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  1. Second Firsts, by Christina Rasmussen, It's on Amazon. Hey.... does anyone here have any thoughts on some spooky stuff? Open-minded opinions on some personal synchronicities, and one outright paranormal experience that I had earlier today would be VERY welcome!!!
  2. If I could send you a copy of this book, I would!!!! Love and hugs to you!!!
  3. Thanks....to all. I don't FEEL like I've taken charge and am moving forward. Most days, I don't even want to get out of bed, because I don't know what form the "drama" will take that day. The workshop wasn't actually about agoraphobia. It was about life after loss. ANY sort of loss. From the death of a loved one, to a lost job, an accident, a divorce, etc. It was held by the author who wrote Second Firsts (google that book to learn more) I think absolutely EVERYONE should read this book. The author's posts started popping up on my facebook wall last summer (still don't know how FB works), and I started reading all these great messages of inspiration. I made comments on more than one of them about just how much I'd love to participate in her workshop, but I literally didn't have a DIME to my name. That MY loss had meant we were without an income, or a stable home environment. She took pity on me, signed me up for the course for FREE, and sent me one of her books! I finally (through the course) started to realize that I'd been blown off course WAY before we lost our home. A lifetime of living with anti-social people....in total isolation, then car wrecks, abuse, murdered friends, and THEN losing me home..... Yep.... that did me in.
  4. Not all the posts will look like that. That was because I cut/pasted it from a previous place I'd had that little article, and I must have changed the background and text ten times, trying to make it read-able. The next ones won't look like that. But.... no one thinks the idea, in and of ITSELF, is crazy?
  5. Yeah... I wish I could do the Skype thing. There's actually very little "current" tv that I even watch anymore. Criminal Minds, yes. And Sherlock. And Doctor Who. (still waiting for the new guy in the US!) If I need a laugh.... Family Guy. But, most of TV has gone down the toilet. So, MM on DVD it is!
  6. I know I always seem to be the one to pop into a show after it's been on for a while..... but I got into this during season 2, and season 3 was just amazing! I am HOOKED!!! Or.... should I say, "I Am SHERLOCKED"
  7. Ok.... some really cool people encouraged me to take a plunge and finally create my own website. I guess now, after all these years, I'm trying to manipulate my way into being a "Consulting Detective"~ Let me know what you think so far!!! https://www.theartofdeduction.com/
  8. Wow! We DO all need a good dose of Millennium! I'm remembering this thread from years-past (at least, it seems that way!) and now I pop in here and we're talking about dairy products! Oh, trust me. I understand. It's all so long ago and so far away, now. But, my GOOPTA I do love coming back here to a familiar place! Maybe we all need to pick a date, to start re-watching MM, starting from the beginning.... One a week. In the meantime, has anyone else been so starved for Millennium they've branched out, into things like BBC's "Sherlock" or the current FX miniseries, "Fargo"?
  9. Hi, everyone! I am trying again to become more involved here. I'm sorry, but the last few years have really taken a tole on me. Here..... The highlights---- Terry and I are still stuck living with my insane parents. Terry now has had a job for a couple of months. I managed to have my art on display at a local coffee house for a month. (Jittery Joe's) Several of my goats have died, and several more have been born. I finagled my way into a therapy workshop last fall, which has done wonders for me. The most severe agoraphobic episodes (panic attacks) have subsided, so that I can at least go outside without starting to pass out. I no longer have ANY connection to my artist friend who taught me how to paint, and turned out to be an alcoholic and compulsive liar. Last I heard, he attacked his current (female) roommate with a wooden milk crate, & continued posting on facebook the whole rest of the day like nothing happened. I'm STILL trying to trade my way to a HOME. I've proclaimed myself a "Consulting Detective", though I still don't know how I'll ever actually be able to DO anything, without all the official pieces of meaningless paper that say I'm allowed to do stuff. And, I've found the ONLY thing that's EVER measured up to Millennium in my mind now. BBC's "Sherlock", which I've been keeping up with now for several years and was just dazzled by season 3.
  10. It may take me a bit to collect my thoughts.... I am quite mad, you know!
  11. I used to live in a faded, pale yellow house! I'm sure there are a LOT of other things I could bring up.... but I'm too tired to think right now. GREAT topic! Must come back, tomorrow! P.S. Oh, Terry told me that the Angels in the Blue Rose tea, mentioned in "Midnight of the Century" was a reference to "Red Rose" tea, which has little figurines in it..... and that his grandmother had collected them for years.... So now WE do, too! (No angles, yet, but lots of other cool things!)
  12. Ya-know, this link is now even FUNNIER, in retrospect! https://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/08/sherlock-season-3-episodes-revealed?et_cid=29448600&et_rid=521413077&linkid=http%3a%2f%2fwww.tor.com%2fblogs%2f2012%2f08%2fsherlock-season-3-episodes-revealed&utm_campaign= ***SPOILERS for anyone who has not seen Season 3, episode 3, His Last Vow*** The reference to, in the original books, Sherlock retiring to keep bees??? When, in the episode, "His Last Vow" (rather than the book title, "His Last Bow"), the woman Sherlock double crosses (who double crosses HIM as well), says she just bought a cottage, and that it has "bee hives.... but I'm getting rid of those"... Funny, huh?
  13. Thanks, Libby. It's not so much a matter of finding somewhere else to live, but coming up with a way to make MONEY, so that we actually have some options! :D
  14. OMG.... I SOOO feel like I'm cheating on Millennium by coming here to wax poetic about Sherlock, but WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!! I've been so starved for something of creative SUBSTANCE, with no new Millennium.... (I'll wear my DVDs out one day, I'm sure!)... that this series has been SHOCKING in every way! Even though there's only ever been 9 episodes total.... I feel as engaged in Sherlock as I ever have with Millennium! I even wrote a little "mini-review" kind of thing this past week that I posted to facebook.... (*blush*)
  15. I'm interested! Can you tell me a little bit about how challanging it is? Because, while this is something I will probably always want to learn more about, as you may remember, I get pretty easily overwhelmed. Thoughts?
  16. Thank you! I FEEL like I've dropped off the end of the earth myself. These last 2 years have been.... well.... let's just say it's nothing I'll want to repeat, and the sooner I get out of this house with these crazy people, and back into a sane, managable, stable, CLEAN home of my own with Terry again.... the BETTER!!!
  17. I'd started to think Chris Carter had dropped off the end of the earth. (as, I am sure, a lot of you here, did as well!)
  18. Hi, Seesthru! LOVE the name! It's wonderful to see someone new here! It always liven's things up here! I look forward to getting to know you through your posts here! :)
  19. I always thought there was something creepy about water coolers!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Yes. It actually makes me glad that they AREN'T well-known yet. Popular dogs always end up getting the short end of the stick, eventually. (weak pun noticed but not intended)
  21. Thanks for this, "Earthnut". Someone here asked me years ago what breed of dog this was, (since I seem to be viewed as local dog expert...haha), and I responded Belgian malinois! Most people think these dogs are some weird kind of German Shep., but they're not. I actually quite like BOTH breeds.... but the Belgian malinois seems to have a grace about them that was a perfect element for this episdoe.
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