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  1. Lamentations was great! I enjoyed "Power, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions" even more. Wow; I loved all the references to angels and demons. I think PPTD is now in my top three...
  2. I believe it is the only episode from Season One that I have not yet watched. I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. I'm actually going to go watch LAMENTATION tonight for the first time, and I'll report back!
  3. I've got a story that Millennium fans would probably like, here: The Town of Autumn
  4. I'm looking forward to season 3; I hardly have seen any of those episodes.
  5. I'll bring it to my office tomorrow and scan it in.
  6. I saw that ad, too, but I didn't see EW promoting it in their DVD section. I just sent this letter to EW: I've been a subscriber for several years, and being a DVD collector, I always look forward to your "DVD & Video" section to see what's coming out the following week. Thought I'd point out, though, that you missed a good one this issue: "Millennium, Season One", will be in stores Tuesday, July 20th. "Millennium" was the second show from Chris Carter (the first, of course, being the X-Files). If you liked "Silence of the Lambs", and TV's "Profiler", you'll greatly enjoy this show. The premise: Frank Black is a former FBI agent who has retired and moved from Washington, D.C., to Seattle. His new neighbors are friendly, his home life is peaceful, his daughter is adorable, and his house is a friendly yellow. Then the murder of a young woman catches his attention, and he invites himself on to the case. Over the course of the first episode, we are gradually introduced to Black's "special gift", his ability to get inside the mind of a serial killer. The pilot and other episodes are so mesmerizing, so terrifying, that you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen. Sound familiar? "Profiler" had much the same setup. But if you enjoyed "Profiler", do yourself a favor and pick up MILLENNIUM: SEASON ONE. Millennium is far superior. (And no, I don't work for FOX.) I would encourage everyone here to send a letter to EW to see if they will print one or two. That will greatly bring attention to the release. EW's email address is: ew_letters@ew.com IMPORTANT: They won't publish your letter unless you include the following (though they only print your name and email address): NAME ADDRESS DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER
  7. The one that said "english" didn't seem to be in english...
  8. Extras are good, but I'm just glad season 1 is almost here for us in the USA.
  9. So how often do you really get that weather? Sounds very cool, sounds like my kind of place. I'm from Iowa, USA; and I like Iowa a lot. However, I'm not a big fan of the USA in general. I don't like the arrogance of most Americans. What is life like there? Just being curious. What do most people do for work, etc? I've heard that we Americans work much more than Europeans. (Not including me, of course!)
  10. Welcome and nice to meet you. What country do you live in? Mike
  11. I agree, I did not think much of that episode. I prefer to pretend it didn't happen. Mike
  12. I thought it actually was poorly done -- doing a movie part in black and white, and having a genius on drugs, does not a great movie make. There's a little thing called plot, too. However, I am watching NEMESIS GAME right now; someone here recommended it. Really good so far!
  13. I was pleasantly surprised with HELLBOY -- especially how much they borrowed from H.P. Lovecraft.
  14. It's strange that I stumbled on this old thread tonight. I was just in the video store earlier this evening, picked it up, then put it back down. Your description of the plot does sound intriguing. I just added it to Netflix, also; or maybe I'll get impatient and just rent it tomorrow from the video store down the street... Mike
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