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  1. Clearly Peter, the shoes are a "dead" giveaway
  2. Thank you, actually I had just discovered that page on the site, lol! I posted too soon, gave up to quick, heh. Every Halloween I watch that episode...ah hell, I watch it several times a month; still the best show ever written thanks!
  3. Searching for the song in "Curse..." the be bop oldies type song about the demon singing, while Frank was in the jeep driving...anyone let me know the name please? Thanks!
  4. I agree, and look what TV did, "dumb it down" and write "profiler" and "medium" 2 vomitous shows that are blatant ripoffs of the idea of Frank Black, yeah that's a great idea!
  5. I couldn't get past the ramblings of the kid, it really turned me off; Frank always makes every episode worth watching at least once though.
  6. Heh, as usual I am opposite than most. Oh well, but yes - this show is my all time favorite and everytime I watch I still find it so hard to believe it's cancelled; absurd!
  7. chagrin

    A sad end

    In my mind, it's Peter Watts definitely. He already mentioned they'd kill him for helping Frank, and it's just the way I see it. I got closure although I agree that the "final" episode could have been so much better, and it does look they they threw it together. I am still pissed this series was cancelled, I can't believe the rating were that low; FOX hasn't replaced it yet, in my opinion, with anything worth a damn.
  8. As for me, I like almost all episodes. I haven't yet dipped back into Season 3 yet (it's been 3 years) but as for my opinion of bad episodes, Luminary is ridiculous, a kid runs away, tries to talk like an adult gets saved and then runs away again. I didn't buy any of it. It's not that I don't "get it", I do but I didn't buy the kid or the story. I don't think I can watch it again, although it's hard for me to stay away from the show, for long - heh
  9. chagrin

    Goodbye To All That

    In the battle between good and Evil.... I do not have season 3 on DVD yet, been a bad year for money. What are the words Fanks says at the end...anyone?
  10. chagrin

    The Curse of Frank Black

    Okay, I haven't read this anywhere yet, I have a question. This episode is probably my 3rd favorite of the series, excellent in all aspects - perfectly reflecting the life Frank Black has himself in; he's alone with his gift. Just a great episode. I want to know if any of you know what show (if it was a how, or something written for the episode) that the laughing claymation Devil comes from - I have no idea and am curious
  11. I cannot say for sure the specifice reason I like this episode so much, but I go back to it all the time. I enjoy Peter's search for "...Who we are" and it has some very comical moments that fight away my tendency to tear up" and alos I am a fan of historical stuff, so I liked that part of it (even though it was mostly fictional history). I never have been able to take "Bookman" from Seinfeld seriously in his role at the beginning as a Group Elder though. So I guess it's based upon the search for our history, the group's history, that I liked the most, and the music was extremely well crafted.
  12. chagrin

    Which Episodes Made You Cry

    I have tered up on many episodes, just did a little last night as I watched The Hand Of St. Sebastian for the 1100th time. I love this show, just as much as I did 10 years ago.
  13. Well, thanks for completely deflating my big head balloon! Except, I always believed she was in fact Lucifer, just the way her character was wrote, or the way she played it - she was way too cool, evil and calculating to be a minion only. Just my opinion of course.
  14. chagrin

    New Member Saying Hello

    I too am new here, gives me a "warm fuzzy" to know others loved this show as much as I did, and in alot of cases, more!
  15. chagrin

    Hello All

    Is it okay for a fellow n00b to say, "welcome!"? Gotta watch The Curse Of Frank Black this weekend!

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