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  1. Raven--

    Wow.... I can just see him saying that. I can almost hear it and see the expression on his face. damn, I like to see that man act!

    You know, he's the only thing that made "Gunflighter's Moon" watchable in the slightest! LOL


    P.S. yeah, it is kinda fun posting after you

  2. "Gehenna"

    O.K. I know I've probably already said a lot of this in my interview for this episode for Graham....but I thought Gehenna flowed wonderfully, following in the wake of the Pilot. The weird thing is....I actually read this before I ever saw it, which actually made seeing it even better! I had a deeper understanding of what was going on, since the novel gave some back-story. That's why I then went and read the novel for the Pilot, which explained some things I hadn't understood when I saw it for the first time. Like.... in the Pilot, I didn't realize at first that the guy that The Frenchman picked up, in the park, was gay, and that the park was a gay hang out.

    Anyway.... Gehenna is just an excellent creep-factor show. It's almost Halloween spooky or something. Don't you think?

  3. Excellent! You guys hit on exactly my top picks for best moments in the Pilot. If you break apart all the elements, you can see it is a masterfully crafted work of art. There is a perfect balance of horror, beauty, romanace, bravery, humor....and, as Frank puts it, "Paralyzing fear".

    When I watch any of the new crime dramas on today, they all seem "campy". Like they are trying too hard. Almost like some teenagers who want to be rock stars, and sing their hearts out, but they just have that polished class.

    This weekend kinda got outta hand, and I didn't get to do the "double feature" of throwing in Gehenna as well, like I'd planned. So, I'll be patient and wait till Friday. (at it's regularly scheduled time...lol)

  4. That's the spirit!!! Nice to have you back!

    Ok.... I'm going to treat this like a season, sort of, as silly as that sounds. Since Millennium was origionally on friday nights, I was going to reserve this for Friday, but last night, I finally thought "what the heck?" and decided to do the Pilot last night, and Gehenna tonight, and pretend it's a season 2 part opener or something. So, I watched the first one last night. It's actually been about 2 years since I watched that one. The last time was when I was introducing my friend Chris to the series. Anyway here's how last night went.

    It was weird, at first, because I've seen that first scene so many times I did not think it would really have much of an impact, but I realized I couldn't help thinking of all the crap/fluff crime dramas on today (more than 10 years later,....you'd think they would have gotten BETTER), and I thought, "Y'know, this almost looks dated.....but, now that I think about it, it just seems out of place because it's so much more intense and gritty and carries so much more drama than anything else out there. I was not prepaired for how the scene where they first arrive at the yellow house would impact me, though. When they all arrived there, Catherine exclaining "Oh, Frank, you had it painted!" I just lost it. I guess I associate it too much with MY yellow house.

    Anyway....... I must say, even after all these years, the Pilot has not lost any of it's punch, and I'm looking forward to "Gehenna" tonight (at Millennium's regularly scheduled time! LOL) :pumpkin3:

  5. I just enjoy the experience, starting from the beginning. And, yes, with all the chaos out there, creating a tad of structure like this can be somewhat comforting as well.

    BTW, chaos reigns again. I couldn't get the DVD player to work last night, so I'm going to have to get Terry to look at it.

    I shall return.

  6. Everyone is invited to take a trip back down some familior roads, and imagine you're there for the first time. Get in your cumfy chair, turn the lights off, light candles, get potato chips or whatever you want, and take time out for yourself....at least ONCE a week, and watch Millennium! In this thread, I invite everyone to just come in and post as if it were for the first time. You're free to take a trip down memory lane, and recall what was going on in your life when you first saw Millennium, and (if you like) where you are now...... Try to recapture the magic it brought to you when you first saw it, and post about it in this thread. No structure needed. You can start at the beginning, or jump around between favorites. Whatever you want to do.

    Basically, I'm trying to rekindle what made this group, and "Multitude of Voices" so great that it spawned this diverse, and long lasting online community that is unlike any other I have found!

    So, starting this week....the first week of the month, pick an episode, and take some time out for yourself. At this time in all of our lives, I think we deserve a tad of self-indulgence! :pumpkin4:

  7. That's a good plan, Erin - go for it!

    I think pinning it would be very helpful, especially to new or returning members who might find it useful to have a general discussion topic.

    Thanks, Libby! I think I'll start it today! And, yes, I was thinking of pinning it too, because it'll get buried pretty quickly!

    Go Erin go, post those threads. :kickin::wiggle: Trying to be a cheerleader, but don't think it's working. :whistling:

    Libby, I like the idea of it not being structured, that we post what each one of us just watched and not be forced to watch the episodes in order and then maybe struggle to keep up.

    Thanks for being a cheerleader. I need all the pep-talks I can get.... :confused:

  8. I think "This week on Millennium" would be a good one. Or any of the alternatives.

    Anyway, I think what would be good is to have one topic that is fairly unstructured. As Erin says, no set date or time, and maybe not even in episode order. Just one topic where we can post that we've watched a particular episode and what that means to us. There are areas here for indepth discussion about a particular episode, but sometimes it's just good to watch an episode and post a comment. (And, no, I won't just be posting a comment about how Frank is hot - honestly. :makingeyes:)

    We all came to Millennium in our own way, and sometimes at completely different times/years than others, so it would be good to have a general chat topic where everyone can all pile in with our comments, without feeling the need to write an essay (which I sometimes feel is almost a requirement because MM episodes usually have a lot of content).

    I like "This Week, on Millennium". I might even start the topic thread right here.... maybe even today! Libby, should I pin it, so it doesn't get lost?

    (and, as for posting about Frank being *hot*, I think we ladies could do with a good healthy dose of that as well!:makingeyes::whistling::tongue: )

  9. Thanks, Libby! And, according to your info under your name, you've been here since January, 03. I have, too, though my info says March. That's because, when I 1st joined, I was NEW to the internet (and computers in general), and I was still "finding myself". I actually joined with the name "Black Wolf", but within a month, I wanted to change it to reflect my passion for Native American spirituality. It wasn't very easy to change your name here then, but, thanks to Graham (who has helped me with SO MUCH), it got changed, in March.

    Yes, I've been remembering Joe and the quest he and his wife went through, to adopt that beautiful little boy. That's the luckiest little boy in the world, to have parents like those two!

    As many of you know (Libby in particular), the past several months have been very unpleasant and stressful to me as well, and I am still trying to find a way to live again, and get back to the lfie I know I am meant to live.

    So....... When does everyone want to start this project? And, should I start a "This week, on Millennium" thread?

  10. Earthnut, I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you please re-state?

    Keeping it simple, probably here in the main discussion forum....nothing to cluttery so people get lost. Maybe someone could start a thread called "Las Time, On Millennium", or "Millenniumistic experience for the week", or something silly like that. Like the coffee lounge, just somewhere to go to and, starting with the Pilot, re-watch each one, and share thoughts and feelings in that thread. I'm probably making this complicated, and I mean it to be simple. This idea is a "Back to Basics", "Comfort Food" kinda thing. It's been so long, and we've all come so far in our lives (and some of us are busy sliding downhill into a big pile of doo-doo...) that it may have lost it's luster for us. Time to revive that, I think. :pumpkin3:

  11. As some of you know..... this year has been an extreamly challenging and stressful one. I keep coming back here, because this is home to me. You people are my family. And, as I have been here now for ...... (is it 8 years???? god, I feel old!!!!), I see so many new faces, and trusted friends I've known for years. I don't know about the rest of you, but as Millennium actually got me through a very difficult time in my life, I just thought it'd be nice if all of us went through the episodes from beginning to end, and shared the experience here each day. No set day or time to watch, since we all have challenging lives and schedules. But, just to try to each take out time for ourselves and start back at the beginning, and share the experience here, as if it were all new. I would really enjoy that experience, as I find great comfort in the wonderful friends I have here.

    Let me know what you think!

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  12. Oh! I love this post!!!!! Ok.... here's my 5. A combination of my favorites, and what I would want to preserve on the earth of the series, so that other people might see what I keep going on and on about! :pumpkin4:



    The Curse of Frank Black

    Beware of the Dog

    Seven & One

  13. But, oh, how I would so much like to meet up with other members in real life.

    I know the feeling. I've wanted to organize some sort of meeting with SOMEONE from the group for YEARS. I'm in the wrong country for this one, but I wish you much success.

    Anyone game for trying to meet up in the US?

  14. :tongue: Well, perhaps they were counting on more "mature" audiences watching a more cerebral program such as Millennium. :rock::wub: LOL!

    ha ha no I agree that Frank had a lot of cool/sexy factors that I am sure many women would find very attractive :smile: but at the same time you could tell he would not be a hit with many women (perhaps the more shallow types).

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