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    The drones remind me of the hoverdrones used to spy on the public in James Cameron's Dark Angel. They used facial recognition technology to conduct assassinations. But a vast majority of Americans support the drone attacks that are killing innocents overseas.
  2. xvade


    Whenever I hear predictions of doomsday or Great Changes Are Coming, I think back to that exchange between Jose Chung and Frank Black, when Frank says, "Personally, I think this is a very significant time in mankind's history." Chung replies, "But that's what every man throughout history has said about his time." Maybe this time they'll be right, but I think not. I'd love to see some great positive change, but on December 21, I'll go about my day as usual, confident nothing special will happen, because we, myself included, aren't making it happen. It's up to us. Always has been. imo
  3. I agree with what ty7du and Ghostmojo wrote here. One of the major themes in season 2 is the dangerous nature of cults, how even extremely intelligent and ethical people like Peter Watts can be conned by them. The Millennium Group was even more dangerous because they presented actual proofs to Peter, such as predicting earthquakes. At the end of season 2, it appears Peter is going to break away from them, but it's never so easy once you're in that deep. He had a family to worry about, and I also firmly believe his claim that he was protecting Frank all along. Without him, Frank probably would'
  4. The thought that Frank's father should've come with him never occurred to me. Since it was the anniversary of his wife's death, I think he wanted to stay in that house and, as he said, "listen to the music." And to me, he and Frank had been at such a distance for so long that just getting Jordan's picture was a very powerful moment and felt like enough of a reconciliation for that night. That whole scene is probably - no, definitely my favorite of the entire series.
  5. To me The Old Man is an example of how, if we're not careful, perspective can lead to callous detachment (I can relate). In Beware of the Dog, he defends not even informing Michael Beebe of the danger he's in, doesn't even want to give him a chance to survive, because he's not worthy. But Frank is worthy, so he elects to save him twice. Left unclear is whether Frank actually persuaded The Old Man, whether he would've saved Beebe at the end had Frank not also been at the house. It's also possible The Old Man was just playing Devil's Advocate as part of the test of Frank, though he seemed sincer
  6. In about 8 viewings over nearly 13 years, this ep was always one of my least favorites. So I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy watching it recently. Still a sub-par effort for season 2, imo, but I give it a solid 7/10 for the atmosphere and performances. There's an interesting Glen Morgan quote on this one (which ethsnafu referred to earlier): http://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/crew_interview.php?name=Glen%20Morgan&id=18
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