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  1. This episode was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler (left), who plays Dr. Spencer Reid (WOO-HOO!) and was co-written by Kirsten Vangsness (shown far right) who plays Penelope Garcia!  (I don't know who the lady with dark hair and glasses, next to Gubler is.)

    This was a special treat!!! 


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  2. At 2:21 P.M. London time, it was announced on Twitter that filming for a Special Christmas episode will begin at the beginning of 2015, and that filming of a new set of 3, hour and a half long episodes, will begin soon after. Martin Freeman has stated that he was really pushing for a one-off special, to fill in the LONG wait for fans, and, since originally, all that was said was that they hoped to have series 4 on the air in 2016, and that they were NOT going to do a one-episode special, it sounds like dear Martin got his wish!


  3. Thanks....to all. I don't FEEL like I've taken charge and am moving forward. Most days, I don't even want to get out of bed, because I don't know what form the "drama" will take that day.

    The workshop wasn't actually about agoraphobia. It was about life after loss. ANY sort of loss. From the death of a loved one, to a lost job, an accident, a divorce, etc. It was held by the author who wrote Second Firsts (google that book to learn more) I think absolutely EVERYONE should read this book. The author's posts started popping up on my facebook wall last summer (still don't know how FB works), and I started reading all these great messages of inspiration. I made comments on more than one of them about just how much I'd love to participate in her workshop, but I literally didn't have a DIME to my name. That MY loss had meant we were without an income, or a stable home environment. She took pity on me, signed me up for the course for FREE, and sent me one of her books! I finally (through the course) started to realize that I'd been blown off course WAY before we lost our home. A lifetime of living with anti-social people....in total isolation, then car wrecks, abuse, murdered friends, and THEN losing me home..... Yep.... that did me in.

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  4. Not all the posts will look like that. That was because I cut/pasted it from a previous place I'd had that little article, and I must have changed the background and text ten times, trying to make it read-able. The next ones won't look like that.

    But.... no one thinks the idea, in and of ITSELF, is crazy?

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  5. I know I always seem to be the one to pop into a show after it's been on for a while..... but I got into this during season 2, and season 3 was just amazing! I am HOOKED!!! Or.... should I say, "I Am SHERLOCKED"

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