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  1. Now, the pink room could be the inspiration for what is now the green living room. OR, the living room could be yellow, blending in with the kitchen, leaving the pink idea for either the master bedroom, or the front room with the pink carpet that will be my "office".

    Here are images of each room as they are now, followed by an idea for a new look for them.




    Next, kitchen...



    Same dark green in the master bedroom that calls for change...



    Bla bathroom....


    change to something more like this........


    More ideas for other rooms and the outside soon to come............

  2. After going to look at 3 more houses in the last 2 days.... I'm tired, frustrated.

    I'll have to dust my "FaceBook" off. I haven't been there in quite a while. Thank you for the invitation!

    Yes, I had thought the same thing....about that anyone buying a home should LOVE it, but this is getting ridiculous. We should have been moved for 2 months now. It is so RARE to find an old, Victorian farmhouse that's affordable....and this one was right in a county I've always wanted to live in! (Hart County)I felt like I'd hit the lottery with that place....like I never should have found something that perfect. The odds of having all those factors meet up again are out of this world!

    Just "BE"? Everyone else around me is sitting on their respective asses doing nothing already. I'm the only one pushing this. Someone HAS to, and since I seem to be the only one who's sick to the point of tears of the heat, the HUGE caved in place in the kitchen floor, the ceiling that's slowly falling (the fan has already pulled through and is dangling by an electrical wire)... the fire ants that keep getting in every few days (which I'm HIGHLY allergic to, btw) the freezer that no longer will stay shut without slamming it at least 8 times....(I could go on and on and ON) then I guess it's my responsibility to do something to find a solution.

    Again, Donna, thanks for being so sweet and caring.... (((hugs)))

  3. Donna,

    That was such a sweet thing to say.... Thank you!

    (btw, I don't think I have your phone number......I may have at one point, but a lot has been lost in the shuffle over the past few months)

    Yes, I've heard that it's a buyer's market right now. The trouble is, we're fairly limited to places we can consider moving to (areas), and can not spend more than $100,000. That's as far as Terry is approved for, for a loan. I haven't seen ANYTHING that even comes close to that place we tried to get back a month or 2 ago. It wasn't perfect, and there was a bit of work that needed to be done... but it had all the elements I was looking for. A true needle in a haystack! Size, age, style, location, condition of the house and the gardens all over the acre and a half that went with it. And it was 5 minutes from a local lake, that's always been where I wanted to be. I've been looking every day since then, as has our real estate agent, and there hasn't been anything that even came CLOSE. The house in the pictures here is ok. There's nothing wrong with it, and it even comes with more land, which would be good for the 3 little goats I got. I wonder if I'm just being too sentimental and emotional. I mean, shouldn't I be grateful to find ANYTHING? Just having the opportunity to even HAVE a home isn't something everyone gets.

    Maybe I'm just being too picky....

  4. Hi, Graham!

    Yes, Terry even commented that the guy's wife probably kicked his ass when she got home. He'd left his underwear on the bed! :doh:

    I talked with my friend Chris a lot about this last night, and showed him pictures. He agreed that whoever chose the paint and wallpaper that you see must have been on drugs or blind or something! :fool: He assured me that it LOOKS cramped like we'll never be able to fit in there because of the dark paint.

    We're going back out there one more time this weekend. This should be the time that decides it for us.

    I just miss the other one...... :down:

  5. You're right with the 1st idea, Mark. I'm afraid I'm being unfair to this place, since it's nothing like the first one....which was truly, exactly the home I'd always dreamed of, but never thought possible.

    Also...it was hard to "connect" with this new place (besides not being an old, Victorian farm house), because the current owner is a young man (recently married) who has the color of the master bedroom and the livingroom a DARK hunter green.....and there are deer heads and other things he's killed in his 'hunting' exploits all over! :ranting: That REALLY bothered me. I keep trying to see the place in different colors, and with my own personal 'stuff', rather than dead animals everywhere....but it's been difficult.

  6. PS. Just been to your photobucket, you never said it had an Ouroborus in the garden!

    LOL! I didn't see the P.S. before! I hadn't thought of it before, but yeah, I guess it does look kinda like that! It was supposed to be some kind of raised flower bed in the front yard (you can see it in other shots of the front), but there's not much in there but weeds, and the tree stump of a long-since-deceased tree. We were thinking of trying to turn this into a small water feature, like a water fountain or something! What do you think?

  7. Thanks, Graham! On all accounts!!!

    I'm not sure I know enough people well enough to call for a house warming! We're still waiting for them to stick to a closing date. We had it set for today, but then the appraiser said there were repairs that needed to be done beforehand. This is for the seller to pay though, not us. So, we're just waiting to get all that settled so we can close on it and start the LONG process of moving! LOL

    Another bonus will be this.... Where we're in now is so small that most of my stuff isn't even here! It'll be nice to actually be able to decorate and be organized for a change! :swingin:

  8. I know it's been said before but you take great pictures :)

    Why........ Thank you! I don't understand quite why people keep saying that. LOL Are they different than what you'd expect, for some reason? Just curious. It's so rare that I find anything I can do at all...much less do Well, so that makes me curious... :tongue:

    I'm just hoping that nothing goes wrong about this one. After so MANY let downs with the rentals we looked at, I've been afraid to get really excited about this one, since I was waiting for the next "upset". But, it may be time to at least be quietly optimistic! :praying:

  9. Wow Erin, I feel for you. I think you need to take stock of your life and look at the fact that you survived a horrific accident, you have someone who loves you and you have friends. Easy I know for me to say, but maybe a break from your mother would be a good thing. I had a 5yr break from my father after our relationship broke down - and now we get on so well, have discovered things we both like and can share. I'm no shrink, but it seems your mother has issues she can't deal with. I also think part of her wishes you had more luck in your life too, something any parent would feel. Get rid (at least for a while) of the negative influences in your life, and take some time for yourself each day. I hope you feel better soon.

    WOW! Spoken like a true wise "ol man".... and I'm being serious, even if adding a little humor to it.

    There are great truths in your words, which are spoken by someone who's been there.

    I find it interesting that you mention my wreck sometimes as a reference point, and I never really consider it anything but a bothersome setback from my past. Maybe if I learned to view things more objectively, as you do, it would help. Most of the time I'm just trying to shake off that wreck like it never happened and continue on as a strong person who hasn't ever been hurt or set back. It's quite tiring....

    And, besides Terry, when it comes to friends, I'd be lost without the good people of this board, and I thank you for your continuing support and friendship.

    Also, I agree that I need a 'vacation' from all this negativity for a while. Just... The obligation I feel to be supportive tends to over-ride that...as I tell myself "It's the right thing to do". But, what you are saying is so very true, and would be of great help if I could only learn to follow your advise. I do know, deep down, how right you are, my friend.

    Thank you. :grouphug:

  10. (Scene 13)

    At that moment, a crack like a lightning strike shattered the darkness. Nicholas' limp body fell to the ground, beside Frank, who scambled to his feet, trying to see who had fired the shot that saved his life.

    "Agent Mulder?" Frank's voice betrayed his utter astonishment at this turn of events.

    "Long time, no-see, eh Frank?" Mulder's caracteristic light-hearted black humor greeted Frank. "You know what they say.... What comes around goes around, and so on.... and so forth..."

    "How did you know?" Frank asked, walking toward Mulder and seeing Scully walking towards them, a still sobbing Carrie in tow. She moved over to Nicholas' body.

    "We had heard about a doomsday cult in North Georgia... There were rumors about it floating around on the internet," Scully answered.

    "Yeah, and you know us. We can't resist a hopeless scenario," Mulder added.

    Frank had to smile at Mulder's dark sense of humor. However, the moment passed as he remembered Nicholas' warning. "We have to get back. Nicholas' followers....."

    Mulder interupted. "It's over, Frank. Doggett's already called in the state troupers and the F.B.I."

    "He's who told us you were here," Scully added. "He saw you drive off after Dr. Stone."

    "Yeah, he was as suprised to see us as you were," Mulder said as he went to where Nicholas' body lay and squatted beside him. "After all these years.... I'm still amazed when I look at a man like this. We're supposed to be so advanced.... So above all this. And, yet, there are still otherwise intelligent people that are capable of such evil.... All to fit there own warped perspective."

    "I know," Frank said softly, putting his hands in his pockets and turning to look at the circle of stones. "Makes me wonder where we're headed."

    Scully stood up from where she'd been examining Nicholas' body. "Yes, but at the same time, there's a growing number of enlightened, evolved people. People like you, Frank. Nature has a way of balancing things out.... Or, if you want to look at it another way, perhaps there's some greater plan..."

    Scully trailed off, and Frank continued where she'd left off. "Some Divine balance of power"? He glanced at her, then back at the stones. "Maybe," he said softly. In the distance there was the whine of sirens, approaching the grizzly scene. Several police cars and and ambulence, called in by Scully, wound there way up the winding, uphill road towards them. Blue lights flashed against the gray stones, as a glow at the horizon from the rising sun signaled the end of this miserable night.


    (I made this!)

  11. (Scene 12)

    "Why are you doing this?" Carrie cried as Nicholas grabbed her bound-together wrists and dragged her out of the car and up the hill to the imposing Guidestones, which seemed to glow like a beacon in the dark, as the light from the full mood illuminated them on this warm summer night.

    "You will be doing a service to the future of this planet by the sacrifice of your child."

    "You diddn't just kill that other woman's baby....You killed HER! I don't wanna die!" She begged as she tried to pull away from him.

    "The other woman was an unfortunate event. She was farther along in her pregnancy, and the drug caused massive internal hemmeraging. This is not the case with you. You will survive to serve the New World Order."

    They walked to the center of the stones and Nicholas lit a group of candles, then forced Carrie to her knees. He pulled out a serenge and streched out Carrie's right arm, as she screamed and tried to pull away. Then, he turned as headlights spotlighted them. Frank then jumed out of his Jeep, gun drawn and yelled at him.

    "Hey!" Frank's voice struck like the rumble of thunder in the night. "I'm only gonna say this once. I don't wanna shoot you, and I won't if you let her go now. This doesn't have to end badly."

    "Do you think killing me will stop what must happen? You can't stop it!"

    Carrie used Nicholas' distraction to her advantage and pulled away from him, running toward Frank. Nicholas ran after her and Frank acted quickly, swinging the barrel of his gun around sidewaze and striking him in the side of the head. "RUN!" he yelled at Carrie. Nicholas regained his senses and, turned his attention to Frank. He grabbed Franks right arm and pushed it skyward. A shot rang out in the night. Carrie, who had still been running, glanced back in the direction of the sound and then screamed when two strong hands grabbed her. But, then, she heard a soothing voice, trying to calm her.

    "No-one's going to hurt you. We're here to help." There was a woman with the man who'd grabbed her who was speaking, and she now took the sobbing, traumatized young girl into her arms as the man moved off into the darkness.

    Frank and Nicholas continued to struggle in the shadows cast by the Guidestones in the moonlight. The two men fell, knocking the gun from Frank's hand. "The righteous will always prevail over evil! Do you think, by saving one little rat, you've changed anything? Even now, my most trusted followers are leaving the compound to begin the purification process. And, this is only the beginning! There are more of us than you will ever know. Together, we will reshape this planet!" Nicholas took the serenge, ment for Carrie, and held it at Frank's temple. "I'm only sorry that you won't be around to witness our glorious victory!"

    (end scene 12)

  12. (Scene 11)

    :ouro: "No, please!" Carrie screamed.

    "Hey! Hold it right there!" Frank's strong voice broke the dark night and Nicholas turned to face him. Frank stood, aiming his gun at Nicholas, knowing his cover was blown, but also realizing that he could not sacrifice this young mother-to-be in order to gather any more evidence.

    Nicholas, with nothing left to loose, pulled out a long, dagger-like knife, and held it to Carrie's throat. "So...Judas...how did you plan to betray me? Sabatage my plans? Or just a bullet in the back? Or, like a true traitor and coward, were you responsible for the F.B.I. agents that have been lurking around? The Yankie, and that couple...."

    "A couple?" Frank thought to himself, then turned his attention back to Nicholas. "It's over Doctor. I know all about your plans. The F.B.I. is already on the way. So, just don't make things any worse for yourself than they already are. Let her go."

    "She and her baby must be sacrificed, so that the New World Order can begin!"

    "Murdering babies isn't going to bring peace on Earth! That's not what R.C. Christian had in mind when he had those stones erected! You can't fix the overpopulation problem buy wiping out and entire generation! Change....true change, starts inside each one of us! Choosing to make better choices." Frank took a breath. "You can make the right choice---right now. Just let her go."

    "Or...." Nicholas' cold voice rang out in the night. "I can choose to walk out of here, right now. If you value this little polluter so much, then back off!!!" He pressed the knife against Carrie's throat, and a tiny stream of blood trickled down her neck.

    Reluctantly, Frank lowerd his gun and took two steps back. Nicholas edged around Frank, still holding the knife to Carrie's throat, and dissapeared into the night.

    A minute later, a car cranked and the headlights blinded Frank as Nicholas drove away...Carrie in the car beside him. Frank ran to his Jeep and took off after them, knowing that there was only one place Nicholas would take her. The Guidestones.

    (end scene 11)

  13. (Scene 10)

    "Good evening, ladies," Nicholas' cool. smothe, authoritative voice made their blood run cold. He strode into the room and picked up the small suitcase into which Susan had thrust a few of Carrie's belongings.

    "What's this? Is someone taking a trip?" He studied the expressions on the two women. "Is there something one of you wants to tell me?"

    The two women looked at each other, Carrie trying to wipe away her tears and to regain her composure.

    "Are you not feeling well tonight, Carrie?"

    "I'm fine, sir," she replyed.

    Nicholas put the suitcasedown and walked over to the small chest of drawers where Susan had been pulling clothes out of the drawers and said, "I saw you leave dinner abruptly. And your friend follow you. There must be something that's troubling you.....enough to start planning to leave us!"

    While he was talking, he was casualy going through the now open, partialy emptied drawers. Then, he glanced over to the women's trash can, and removed a small box, that had contained a home pregnancey test. "Are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell me?" He turned to Carrie and fixed his gaze upon her.

    "Just leave her alone!" Susan finaly mustered up the courage to stand up for the teenager. "She's just a kid!"

    "I wasn't aware you were her mother." Nicholas' tone began to turn venomous. "Speaking of motherhood," he said as he approaced Carrie, then took her face in his hands. "It is a great responsibility. To hold a life in your hands." He tilted her face up, so that her terrifed eyes met his. "And not only one life, but the life of the entire planet. This is not a decision to be treated lightly. After all, you hold the fate of the entire world in your hands."

    "Get your hands off her!" Susan grabbed Nicholas' arm and tried to pull him away from her. Nicholas backhanded her, knocking her to the floor, without taking his eyes off Carrie, as if swatting away a fly. He then grasped Carrie's arm firmly, and lead the sobbing girl out into the hall. As they rounded the corner, they were confronted by Frank, who, upon seeing the girl's expression, asked, "Can I speak with you a moment, sir?" Carrie used the distraction to her advantage, pulling away from Nicholas and running away. He pushed past Frank as if he wasn't even there, and ran in pursuit. Frank followed them, as they ran out into the night.

    Blind with fear, Carrie ran as fast as she could, the cool night air rusing into her lungs. She ran past the cars, realizing she diddn't have the keys to Brad's car. She ran on towards the small group of trees at the base of the jagged granit hill. Emerging from the other side of the group of trees, she looked up at the imposing granit wall, and began to climb. Desperatly clutching the stone, as she pulled her way up, her fingers beginning to bleed and her eyes begging to sting as the swet flowed down her face into them. Suddenly, she felt a hand grab her ankle and begin to pull her down. She screamed and tried desperatly to hold on, as the blood from her hands stained the pale gray stone.

    (end scene 10)

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