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  1. Happy Birthday Erin, we love and miss you. x

  2. Miss you so much Erin, the world is a much darker place without you. RIP. X 

  3. We will miss and love you forever.



  4. Raven Wolf

    Lance is on Criminal Minds!!!!

    This episode was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (left), who plays Dr. Spencer Reid (WOO-HOO!) and was co-written by Kirsten Vangsness (shown far right) who plays Penelope Garcia! (I don't know who the lady with dark hair and glasses, next to Gubler is.) This was a special treat!!!
  5. "A Beautiful Disaster".... Lance is on right now!!! OMG!!!!!
  6. Greetings.... from, the edge of civilization!
  7. Raven Wolf

    Happy birthday Raven Wolf!

    Thank you, Graham, Walkabout, everybody!!!
  8. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

  9. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Yes.... The Old Man was a multi-faceted character that I wish they'd fleshed out more!
  10. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Oh, yay!!! People are talking about one of my top 5 favorite episodes!!!! Oh, and I think The Old Man said, "Guy like you? I'm sure you're covered!"
  11. Raven Wolf

    To commemorate the victims in Paris

    Astonishingly beautiful!!!
  12. Raven Wolf

    Happy birthday Raven Wolf!

    Thanks, everyone!!! Cake looks GREAT!!!!!!
  13. Raven Wolf


    Libby... Terry just asked can you guess his age?
  14. Raven Wolf


    Thanks! Oh, and Libby? You dared!!! LOL! I thought so, too! This is the first album I've tried to make here. I didn't want to overload the site with too many, but just wanted to give a good overview. :)

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