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  1. oh. shame we didn't know that before
  2. Great news... for the vol1 reissue too as there are people that missed out last time left with £150 ebay copies as the only option.
  3. exit75

    The X-Files: Volume 2 (4CD)

    Oh well, at least it's coming. There's still a number of tracks from the Truth and the Light album that I hope will appear in their original form. Unbelievably I only just got around to listening to the first two volumes despite purchasing them upon release. Very much in the mood for more.
  4. exit75

    Snow Files of the Week

    Got this one very cheap on ebay, signed too! I'm only interested in the xfiles-esque & millennium-esque sounding scores, I'm sure your helpful posts with help me to discover more!
  5. exit75

    Who Else Bought Harsh Realm?

    It had so much potential and so much was left undeveloped, unanswered. I must put out my box set again soon.
  6. Probably know by now but the UK blu-ray was finaly released in September. Only 5 years after US... they sure know how to keep on top of things.
  7. exit75

    so, the promo CDs...

    that's the one.
  8. exit75

    The X-Files: Volume 2 (4CD)

    Great. We have been waiting for too long for even a speck of news.
  9. exit75

    so, the promo CDs...

    Well look what popped up on Ebay. I don't know how legit they are. I've never seen season 2 or 3 promos out there before and all the bogus copies of season 1 I've seen don't have this artwork. Season 1 here seems to have less tracks than the "leaked" mp3 set and so are possibly not from the 'stolen from Mark's studio' occasion. I see the sets use the catalogue numbers MSCD 01, MSCD 02, MSCD 03. The digital Best of Millennium release used MSCD 04 which makes sense. Perhaps these promos were intended for commercial release at some point and instead a Best of the 3 seasons only was favoured picking tracks from the promos.
  10. exit75

    Big Mark Snow Radio Special

    missed it. Is the full thing available as 'listen again', podcast or whatever?
  11. Nice to finaly have this after all these years of speculation (look how old this thread is!) Arrived over the weekend, so import tax it seems. Though today I had a tax invoice come through for an unrelated item that arrived a month ago, so it might not be the end of it

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