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  1. Miss you so much Erin, the world is a much darker place without you. RIP. X 

  2. We will miss and love you forever.



  3. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

  4. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Yes.... The Old Man was a multi-faceted character that I wish they'd fleshed out more!
  5. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Oh, yay!!! People are talking about one of my top 5 favorite episodes!!!! Oh, and I think The Old Man said, "Guy like you? I'm sure you're covered!"
  6. Raven Wolf


    Libby... Terry just asked can you guess his age?
  7. Raven Wolf


    Thanks! Oh, and Libby? You dared!!! LOL! I thought so, too! This is the first album I've tried to make here. I didn't want to overload the site with too many, but just wanted to give a good overview. :)
  8. Terry and I had 5 guests, an officiant and a windy, gray day by the lake on Halloween.... but, after 10 years of waiting, we're married!!!
  9. Libby, I believe that the time changes on November 1st. So, if that means daylight saving time ends, I'll still be in it on the 31st. Here's a photo I took of part of the beach/lake this summer.
  10. Libby.... that is so sweet! Thank you!!! We've actually changed the date to the 31st. Halloween! Since I found someone to "officiate" on a Saturday, we can do this on the day I wanted to! so, 2 P.M., here, on the 31st. It'll still be daylight saving time here, so I'm not sure when that is, there. It might be 6. Darline, yes, it's still daylight saving time till the 1st of next month. I can't remember what time zone you're in, though.
  11. Less than 2 weeks now.... 2 P.M., at 400 Bob Holman Rd, Athens, GA 30607 Happy Halloween to everyone!!!
  12. Raven Wolf

    Shoutbox Thread

    Hi, Libby! I got the report, too! And I wasn't sure what to do about it. Glad to see you have already, as always, been right "on the ball", with things! I don't know how Graham finds time to sleep, either!
  13. Thank you.... all 3 of you!!! I'm going to try to have it recorded, either on my camera, or someone else's. If it'd O.K., I'll be posting it here! Hugs too all.... my "old friends"! This is who we are....
  14. Thanks, Libby!!! UpDate on our plans!!! We were just going to do this in secret, in a courthouse, to avoid all the drama with my so-called family, and since we have very few friends who'd want to come, and not much money. Over the past month, the plan has mushroomed into a full-fledged (if small) Wedding at a local (small) lake on Halloween afternoon! I was shocked that 2 ladies I know from Facebook made plans and bought plane tickets to actually COME TO IT! Can you believe it??? Now, I've invited Johnny Depp and Matthew Gray Gubler, but does anyone have Lance's contact info? LOL! Anyway, our "sneaking" to a courthouse was done a few weeks ago, and we got our marriage license!
  15. SOMEbody saw that scenario on an X Files episode and thought it might work here.... didn't they? *wink* heehee

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