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  1. Neda Soltan. Two bones lying in the cradle of civilization. A city dying under the weight of its own destruction of intellectual gestation. Just like an individual injecting heroin the stars of such skies. Become hard to chart, With lies. Endless cries of ancient times, Come up from the now dried waters of the Pison and the Gia. I guess this is the right time. That was assuming Hegel was right, Standing in the library, looking out at the strands of smog, and fog that clogs, London's walkways, this is every day, stuck in Nightmarish ways. Mr. Qutb did not like the way they smoked and drank and played. A perfect time for a switch in the apocryphal, a revolutionary change. A peaceful procession of the marchers. Ends. With the new market trend. Set things up for a while, Slumped over in the darkened house. The pictures on the wall, show old individuals, with dark frowns. The opiate like conditions, create visions, of spinning, Swirling, Black gowns. The Lady in White, dances in the sky. They continue drinking wine, Now is the right time You good men. You have a moral duty, to fight them. "You must understand, this is a cosmic battle between supernatural forces." You have a duty, Machiavelli. Sitting near, Empty Castles. On Hills. They will take your pills, For they only see the exoteric. Mr. Strauss thought he saw the esoteric. "No, I can't go back and get them, they might kill me. It's too much of a vision. They've looked at the wall for too long. I need to keep this and use this, this is mine. The others, they get drunk off of wine, I have to stop it. They can't control themselves." The sun has been extinguished Sol Invictus. This being passive, and just consuming black skeletons. Has killed us. Of course, blame them. They have poisoned us. With their beasts and horns. "Our conscious and morality, the lock has been well worn. We must lay dormant, be dark as night. And then they will become war torn, and stuck in a freezing fright. Jahiliyyah, will collapse under its own might." Sol Invictus. I have seen your light. Hissing Lear jets. Taking away all of your frets. I am God's Warrior. I am Immanuel Kant. I know the truth of the esoteric thought. I don't care how many dead. This is the right way which we lead. We must be filled with dread, we must protect ourselves against them. You wanted to change, you want to exist in that change They turned you into their own firing range. This means, Asphyxiation, On your own blood. In your case. In the woods, not a sign of life, Perhaps one should have brought a knife. Just for preservation of life. A Black Sun and Moon, merge in the sky, further darkening the night. This Jazz, Cigarette Smoke, Alcohol Abuse, Consumerism, New Cars, And a Perfect Lawn. Is not right. The Lady in Black kills the Lady in White. Eternal Night. Sol Invictus. I've seen your black and white. Black Light. Jihad Akbar.
  2. colts45

    Posters & Promos

    who is the dude with the beard ?
  3. colts45

    General VS5 Discussion

    i loved it, oh lake of fire was covered by nirvana on mtv unplugged. the original was done by the meat puppets, who played along with nirvana on stage at unplugged. but other than that it was an a plus. ian austin did a great job. and thank him for having that song in there.
  4. colts45

    Is This an Original MM opening?

    yea he took it down
  5. colts45

    Happy Anniversary RavenWolf!

    happy 4th erin.
  6. colts45

    Happy Birthday Colts45!

    yea i do have 25 hours, thanks guys.
  7. colts45

    Logo Font

    it hasnt started yet joe, heres the plot and stuff, it will finish up season 1 and go into the future. http://blackstervc.proboards98.com/index.c...read=1172747913
  8. colts45

    General VS5 Discussion

    fanboyism taken to an extreme.
  9. colts45

    Posters & Promos

    great print ad.
  10. colts45

    Logo Font

    just why would you be asking jj, ok im getting way ahead of myself.
  11. colts45

    Posters & Promos

    now that promo was real cool.
  12. colts45

    Posters & Promos

    cool saying, are you going to have the update blog up before the bvc premires on monday? thanks for the great posters.
  13. colts45

    Posters & Promos

    yeah again it rocks, who thought up the saying on the poster?

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