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  1. Oh, I know, Randee. Some while ago, I bought a walking stick, just in case. But when I went out yesterday I took one of my husband's umbrellas which is kind of like a walking stick. I found that quite useful because I do occasionally have very mild balance problems - the slightest hint of a cold not only affects my sinuses but also goes straight to my Eustachian tubes. Many years ago, when those problems first started, I was a frequent visitor at my GP practice. I remember on one occasion meeting with a GP trainee - a young, fit, probably rugby-playing young man - and I described the symptoms as like being drunk without the benefit of alcohol. He appeared to be momentarily stunned while processing the concept that inability to walk a straight line might not actually be beer related. laugh.gif

    I think I might take my new walking stick out on a test run tomorrow. My favourite poem is Jenny Joseph's https://www.poemhunte...m/poem/warning/. I think it would be good to get in some practice.

    For the avoidance of doubt: When I say "one of my husband's umbrellas", I mean one of the various umbrellas owned by my husband, as opposed to an umbrella owned by various husbands. And there is yet another transpondian difference in terms of "momentarily": UK - briefly, US: soon. Allegedly, there has been consternation among British travellers on US airlines at the cabin crew announcement of "this aircraft will take off momentarily". wiggle.gif

    Hey... I know all too well that uncomfortable feeling of "drunk without being drunk". I get that when I'm NOT sick, OR drunk! LOL Oo.gif I think it's some kind of brain thing with me. I can't suddenly look UP like at a bird or something, without almost falling over! LOL My collection of canes are quite helpful! No shame in that!

    Speaking of "Bucksnort", I guess you could call these my "Old Lady walking sicks"! oops.gif

  2. I can't help but think I was getting Somewhere, when I was working 'undercover', but none of what I did means a thing without good, hard evidence. With the way things are....you basically have to slap someone in the face with the TRUTH, all the ANSWERS that led to the TRUTH, half a dozen REASONS why the TRUTH uncovered is accurate, and 2 dozen legal doccuments, stating that it's OK to USE the TRUTH to SOLVE a case!

    People these days have to be beaten over the head with facts before they'll do a damn thing.

  3. Many of you know of my interest in investigating cold cases and with profiling.

    Well, these are two cases that really bother me, and I'd like to open them for discussion here. It'd be nice to have all of my thoughts, as well as anyone else's who wishes to contribute, out here on the table.... So to speak. A lot of my personal files on these 2 cases were destroyed when the other computer crashed last year, but I'd still like to bring as much to the table as I can salvage.

    I'll be back!

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  4. Good to hear from both Randee and Libby!

    Thanks for both of your responses. Libby, I think I see this a bit more clearly than I used to. As silly as it sounds to look for life lessons in the simbolisum of a tv show..... This episode so spoke to me through the years (this one, and Luminary! oh, and TCOFB and MOTC...LOL) that I've looked for possible insight into my own life that may be embedded within. There's a REASON I named my home/farm "Bucksnort", after all! Now... reflecting on your insights, I think I see it in a new light. I've always felt like an "outsider" in my home town, and even began to have problems with dogs, not long before Terry and I bought our house in 2008. "There will always be another dog." kept coming to mind. When we moved, I feared that I'd be an outsider still, like Mike. Though I love nature, and the quiet life out in the country, I do not share the same ideals, prejudices, and (forgive me for being so judgemental) ignorance of the people in my home town. When we moved, the area we moved to was even MORE rural, and I feared I'd forever be a "city" type person, trying to escape into the country. Yet, I made friends in the new area quite easily, and was working on becoming more of a part of the community....and was THRILLED by it, before everything fell apart. I guess I'd wondered all this time if everything failed because I did not belong there, EITHER, and if I was just as cursed as Mike Beebe. This has given me some reassurance. Thank you, and I think I'll watch it again now, with these ideas in mind! thanks.gif

  5. Ok, dusting off an old topic!

    This MAY have been covered somewhere before, but if it has, I can't find it.

    Due to the events of the past few years of my life, & my constant searching for symbols that come to teach, I'm hoping someone here can share their thoughts on this.....

    WHY do you feel that Mike (the guy who built the log-cabin/house) was the focus of the negative energy in this episode? He seemed like a nice enough guy, who was just basically sick of the crime in the city. I can understand the message "you can't run away from your fears", but is THIS why he was being punished...? Because he left the city to find a quiet life in the country? Was he ostrasized by the community, and the focus of the dogs, because he was supposed to STAY in the city? What about the rest of the townsfolk? I remember Frank saying to Mike "Not just you. ANYBODY." Was this some negative vortex on Earth that all people needed to stay away from?

    Frank's experience in this episode seemed to strengthen his resolve to NOT sell his house. In the final scene, we see him pulling the real estate sign out of the ground.

    *Catherine - "What are you doing, Frank?"

    *Frank- "It's not for sale."

    *Catherine- "Are you moving back in?"

    *Frank- "Yup. When it's home again."


  6. Ok, maybe that means I actually saw #10. At the very first, I could only see 2. But, after I went into my 'zen' place like I do when I'm painting, the others popped out like...well, leaves on a tree! LOL! But, when I counted, I kept only getting 9. Finally, I started to think I got the last one, but wasn't sure, since it was 'hidden' slightlt differently.

    This was very cool! Thanks for posting!

  7. So my fellow spooks, ghost2.gif no offence Spooktalkular, Pottsie.gif what are your plans this eerie season? wish I COULD have had plans.

    Wearing a costume? If not, what would you like to dress up as? Currently in a red Pirate-style shirt, black pants, and headband with beads.

    Do you have a fantasy costume? Yeah, Elvira, Mystress of the dark.... because I'd love to have her figure! LOL

    Going to a Halloween party this year? drunk.gif*sigh* I wish.

    Got anything you would like to spook us with? most of my life would probably do that for ya'.

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