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  1. Laura,

     Thank-you for responding...so ...ahh...honestly! :rofl:

     I never knew he was in Cagney, but I did tape "Damian, Omen 2", and he was a bit of a scare crow there, too.  He's one of those guys who gets better with age...Kinda like a fine wine!

     I know what you mean about wanting to be Catherine for a while.  I've got long blonde hair, and for a while, considered dying it dark brown!  And, I even considered going back to college and finishing school, since I was a psychology magor before my car accident!  

     Yes, he's old enough to be my grandfather too, but OH MY GOD! :tasty: Yes, it's the voice, but also the eyes that get me!  One hour of watching MM with Frank was more exciting than my last 3 relationships combined! :rofl:

     Ladies, keep 'em coming! (Metaphoricly speaking, of corse! :tasty: )

     *SIGH*  I'm gonna have some sweet dreams tonight! :snore:

     Raven Wolf :ouro:

  2. My MM collecion is very small...alas :down:  But I do have a post card from 1996, that I found on e-bay that's a promotional with the origional air date! :D October, 25, 1996.

     I am desperate to find any VHS tapes!!! (copies off the tv are fine!)  Can anyone help?

    Raven Wolf :ouro:

  3. :ouro: As a desperately passionate and MM deprived person, (And not a very computer-literate one :down: ) I would just like to ask, no BEG whoever put the main theme in this part of the board to tell me how he/she did it, & beg them to help me find it, too!  I have a MIDI on my site, but it's nothing compared to the origional!

    Can anyone help?

    Raven Wolf :ouro:

  4. I do remember one time hearing Frank talk about when he was younger & his gift wasn't as finly tuned, (in The Mikado).  He also talked about the men at the Millennium group approaching him, & helping him understand his gift.  I guess I, too, just assumed that it was something that was always with him, & was what drove him to go into the field he was in. I can understand why, as I explained in "Women Who Find Frank Irresistable!"  I could be wrong, too, & I'll pay closer attention.


    (Raven Wolf) :ouro:

  5. THANK YOU!!!  I feel so validated!!!  Through so many episondes, I saw the recurring "feminine" theme.  Even in the very first episode, "Calamity" (I think I may have misspelled that... :down: )... was not portrayed as a typical "stripper", the way most other shows would have portrayed her.  Instead of the "disposable female" of the show, we got to see her purity, her love for her child, everything, even though she was dead before the first commercial break!  

    I know about this problem accepting myself as a MM fan, too. I didn't even see much of it when it first was on, though I was a die-hard X Files fan!  I was in a relationship with a very controling...abusive man, & I was not strong enough within myself to acknowledge the side of me that was drawn to the show.  However, as I said in the MM living memorial, all that has changed now, and I am still trying to let MM teach me how to accept WHO I AM.  I felt so drawn to it, when I finaly let myself get into it, back in 2000, and I realized that something finaly spoke to me.  I have felt like an outsider for most of my life, & have no real passion, short for caring for my animals.  I have no voice of my own.  But I felt that MM was calling me to be something I never thought I was capable of.  I know this will sound crazy, but I have had my own version of Frank's "gift" for most of my life, but I would never accpet it.  I thought I was making it up, & that I wasn't "Important Enough" to have such a gift.  But Frank opened my eyes.  He made me see my full potential, though I am still afraid to accept it.  This may be another reson why women have a hard time owning up to their passion for this so-called "guy show".  We fell that it's not our place.  That it's like women fire-fighters or something.  It's seen as a guy thing, & women may be afraid to break into a predominantly male thing, or we'll be seen as "less femine".

    Selfosophy Psycho made an excellent point.  (several actualy)

    MM would be nothing without the "feminine energy".  And feminne energy is not tainted by embracing our power...whatever power that may be!

    (And we can also admit that we think he's hot, too! :kissypoo: )

    Raven Wolf

    (I too, hear femine voices, huming Pachelbell in the forest mist.)

  6. It has been brought to my attention, in reading all the posts on "Women and MillenniuM", & from my chat with another female member, that there seems to be an epodemic of silence when it comes to women and MM.  It seems that this has become labled a "guy show", and too many women are buying into that!  We are just as capable of getting involved in the dark subject matter as men are.

    Here's the other silly thing I discovered, we are AFRAID TO ADMIT THAT WE THINK FRANK IS HOT!!! :tasty: I find this appaling!!! (So much so, that I can't even spell that word! :rofl: )  C'mon, girls!!  I've only known one other female fan of MM & she thought he was sexy, too!!!  So, let's all declair it for all the world to hear!!!

    This may not be the most serious topic on this site, but, if we let our hair down, it's bound to be a lot of fun! :gaba: So.. What's your Frank Black fantasy??  Had any interesting dreams??  I've had a few X rated ones myself!  :kissypoo:

    I look forward to hearing from all of you!

    Erin :ouro:

    Raven Wolf :ghostface:

  7. Jasmine,

     I, too, have toyed with the idea of becomming a writer.  I'm working on my own MillenniuM story on my web-site...(https://www.angelfire.com/moon/ravenwolf)

    I'd love to corrospond with you and share ideas, if you'd like! :) I haven't ever been able to commit to the idea of being a novelist, or writing for tv or movies, or even writing as a carrier...even though people tell me I should.  I'm kinda at a standstill in my life, and would like to help you, since I can't help myself.

    What are your ideas?  I'd love to know!

    Erin :ouro:

    (RavenWolf) :ghostface:

  8. I, too, used to "experiance" Millennium (as opposed to watching it) at 1am when it was on FX. (AHHHH! THOSE WERE THE DAYS! :D ) Now, I try to ration out the few I have on tape & watch them on special occasions...like a fine wine! :bigsmile: When my beloved Prufrock sends me more tapes, I can induldge myself more often!  :gaba:

    RavenWolf :ouro:

  9. This is Raven Wolf :ouro: (formerly "Black Wolf" :ghostface: ).

    I know it may sound crazy, but I wish CC would give me a crack at reviving 1013!  I've had ideas brewing for YEARS, which are destined to only see the lite of day by virtue of my web-site https://www.angelfire.com/moon/ravenwolf

    Oh, well.  If I can't WRITE for CC & 1013, maybe I should just focus on becomming the NEXT CC! :;):

    Stay tunned!  I may be one day comming to a station near you! :rofl:

    RavenWolf  :ouro:

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