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  1. Raven Wolf

    Welcome, Talyon

    Serj Tankian Empty Walls lyrics
  2. "A Beautiful Disaster".... Lance is on right now!!! OMG!!!!!
  3. Raven Wolf

    Lance is on Criminal Minds!!!!

    This episode was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (left), who plays Dr. Spencer Reid (WOO-HOO!) and was co-written by Kirsten Vangsness (shown far right) who plays Penelope Garcia! (I don't know who the lady with dark hair and glasses, next to Gubler is.) This was a special treat!!!
  4. As some of you know..... this year has been an extreamly challenging and stressful one. I keep coming back here, because this is home to me. You people are my family. And, as I have been here now for ...... (is it 8 years???? god, I feel old!!!!), I see so many new faces, and trusted friends I've known for years. I don't know about the rest of you, but as Millennium actually got me through a very difficult time in my life, I just thought it'd be nice if all of us went through the episodes from beginning to end, and shared the experience here each day. No set day or time to watch, since we all have challenging lives and schedules. But, just to try to each take out time for ourselves and start back at the beginning, and share the experience here, as if it were all new. I would really enjoy that experience, as I find great comfort in the wonderful friends I have here. Let me know what you think!
  5. Greetings.... from, the edge of civilization!
  6. Raven Wolf

    Happy birthday Raven Wolf!

    Thank you, Graham, Walkabout, everybody!!!
  7. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

  8. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Yes.... The Old Man was a multi-faceted character that I wish they'd fleshed out more!
  9. Raven Wolf

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    Oh, yay!!! People are talking about one of my top 5 favorite episodes!!!! Oh, and I think The Old Man said, "Guy like you? I'm sure you're covered!"
  10. Raven Wolf

    To commemorate the victims in Paris

    Astonishingly beautiful!!!
  11. Raven Wolf

    Happy birthday Raven Wolf!

    Thanks, everyone!!! Cake looks GREAT!!!!!!
  12. Raven Wolf


    Libby... Terry just asked can you guess his age?
  13. Raven Wolf


    Thanks! Oh, and Libby? You dared!!! LOL! I thought so, too! This is the first album I've tried to make here. I didn't want to overload the site with too many, but just wanted to give a good overview. :)
  14. Raven Wolf


  15. Terry and I had 5 guests, an officiant and a windy, gray day by the lake on Halloween.... but, after 10 years of waiting, we're married!!!
  16. Ahoy! The Time Be Near!!! 10 Years on the Back Burner..... Just 10 MONTHS in the FRONT Burner....! Erin McRaven to wed Terry Cass on October 31th, at whatever courthouse will actually marry us! (edited to say we're actually doing it on the 31st) (someone in the back shouts.... "It's about #$*&^@+!! DAMN time!" ) We're planning to sneak off to the Clarke County Courthouse in Athens, Georgia. I picked October 30th, because there's only 2 days a week they do weddings, one of which is Friday, and that's pretty close to Halloween. (*edit... now we have an officiant, and are getting married ON Halloween, because she's not charging much more than I'd pay at the courthouse) After 4 years, we're still stuck at my parents house, and I've had a few more nervous breakdowns, and have been in an online therapy course, so..... To hell with waiting till we have a HOME again, we're going to sneak off and get married anyway! I've been buying a few things, a little at a time, like a "Pirate" dress to use as a wedding dress..... If anyone here plans to be in the Southeast U.S. in late October, and wants to come be one of 2 possible guests, I'd be thrilled! I'd like to say "We're registered at.....", but there's no house (that's ours) to put stuff into. So, if anyone has a spare house, or a steady job as an artist, let me know!!! Until then... ARRRRRR!!!!
  17. Libby, I believe that the time changes on November 1st. So, if that means daylight saving time ends, I'll still be in it on the 31st. Here's a photo I took of part of the beach/lake this summer.
  18. Libby.... that is so sweet! Thank you!!! We've actually changed the date to the 31st. Halloween! Since I found someone to "officiate" on a Saturday, we can do this on the day I wanted to! so, 2 P.M., here, on the 31st. It'll still be daylight saving time here, so I'm not sure when that is, there. It might be 6. Darline, yes, it's still daylight saving time till the 1st of next month. I can't remember what time zone you're in, though.

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