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  1. Well, this is why it's my goal to be OUT of this house, with these people who are making me crazier by the day..... and be, once again, on my OWN front porch somewhere else, where I'm free to smoke if I so choose..... and, if we're planning a Last Meal....? Terry's fab. BBQ ribs, BBQ potato chips, and I'm making a batch of my homemade fudge, and my holiday cookies!!!!

    Oh, and don't forget.... Drinks all around!!!! Laie_94.gifdrunk.gifpirate.gif

  2. They're splitting the story???????? Oh no, I thought it was just going to be one movie, now it's 2, or 3? verymad.gif Bummer. wallbash.gif

    Yeah, that was my thought, too. And, Terry and I both said HOW???? It's not like it's a LONG book, like LOTR! But, as Randee points out, it's all about the $$$, and, as we're discussing in another thread, there are so few ORIGIONAL ideas out there anymore..... The trend is to go with what's worked in the past, and squeeze that idea till it squeels for mercy! Oo.gifblink.gifhead_hurts_kr.gifpirate.gif

  3. Seriously, Libby. I'm more disgusted by the year. Pretty much the only movies I go to see anymore are ones that Johnny Depp's in! Pirate's movies and Dark Shadows. Re-hashes, yes, but at least when they were NEW, they were origional ideas!

    I'd never have a chance of getting my story (being written as a book) made into a movie, because no one is willing to take a chance on anything Creative and Origional anymore!

    (I think we all got spoiled by Millennium..... lol)

  4. I'd like to think there'd be some revolutionary event later this year. Things are certainly not working as they stand now. (understatement of the Millennium) But, (and I hate to sound like a combination of the little girl from Miricle on 34th street and Jose Chung)... but I'm afraid that even after all this buildup to the last days before Christmas this year.... we may feel quite foolish to wake up to still the same old crap.

  5. Good point!!!

    Your post also made me think of an old Native American belief... that if you are bitten by an animal, and survived, that you then are bestowed with the Power of that animal. It becomes your "Totem". So, in this way, Frank is "baptized" by the evil energy that had been manifesting.

  6. I dunno. I kinda lean more towards "Replaced". They were more like Energy beings to me, in a way, so I just kinda felt that another one popped into existance.... but then, that does sound rather silly, doesn't it?

    but, then there is the line "There will always be ANOTHER dog", indicating the idea that the dead dog is replaced, not brougt back to life, to keep the balance in line.

    but, who knows?

  7. I remember first being introduced to this concept on The X Files - "Kill Switch". And think of how many parts of science fiction have become science FACT over the last hundred years?

    Cloans, communicators (cell phones), lasers, space ships, robots...... Hell, there are things that are, I think, pretty close to "Tri-corders". (for Trekie's who know)

  8. Oh, WOW, you guys! I was so nervous about this, as it's literally the FIRST bit of writing I've done since we lost the house. Matt has been VERY patient and supportive, and I'd hoped I'd managed to do something that was professional enough for him. Sad as it sounds, it took me 2 hours to type that out! LOL! I'm either too old, too stressed, or both! So, it's great to hear my friends saying they liked it! Wow. You make me want to do another episode!

  9. I hear ya, Darline. I'm the same way.

    The one bit of feedback I offer at this time is that not everyone (myself included) thinks that god, or the government, or a corp, or whatever will be our "salvation". When has that EVER happened? But, the truth is.... Short of leading a revolution, or saying "screw you" and going off to live in the woods and grow potatos and pot, what good does any of this information do the average person? I, for one, can only take so much of the "Game over" talk before wanting to blow my useless brains out.

  10. BTW.... "Blue", what proof is there to support any of those previous posts? In truth, we Don't Know. We Don't Know even if Aliens EXIST. (though I believe it is very possible) So, how can anyone have even the slightest clue what their intentions are, if they were even to find us interesting enough to visit.... and, if they were even capable of surviving in Earth's environment....not to mention somehow being able to survive long enough to make the trip from wherever they'd be coming from? "Independance Day", though very entertaining, is not what I'd call a likely chain of events. But, then, I don't know either! Nor does anyone have any proof that the world is going to turn into the book "1984".

    I met a guy online, from Canada, who was researching the Freemason's, and he compiled this whole YouTube movie production. It contained stuff that would have made even Fox Mulder shake his head, and say that was even too far fetched for HIM. It all boiled down to his group's belief that every man, woman, and child would be implanted with micro-chips, like the kinds we put in our dogs and cats today, and that people would WELCOME this. His group was predicting a breakdown of society that the Millennium group could only DREAM of.

    While being interesting topics for sci-fi shows, don't you think this is about as believable as Santa Claus?

  11. When asked if he was predicting the future, Ray Bradbury said, "No, I'm trying to prevent it."

    His humor, insight and beautiful writing will be missed.

    "We must move into the universe. Mankind must save itself. We must escape the danger of war and politics. We must become astronauts and go out into the universe and discover the God in ourselves.".

    Lovely quote, and lovely image. Where did the tree picture come from?

  12. I'll come back to this, when I've had time to organize my thoughts. People have been heralding (sorry for the spelling) the end of the world for thousands of years. Every generation has it's own "doomsday". And, to refer to a Millennium line, every culture has it's own view on who's out to get them. "Black People say it's white people. White people say it's extraterrestrials...."

    I'll come back to this topic, and filter everything through a "spell check", since I tend not to pay attention to typos when I'm following a train of thought. Oo.gif

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