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  1. betweenthelines

    Twilight Saga

    The movie was okay. I found the villains to be more interesting than the heroes. Never read the books as I'm not interested in young adult fiction.
  2. betweenthelines

    Things you never knew about Millennium!

    What was 'Dirty Snowball' supposed to be about? Also, I would've loved to see the Peacocks make an appearance on MM. Oh well . . . I'm content with the Jose Chung episode :).
  3. betweenthelines

    Nurse Jackie

    I don't know if anyone saw this show, but I recently watched the pilot episode and noticed that the director was none other than Allen Coulter (MM's 'Beware of the Dog', TXF's 'All Souls'). He did a fine job too.
  4. betweenthelines

    Glen Morgan's New Project

    Well, that's not completely accurate. The later books are ridiculously pornographic, but the first eight or so actually feature interesting plots and cool characters. I'm intrigued to see how this movie will turn out since the author's control-freak tendencies resulted in the collapse of a previous film deal.
  5. betweenthelines

    Glen Morgan's New Project

    http://scifiwire.com/2009/03/laurell-hamiltons-vampire.php Awesome. The early books are great reads, although after Book 10 the quality becomes very (VERY) inconsistent.
  6. betweenthelines

    Amazing Grace

    I believe you're thinking of "Saving Grace". I've never seen it, although I've heard good things. Doesn't Klea Scott have a show of her own in Canada?
  7. betweenthelines

    Let the Right One In

    Normally I get annoyed after reading about a certain film getting remade, but that's not the case here. I haven't seen Let The Right One Inyet so I can't comment on how good or bad it was, but it was based on a novel called Let Me Inby John Lindqvist. Therefore I tend to look at Reeves' version not as a remake of Alfredson's film but as another interpretation of Lindqvist' book. It's certainly not the only literary work to receive several film versions . . .
  8. betweenthelines

    28 ***** later

    Eh, I was kinda disappointed by 28 Weeks Later. On its own merits the film was enjoyable but the prior film was so good that there's no way for a sequel to be on a higher level, or on the same one. I didn't realize Boyle directed the opening scene. Parts of it had a similar feel to 28 Days Later. Now if he only stayed to direct the whole thing . . .
  9. This set sounds great. I hope they include music from 'Bad Blood' and 'The Rain King'. Those are two of my favorite X-Files scores, although I enjoyed the chanting from 'The Field Where I Died'.
  10. betweenthelines

    New book coming soon

    Another X-Files product, with content on MM? I'll buy it!
  11. This is probably the first time I've read negative remarks about TCOFB. What didn't you like about it? As for 'Beware of the Dog' . . . I recall enjoying the scenes with the Old Man and Catherine. The rest of the episode just didn't strike a chord with me.
  12. I was too impatient for "Santa" to get it so I purchased the DVD last night. I didn't really think much about the visuals of the film when seeing it in theaters but after watching the film on DVD some scenes look really beautiful (mostly the ones taking place near a snowy background). So yeah, I'm another one who thinks the movie looks better on the small screen. Only complaint about the director's cut: the closing credits were fine as is. The photos were cute at first but got annoying after a while.
  13. As far as I know, the only American store selling the steelbook is F.Y.E. I'm guessing the steelbook is just special packaging . . .? Unfortunately the website didn't mention specific details about it.
  14. How gory was the new footage? Did any of it feel gratuitous? *wishes it were the first week of December*
  15. betweenthelines

    Legend of the Seeker

    Darin Morgan's working on "Fringe" now? Wow, I think this is his first non-1013 project. I haven't seen the show yet, but if I hear Darin gets to write a script I'll try and tune in :).

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