, I simply could not be without it.
  7. This is Ein (Bonnie), a loveable person and a friend of mine. (I miss her!) https://www.millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/t...hp?showuser=213 Welcome back, Bill! Nice to have you here with us.
  8. I can't stand crowds either, I start to sweat and tremble if i have to be in a situation like that.
  9. Merry Christmas, Mark! Please, keep in touch.

  10. OMG, that's fantastic! Graham, did you know about this?
  11. Thanks for yet another interesting post, Jared. You know what you're talking about, clearly. I admire your passion for all this stuff.
  12. Errr.. I'm not sure how I should take that but thanks anyway!
  13. Congrats, Ben, and thanks for posting; I'm getting hopeful as it really seems it could get here by Christmas anyway. I should get an autographed copy.
  14. Great find, very funny, thanks for posting, E! (I just wish Selfo was here to see this.)
  15. There's nothing wrong with that card, Jared, it's pretty cute actually. :)
  16. What the hell??!! I didn't even notice that!! OMG, I'm gonna faint.
  17. Our cards are on their way, posted them today. Wouldn't it be nice to see Mr Broidy's face when he gets a Christmas card from, say, Finland?
  18. These are the ones we (my "boy"friend and I) will send tomorrow.
  19. I'm eagerly waiting for tomorrow so that I can go buy my angel cards. Maybe I'll post some pics of them here, too.
  20. Just to let you all know: Matt has kindly replied to the BTFB thread at the Big Light Social Network: https://network.biglight.com/forum/topics/2...747Comment96905
  21. It's a season 2 episode Monster. Am I right, fellow TIWWAers? Welcome, Maja!
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