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    Oh, and Libby?  You dared!!!  LOL!  I thought so, too!

    This is the first album I've tried to make here.  I didn't want to overload the site with too many, but just wanted to give a good overview.  :)

  1. Mark,

    I was going through your wonderful artwork again & I was wondering..... Is there a way I could save any of these backgrounds? I would LOVE to use them in my Incredimail program as backgrounds. I've already got the ones that Graham has made for just such a purpose..... Maybe these could be added to his Millennium/Incredimail collection? :makingeyes:

  2. :thanx: I got the design off the Millennial Abyss... Some link they used to have there to a page about the Ouroboros, with different depictions of it in different cultures. That one was the Native American design.

    Oddly enough, that's the one that Jason (MovieMaker) decided to use for the symbol of his Millennium-Appocolypse web-movie.

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