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  1. Hello, I have similar problems with my laptop (and only DVD player) CD-ROM/DVD drive when trying to play many of the Millennium DVD's. Some work, others don't. My software can restart from where the DVD left off, so for a couple of finnicky DVDs I started one that worked, skipped into a scene on an episode, and then replaced the well-behaved DVD with the less cooperative one. That worked once or twice. I used a friend's standard DVD player and was able to use them, so thought maybe I had damaged my hardware. Guess not. Thanks for the message. Anyhow, I'm still troubleshooting. I have downloaded a new driver for the IDE drive but not yet tested it. My discs are clean and new, and there are no visible defects. I'm sure that for some reason the drive has problems with them. The symptoms: Repeated attempts to "wind-up" to speed without getting anywhere, keeping my system occupied until I open the CD-ROM to force it to stop its spastic and fruitless attempts at reading the disc. There are clicks. I'm only an amateur tech geek and student, so can't add much more to the discussion.
  2. You know, I was in England a couple of years ago and I discovered that amazon.co.uk has many copies of N.E. Genge's Unofficial Millennium Compendiums (1 and 2), and many used ones at just a couple pounds. I'm putting them on my holiday list.
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