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  1. :thanx: Graham.

    I've been pretty psyched that so many members here seem interested in doing this book thing with me! Thanks, guys and gals!

    I've always felt pretty useless and without purpose...and as many can tell you, have been unable to answer the dreaded question "What do you wanna be when you grow up?" for ALL of my life! But, slowly, I'm starting to feel a tiny bit more confident in my abilities as a writer, and have gotton a bit of an interest in writing screenplays, since working on the MA1 progect. So, a part of me wants to think I should focus on THAT, while another part says..."Not so fast! What about the 2 dozen OTHER *great ideas* that you had that died a terrible death within a month?"

    Unfocused? Maybe :eyes:

    Uncertain? DEFINATLY! :wacko:

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