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  1. Hi All, Any UK based group members fancy meeting up when Lance is in London this July? http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/index.php/9-lfcc-guests/london-guests-filmandtv/1001-lance-henriksen Would be nice to put faces to names!
  2. Hi all, it seemed appropriate to add this link in this thread as there is news coming out from NYCC about the next X- Files series. The full interview is here: http://deadline.com/2017/10/the-x-files-revival-chris-carter-david-duchovny-gillian-anderson-lone-gunmen-new-york-comic-con-1202184258/#respond but the relevant MM part at the end is copied here: DEADLINE: In such times, are there other shows you’d like to resurrect? CARTER: I think Millennium would be a show that would have more life in it but no one’s ever spoken seriously to me about that. DEADLINE: Odd.. CARTER: Yeah, I always feel that there are more of those stories to tell as well. After three seasons, we pulled the plug on that show but the ratings were still very good so I think that there is a new approach to that show building on the solid foundation that was already there. END
  3. Hi all. Something of interest to fellow group members, an upcoming Netflix series adapting of John Douglas‘ 1996 nonfiction novel, “Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit,” which is based on Douglas’ work as an FBI profiler tracking down serial killers. Also one of the source book inspirations for the writers on Millennium. http://www.slashfilm.com/mindhunter-teaser-trailer-david-finchers-new-netflix-series/

    Happy Birthday Engine Comics

    Thanks Old man and Earthnut for the birthday wishes. Hope you're both well.


    Hi all, just a quick note to say sadly I won't be posting the first episode of VS6 on Halloween as intended due to other work commitments, instead it will be closer to Christmas before I'll have the artwork finished. Instead I will post up the script text on the VS6 blog for people to read. Look forward to your thoughts on it. Cheers


    No worries Graham- I can still log in to the development forums, it's good to have that there to refer back to but this'll be fine for time being; I'll DM with Gotham Gal the script and discussions that way.


    I'll send you a DM with the file attached- reading through it, it needs a bit more work. I didn't realise each post we make was being tweeted automatically too!


    Thanks Gotham Gal- I can send you the script to read through if you like? Since announcing my intention to do a VS6 it's not really got many peoples interest but I'm happy to do it for my own amusement, if no-one elses! :)


    HI all. Just a quick note for regular TIWWA members, I'm currently finishing my script for VS6 Episode 1, and could do with a few volunteers to check it out for me and give some feedback. Who fancies it? Let me know, cheers

    New Millennium Comic

    Hi Gotham Gal, In US comics its something of a conveyor belt process for time reasons really- the editor manages the comics like a showrunner, planning out arcs many issues ahead and assigning creative teams under the guidance of editor in chiefs and the publishers. In most UK or European comics, artists tend to draw/paint/colour their own work, sometimes letter too, rather than having a separate inker or colourist. In the comics industry (though mostly outside of it) there is a perception that comics are only bought by middle-aged men or spotty teenagers- that's the stereotype. As with all mediums of course, comics can cater to all genres and all ages, unfortunately in western comics superheroes as a genre tends to dominate. In my experience though, in the last 15 years in the UK scene there are more and more younger creators coming through who aren't tied down to the traditions of the past, and so are diversifying not just the material being produced, but also the demographic of creators. It's a great time for comics I think. On MILLENNIUM in comic book form, hopefully the new X Files series will spark an upsurge in interest, though I agree with your theory- many MM fans will likely be of that age group.

    New Millennium Comic

    Comics are actually pretty labour intensive and expensive to produce- you have to pay the writer, artist, colourist, letterer, editor, designer, licencee etc, unless you are doing creator owned (such as Image Comics, publishers of Walking Dead amongst others) which is a different set up. The way the the US/UK comics industry works is that comic shops order in advance from a trade catalogue called PREVIEWS, which all publishers list products in. The retailers pay in advance and have to sell the comics they have ordered to make any money back, or indeed merely break even. Some publishers offer sale or return which is still the exception rather than the rule. As many comic shops are still small independent stores, they have to be cautious in what they order- if there isn't likely to be a high demand they simply won't risk money on it, and traditionally the comic reading section of a particular fandom can be quite a small percentage. The link below gives figures for comic sales in December 2015 and gives an idea just how small in the US comic sales can be. There will be a cut off when the title just isn't profitable anymore, and regardless of the creative aspect, it has to make money to keep going. http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2015/2015-12.html

    New Millennium Comic

    On the issue of Frank raising his hand to Jordan- the Frank we see in the comics, some 20 years after the show finished, is not the same man we knew. I don't have the issues to hand but IIRC this later Frank seemed more skittish, more disturbed and desperate than the one we last saw on TV. People can change a lot in 20 years- the lines in the sand they would never cross can be washed away to be replaced by a line which would have been inconceivable before. I think the back story of how he got to that point and the estrangement with Jordan would likely have been explored in greater depth in subsequent series, should they occur.

    There are 348 days remaining.

    Hi Mabius- I'm not sure if they ever had any issues, but ultimately I would be playing with someone elses toys, so it is a possibility, but hopefully as with other fan fiction, as long as its respectful it flies under the radar.


    Thanks Graham for the kind words and your ongoing dedication to TIWWA. I've just created a development blog here and will create an episode blog closer to the time. BTW I will need people far more intelligent than me to help source opening quotations closer to the time too. There are 348 days remaining.
  15. I've debated a long time about whether to commit to this, but I've decided to go for it. A thirteen issue comic series, a Millennium Virtual Season 6, will be posted online for free on October 28th 2016, just in time for Halloween and the shows' 20th anniversary. This is a culmination of the original ground work by myself and fellow VS6 partners Harry Smyth and Joe McBrayer from back in 2009, conducted in secret on TIWWA, reworked and updated by myself. As a comic book artist and writer proud of what we developed, and inspired by the recent IDW series, and as a die hard fan, I felt compelled to get my version of the VS6 out there. Some basics- each issue will be released for free weekly on a Friday night, starting 28th October, on a dedicated blog (tba), in various downloadable formats. They will each be a minimum of 45-60 pages long (a standard US format comic is usually 28 pages of story in a 32 page comic). This is a lot of pages so I'm starting a year in advance. It will be unrelated to the IDW series and continue in the universe laid down in the previous VS4 and VS5. I'd strongly recommend reading those first (spoilers, sweetie). The plot of this season and (if it doesn't kill me and if i don't get a cease and desist) a proposed 7th season is already worked out in advance. I'll be releasing behind the scenes stuff such as scripts, photo-shoots of models, process videos and sketchbook material a couple weeks after each relevant episode. I love seeing that stuff myself from other artists so hopefully a few people will find that interesting too. I will have need of 'guest stars' for certain characters through the season, so if you fancy seeing your face in the comic, feel free to DM me a headshot and I'll get back to you with the relevant details. Needless to say this is an independent fan production, unrelated to and unendorsed by 1013 Productions, cast and crew, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc or its related entities in any way. It's just a bit of fun, kids. Anyway anyone with any questions fire away below.

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