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  1. Don't feel bad. "The Well Worn Lock" is a DIFFICULT episode to watch. I have to admit to actually skipping it myself many times when doing a MM-run. It makes a fantastic stand, on an issue that most people don't like to discuss, or even think about, and I thought it a BOLD....BRAVE move on their part to tackle this issue, and do it in such a realistic fashion..... yet also still let the bad guy actually get caught. I won't say "let it have a happy ending", because there IS no happy ending to a horrible act such as this..... You just finally manage to move on.

  2. Well, besides the obvious... (Millennium, X Files) I've long been a Star Trek and Dr. Who fan. (yep, I'm one of "those") Not much of the current stuff interests me. I think the only current show I watch is "Family Guy". That's why I was perfectly content, these last few years, without cable tv. Had MM and XF on DVD, as well as movies, so who needs anything else?

    As for movies.... Well, here's my big confession.... I'm a "Pirates of the Carabeean" junkie! LOL Oh, so I guess that's the other item I'm bringing.... RUM!!!!

    Books? I used to read a LOT more than I do now, to my great regret. I wish I still read like I used to. The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings were favorites. I just have a hard time reading for long now, due to some weird kind of vision problem or something that makes me VERY tired when I've read for more than about 10 to 20 minites. I can manage it on a computer, because I keep changing pages. But, if I start to read a long article online, the same thing happens.

  3. Well, I do have one very special kind of cookie I tend to make only at Christmas, so I think I'd probably do that for this. My special Christmas cookies are a combination of oakmeal cookie, peanut butter cookie, and chocolate chip cookie, all rolled into one!!!!

    If we're talking sweets, I've had compliments on my fudge, too!

    As for NON sweets.... (I know, how boring!).... I'll do deviled eggs, done with crumbled up bacon in them, and chicken fingers!!!!

  4. Thanks for the walk down "Luminary" lane! Yes, that's one of my favorites, too. It's almost a personal montra.

    But, as for one that gets me thinking..... One that leaves me wondering..... I may have to say Covenant. Why? Because if's left so open ended. Frank tries to talk sense into the guy, makes a very good point, and then he has to leave. So, I always wondered, did William Garry ever decide to tell the truth, and save his own life?

  5. Well, growing up in a spooky old farm house, I can tell a lot of ghost stories! ghost2.gif

    Ok... I don't remember this, because I was just a 2 year old baby, but when my parents moved into this place, they went through that period of time where everything is still in boxes, there's hardly any furniture, and you can hear a mouse fart it's so quiet.

    Well, one afternoon, one of them realized the keys were missing. They were a young couple, and only had one set of keys. It had everything. House key, and car keys both. Well, they searched the house upstairs and downstairs, but there weren't that many places for keys to hide. As I said, they had boxes in some places, but most of the rooms were empty. Finally, they gave up, and sank onto the couch. (one of the 2 pieces of furnature that were actually in the place) They were frustrated, and tired. Now they'd have to have new keys made for everything. The cars, the VW bus, and the house. WOW, that was gonna be a ton of money, and a pain in the ass.


    In the next room, they heard the unmistakable sound of keys, hitting the floor! They ran into the room, which was TOTALLY empty,.... and there they lay, in the very middle of the open room, as if they dropped from thin air......... Oooooooo ghost2.gif

  6. Yeah, it kinda icked me out, at first. The whole thing with getting a finger in the mail....and then the thing with the foot! WOW. When they found the guy, and said he'd tried to make a tourniquet outta his belt.... That was just really disturbing to think about. But, it was just this kind of grit that made this a great episode.

  7. Oh..... This is gonna get me inspired to get back into the weekly habbit! *grin* (been a bit down lately, but I bet a doze of MM could help!)

    The Judge is one of my favorites from Season 1. It's just "real" enough to be believable, but with that spooky quality that can really get to you. This kind of blend of the borderline paranormal, set against a backdrop of "Yeah, I could see that happening" just really makes this an excellent one!

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