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  1. I love this topic. Unfortunately, I need a little help remembering my one-liner's source, and a verbatim quotation is out of the question. It may be from the very self-parodistic episode with KISS during the last season. More than once Frank mutters about some random incident "driving me insane for the third time," or something to that effect.
  2. Does anyone remember watching a "Mad TV" sketch titled "Suddenly Millennium"? It was a juxtaposition of Our Favorite Show and "Suddenly Susan," with Frank Black standing in for Brooke Shields. And are there any other MM parodies I may have missed?
  3. Has there ever been or are there any plans for an MM convention? I recall hearing about a "Quantum Leap" convention as I stood in line to see Clive Barker and Scott Bakula promote the film "Lord Of Illusions" at the ComicCon several years ago. I was quite surprised at the magnitude of the cult following for that TV series. I would definitely drive to the L.A. area from San Diego should an MM affair be so situated.
  4. Chris Carter had always been prone to choosing interesting-looking actors rather than cookie-cutter beauties. I believe had he not been fortuitously cast as Fox Mulder the hunkily idiosyncratic David Duchovny would have been relegated to character roles in his film career.
  5. Does everyone know that Lance was James Cameron's first choice to play the lead in "The Terminator"? Apparently he wasn't a projected box office name, so Ah-nold was pulled in. As for favorite Lance movies, I'd have to say "Near Dark," "Pumpkinhead," and "Powder" (nice to see him playing a good guy).
  6. Every once in a while for me too. Of all the episodes I have on tape, the one I have viewed with greatest frequency is Anamnesis, one of my all-time favorites despite the fact tha Frank Black is completely absent. (Chalk it up to my deep fascination with Christianity along the lines of the Dead Sea Scrolls rather than any patriarchal fundamentalism.)
  7. Hmm, here's food for thought: I stumbled upon this website through a Google search of "ouroboros." So I believe it should be spelled with an "ou" at the beginning. If it's any help to you...
  8. Regarding the first question, you are quite correct on all counts, Laura. I guess I was hopeful beyond hope, having remembered reading in an "X-Files" magazine about Carter's hinting at an MM movie just after the broadcast of the MM-X crossover episode. I too would still be interested in story ideas, however. I'm a yet-unpublished novelist and aspiring screenwriter, and would appreciate some creative input on a possible project...
  9. Does anyone know of the possibility of an MM movie? Any any event, what are some ideas for a plotline? We know Frank is presumably on the run with little Jordan, if we can trust the X-Files" coda...
  10. Originally I suspected that Chris Carter imbued the series with a split personality due to his own confusion regarding the show's direction, and one must admit that each of the three seasons was markedly different from the other. But now I see the brilliant sum of its parts--spirituality, humor, anti-authority paranoia--and commend Carter for allowing the series to change and grow. Incidentally, the only TV show I watch with any regularity now is "The Simpsons."
  11. In "Anamnesis" the actor who played the girl's teacher/protector--I believe his name was James Pyper-Ferguson--was also on an episode of "The X-Files."
  12. I'm a woman, and since the pilot first aired have been, along with my younger sister, a devotee. I've only personally kn!5{viduals who followed the show to any extent, and those two were male. (One contributed a possibly revelatory anecdote of how he was once stranded in an airport and glued to a TV-screened episode with a sizeable pack of similarly entranced men. Hmmm....) As with Chris Carter's other offerings, I find the show particularly empathetic of women's roles in society, and that the entire premise questions the status quo is female-friendly. And Lance Henriksen is a veritable voodoo man...
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