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  1. Frank Spotnitz has said in his blog quite recently that there will be more Mark Snow music available next year.
  2. I've always loved the one from Blood Relatives (sniff).
  3. I tested it, and it worked for Finland (of all the places in the world), so I'm sure it will work for UK customers also. :)
  4. It's glam, drunk, conga and taxi for me. There's nothing like a TIWWA birthday hangover.
  5. Thanks, J. :) This was one of my many "I wonder if I 've been watching too much Millennium" topics.
  6. I bought the IWTB soundtrack cd today. (There's no special reason for not getting it sooner.) I'm listening to it while writing this, and I have to say the music is even better than I remembered. I did like it when I saw the movie but now when it's on here at home, I'm getting all emotional and teary-eyed. Thank God for Mark Snow and his talent. Edit: I'll be getting the DVD soon, too; can't wait! Edit 2: Oops, I didn't notice there was a thread on this already (I did look for it!); sorry, Laurent! I must be in some sort of a trance listening to the soundtrack. It's just amazing.
  7. Had to read it now although I should be getting off to work; great stuff, fantastic job. Thank you, E!
  8. What was it like to have a role in Millennium? Was it special somehow, or was it just another job? Also, I think it would be polite to ask him something about his current jobs. Additionally, can you tell him that I voted for him when Selfo had one of his "Most Babe-a-licious" polls?
  9. Yes, I think you're right, there's talk about Monster.
  10. The second one was lovely too! According to these videos, she took every opportunity to hug him!
  11. OMG, that was too cute! Thanks for posting, E! Btw, I think they talk about Beware of the Dog at about 5 minutes Edit: I meant the first video, now I'll go and watch the other one. :)
  12. https://tvplaneten.se/1.322622?entryId=8721 Hey everyone, as you might have noticed, Lance attended a scifi convention in Stockholm, Sweden, last weekend. I've tried to find something on the occasion but haven't had much of a succeed. Found a nice blog entry, though, but it's in Swedish (link above); "Lance Henriksen made me young again". The woman who's written this tells how excited she was to meet LH, and that he gave her a warm hug when he saw how nervous she was. Also, Lance didn't want her to pay for being photographed with him. Some PR person told her then that Lance does that sometimes if he likes the fan. "Ser ni den totala lyckan i mina ögon?" = "Can you see the total happiness in my eyes?" Oh, how I envy her..
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