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  1. Yeah, I've always wondered the same thing. (about the dream) Ok.....finally.....FINALLY...... If this has been brought up here before and Iv'e missed it or forgotten it during my exile I appologize, but OMG..... When I watched Dead Letters for the first time, I was SURE Jim Horne was either the killer, or a copycat..... like in X Files "Grotesque". Why in the world was this never dealt with? I was never sure if they meant to say that he WAS a killer and got away with it, or if I was totally off-base with my interpretation!
  2. Oh wow! Really???? (I love meeting new people here!) I thought I was alone in that! Hardly anyone else I know likes that one! (Grass)
  3. Hey, thanks for that! A continuity catcher after my own heart! I still grin with childlike sillyness when I point out the Dana Scully "now she's naked/now she's not" scenes in the 1st X Files movie!
  4. Thanks for that! Just so you know..... I waver between "Dog" and "Luminary". I changed it because I figured everyone was tired of me being "Luminary girl". LOL
  5. WOW! Yeah.... there's 2 more people I highly advise to go see Twin Peaks! You'll see so much of Chris Carter's influince, and no-one who loves The X Files should ever go through life without seeing Mulder in a dress!!! LOL!
  6. Yes, I always thought that Lucy, Al Pepper, "The Judge", the red devil in "The Curse", and even the woman from Siren were all facets of Legeon. It kind of reminded me of Twin Peaks, with how the evil kept moving from one person to another, and was sometimes referred to as "Bob", but you were never quite sure who the real evil resided in through the whole series.
  7. Disconnected from reality.....

  8. It's been so long since I voted, I can't remember which one I voted for now! LOL I guess I'd have to say "Lamentation", which may be what I voted for the 1st time, but also, I'd have to vote for one that isn't on this pole. "Wide Open", which kept me awake all night when I first saw it!
  9. A huge welcome to you!!!!! I remember all the Y2K hysterics, too. I always said it was just the modern generation's version of "the sky is falling". Yes, what did you think of the episode "TEOTWAWKI"?
  10. As terrible as this is to say, it makes me feel better when someone else buys one of these, because then I don't feel quite so silly for being proud of mine! LOL
  11. Hi, Mark. Sorry if someone already answered your question. As I have to keep my online visits brief (for the time being....I PROMISE I'll be back!!!!) here's what I know in response.... I actually communicated through email with the woman who owns the house. They are the same ones who "lent" their home for Millennium. She was extremely nice, had many pleasant memories of the experience, and at that time, the house had not been painted since it was painted yellow for the show.
  12. It's the Midnight of the Century

    1. Raven Wolf

      Raven Wolf

      Dropping by to say Hi... I miss you guys! Mmmmm....Chocolate was a good suggestion!

    2. ethsnafu


      Love you Erin! We really do miss you and wish you the most wonderful, wonderful Christmas. (((HUGS))) May you and Terry be blessed and happy.

  13. Craving chocolate.....

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Treat yourself to a very large box of dark chocolate Erin!

  14. WOW!!!!! I feel that, when someone here meets Lance, we all get to, in a way. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! And, though I'd started to loose hope about a movie, this quote from him is quite encouraging. If anyone will be honest and upfront about what's going on with MillenniuM, it's Lance.
  15. Enjoying stopping by my home-away-from-home.....

  16. WOO HOO! This is exciting news, and I greatly encourage all to read and take part!
  17. WOW! That was well-done! Nice to see that someone took the time to do all of that, as it shows that at least NOW, Millennium is getting the respect it Should have gotten when it was on the air!
  18. Well, count me in!!! Another vote cast..... I hope this helps!!! Thanks for continuing to carry the torch, Mark!
  19. Thanks for the upbeat vibes!!!

  20. Mark... Thanks for that. I'm trying to get Terry motivated to doing what you've suggested here, and filing a complaint. Even if the well is NOT covered, the furnice is, and the adjuster has STILL not been out to our house and it's been almost a MONTH! As for the water, we had to use my parent's card, and now owe them over $6,000! 10 days with no water.... But, I've laid down the law from now on. A lot of the delays in this have been because of having to deal with this myself, without all the needed information, and having to deal with my father, who has so many emotional disfunctions I wonder how it can all be contained in one person!!! So, I've informed Terry that the next magor crisis (should there be one) that comes along is HIS to deal with. I'm to tired and am trying to get my own emotional problems sorted out. If anyone here needs a website/tech support that'll cost about $4,000, that's my latest trade offer....and since we are in such a desperate need for money, I'm trying to trade this for cash to help pay for the well. PM me for my phone number if you know of anyone who might be interested. On the bright side..... Chris and I have been working on flower beds this week, in preparation for spring.... And I'm still painting. Anyone want a "Raven Wolf" origional of a spooky tree? LOL I'll post pics next time I'm here. I miss all you guys terribly....and long for the day when I can return as your full time Elder/Moderator, and keep up with all the going's on....on a dayly basis! In the meantime, be good, and let's have a Millennium marathon!!!!
  21. I've missed you guys so much, I can't express it. The last few weeks have had ups, and downs. SEVERE downs. Things were ok....other than my car being in need of work that we can't afford, and my then being limited to checking the net once a week, when Terry would take us all to the local library. I've been planting trees, getting better with my painting/drawing, and planning out flowers for spring. Then, in a matter of 3 days, we lost our furnace, our stove/oven, and our well. Terry had gotten 100 gallons of propane gas so we could finally use the furnace. (we'd been relying on the fireplace & space heaters) Then, one day, I was baking cookies....the first batch came out fine, but the 2nd did not....that was because the oven had stopped heating. Some wire had burned out on it, and we had no oven and no stove. We all realized at the same time that the furnace had stopped working. Terry managed to get a wire to replace the burned out one on the oven, but neither he, nor Chris, nor my father can figure out why the furnace won't heat. The fan blows cold air. We've replaced several different parts, all with negative results. All we can think is that it must be some transformer. Then, LAST Saturday night, while we were all playing D&D (yeah, how lame is that? LOL), the water trickled to a stop. We thought the pipes froze. Nope. It was the well pump. We can't possibly afford to get that replaced, so my father (reluctantly) agreed to let us charge it on his credit card, and we'd pay him back. THEN, when the well guys came out to do it, they said the well had caved in and that they'd have to drill a new well!!!! Our home insurance co denies that they cover wells, though every one else we've talked to says that's crazy..... Actually, several people said it WAS covered, but our "adjuster" said NO. The insurance SHOULD also cover the furnace and oven problems, since it all seems to have been caused by a power surge or spike, but we've been waiting for a WEEK and she's yet to come out to look at anything! Meanwhile, we've been without water or adequate heat for a week. I am for a few minutes at my mom's (an hour's drive away), in order to get a shower. Needless to say, we've been having to forgo showers for quite a while. If anyone has any thoughts on how to shake some sense into the insurance company.....please feel free to share! Right now, we're looking at having to charge several thousand dollars on my father's credit card, and pay him back each month. My parents are NOT thrilled with me, and have been pressuring me to sell the house. Needless to say, I've had a few nervous breakdowns this week.
  22. 1. About You. I am a 35 year old woman from Georgia, in the USA. I am a partially disabled aspiring artist. My passions include animals, the paranormal, Native American spirituality, psychology and spirituality. I'm learning to draw and paint. 2. Why are you a fan? I am a fan, because in the year 2000, my best friend told me about the show, knowing I was an X Files fan. She stated that I had a lot in common with Frank Black, and made me promise to watch it if it ever came back on TV in re-runs. She was murdered a few weeks later. I kept my promise, and was captivated by how well made the series is. There has simply never been anything else like it before or sense. All the other "crime dramas" pale in comparison to the excellent writing, acting, and production of Millennium. Each episode is truly a work of art. And, casting Lance was iceing on the cake....as he is one of the best actors of our time! 3. How long have you been a fan? Almost 9 years. 4. What's your favourite episode. Beware of the Dog? Luminary? The Pilot? The Curse of Frank Black? Midnight of the Century? The Thin White Line? Who can choose??? 5. What's your favourite scene or moment? The white horse, killing the "Horse Ripper" in "Broken World". (I could list many more, but that one is the first that came to mind.) 6. If a movie was made which characters would you like to see in it? Frank and Jordan, of corse. Laura, too...and Lucy. Peter Watts would be nice as well. 7. Why do you think Millennium should come back? Millennium was both ahead of its time, and at once, absolutly needed at that time. With the state of the world now, we need such quality programming, either on the big screen, or tv. 8. What are you watching right now? Millennium and The X Files, of course...LOL On DVD, since we've just moved and can't afford cable yet. Other movies as well.
  23. Thanks, guys!!! Yes, I think Chris is quite talented, too. I hope I can become even HALF as good as he is! Since my last post, I've been working on different moon and tree paintings. Next time I'm here, I'll bring photos of those to share as well. Thanks for being so encouraging! And...YES, it was nice to change that aweful color, and slowly try to clear the "karma" of the dead animals that used to be here! I know hot pink is a bit of an odd choice....but after the brown/green/baby puke that used to be there, I thought I'd just be crazy and go as far in the opposite extreme as possible! LOL
  24. A picture's worth a thousand words, & so here are a few, showing what changes life has brought me in the last few months. Here, you will see shots of the house, BEFORE we moved in, while there were dead deer heads on the walls (I did not photo those), antlers & skins on shelves, the dark brown/green bedroom from hell, and more. See the transformation! Plus, it's Christmas time, so here's a shot Terry took of me with the "kids", plus my friend Chris, and some of the first drawings & paintings I've done since he's been teaching me HOW to draw & paint.......Something I've always wanted to do, but thought I'd never be able to. Before his help & support, my simple smily faces were easily mistaken for something done by an ape at the zoo! Here, you'll see the alien face I painted, after one I saw on a poster in a catalog I liked, plus a sketch of Scully, done while looking at a screenshot on an old calandar from the 8th season, plus my fantasy geese, a moon sketch, deer sketch, and more to come! (plus, an example of my friend Chris' work!) Enjoy! Chris @ the old trailer, @ Halloween. He did the jack-o-lantern on the right, & helped me do the one on the left. The one on the left I painted black, and with his help, carved out an alien face! Chris painted this on a pizza box lid, on the front porch of the crappy old place we just moved from, in the rain. It's stylized craines! The next picture he did for my mom, because she so loved this first one. Done on a small canvas board. This is the alien face I painted. This was after we moved. Here's my pencil drawing of Scully. I've never done anything like this before, but Chris taught me how to shade things. It's a bit cartoon-like, but better than I thought I could do. Inspired by Chris' birds, this was my attempt at doing something similar with geese! A doodle that got WAY out of hand. The deer head was supposed to be an elk, from another calendar picture, but came out more like a deer. I added the trees later. "Moonshadow". A sketch I did, after being inspired by the way the moon glowed off the clouds I'd just seen outside one night earlier this month. Now....house pictures! Remember this? And this?? Check out what it looks like, NOW! My mom did some painting, I did most of the rest, & Terry did the trim up high that I couldn't reach. Check out cute picture of Terry painting Hybiscus pink over that horrible, puke green/brown room! Here's a shot of me, Spencer, & "Rheul". (Damn, I can't spell that cat's name!) And, remember the shelves with deer antlers on them? Check it out now! (oh, what a difference a few nick-nacks can make!) And, here's my deer sweet Chris, on the front porch last month. These last 3 pictures show the outside of the house, at night, with multi-colored ice-cycle lights, plus 2 shots of our fake trees. The tacky white one I had on the porch. As for Real ones?? Im soon going to be PLANTING real trees!!!
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