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  1. Again, I completely agree with this. Millennium was something of a trailblazer in so many ways, but not least in its casting of a relatively older lead even during its original run, not to mention one with a stable (at first) family life. Let's hope the shifting landscape and the unique mature of Lance work in its favour.
  2. Oh, I completely agree with you; I am merely preparing our counter-argument! As I say, it's no used pretending it's not a problem. Hopefully, however, if the topic of Millennium comes up again then Carter is smart enough to have already considered it and some potential ways around it.
  3. I understand this concern, and let's not pretend it's not a consideration to some degree. Lance is a very young 75 and remains an energetic and commanding presence, though, and still works constantly. Added to that, I think nearly everyone who wants to see Millennium return wants to see Lance as Frank Black and a continuation/resolution of his story; it's one of the main reasons for bringing back Millennium at all. I'm less keen on the idea of having Jordan step up as the lead character, but Chris Carter has mentioned cross-pollinating with The X-Files—which certainly makes business sense—and went on record as saying that he had an idea involving John Doggett. Something like this is, I think, a potential way to go and a way that this could happen.
  4. I honestly think the link to the year 2000 is overstated. Whilst the date countdown was ever-present on Group members' desktops, Millennium could easily fit into the modern world. For me, it was less about the clock chiming midnight on December 31st 1999 (or 2000!) than it was about the much-referenced "anticipatory anxiety" of the Nineties that was also a big part of The X-Files, and which of course has given way to a fairly grim post-9/11 world in so many ways. To me, the series was much more about millennialism and eschatology (c.f. Daesh as surely the prime contemporary example) in a more generic sense, and therefore could all too easily fit into today's world. Here's hoping The X-Files continues its remarkable new run and that this gives Chris Carter et al fresh impetus and bargaining power at the negotiating table.
  5. If you enjoyed AMC's version of The Killing and don't mind subtitles then I would highly recommend Forbrydelsen, the Danish series upon which it was based. It is only available in Region 2, but there was something about this series—most notably in its cinematography—that really put me in mind of Millennium. It's a great series to boot, across all three seasons.
  6. Hey there, folks. I just spotted this thread, and whilst it's old news now that the book is out, I figured I could confirm and deny a few details for those that might be interested. There's no written material included in the book that has been previously published over on the Back to Frank Black website. Many of the podcast interviews have been re-interpreted into a series of interviews, but these will read completely differently to how you'd hear them on the podcasts themselves. Added to that there are a number of original essays exploring many aspects of the series, from the likes of Joe Maddrey, Brittany Tiplady, and Dixon himself, with whom I co-edited the volume. There is indeed more over at Back to Frank Black, plus you can read much more in the press release and from the book's page at Fourth Horseman Press, from where you can order a copy, too! It's also worth noting that all profits from the book are going to charity. Last but not least, I can attest that Dixon is very much alive and well, and send his regards to one and all! It goes without saying that both of us had our heads down working on the book for a number of months, indulging in and celebrating all things Millennium, plus you'll still find the Millennial Abyss online and with a few recent updates to boot.
  7. Happy Birthday.


  8. Thanks for that. I did seek out such a thread, but couldn't find it for looking!
  9. The all-new X-Files comic was published a few weeks ago with the Spotnitz-penned Issue #0, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Frank Black put in an appearance... of sorts. Now don't get over-excited as this is no crossover, but in a panel on the bottom of page 22, in which a scantily clad lady is seen retrieving her bra from the top of a TV, there is a clear view of our very own Lance Henriksen on the screen!
  10. I most definitely thought the same on all of the above, and can also impart that I went to see the movie with the one-and-only Brian A. Dixon (who, contrary to some recent reports and fears, is very much alive and well) who agreed too. Plus if I'm not mistaken Mulder and Scully's house was yellow!
  11. The X-Files: I Want to Believe has now passed the $50m takings mark, so add in DVD sales and I think it should turn in a profit; I'm hoping this should be enough to give us hope for a third instalment. I think its only failings have been in the expectations of the public and reviewers alike for a movie that opened during the summer blockbuster season, as it does not fit into this category at all and makes no pretensions to do so. One of the things that struck me the most about the movie -- and I would add that I went with the one and only Brian A. Dixon who concurred with me! -- was just how much it evoked Millennium in terms of tone, content... and for that matter supporting cast! It's an intelligent and subtle exploration of science versus faith with Mulder and Scully's relationship at its heart, and I may have just imagined it but with prominent use of a yellow house, Scully complaining of allowing the darkness of their former lives to return and Mulder responding, "This is who I am" plus more besides, I believe the parallels were there for those in the know to see. Carter and Spotnitz should be congratulated for taking such a bold creative move and producing a very different type of story with IWTB that is true both to the heart of Ten Thirteen productions and, ultimately, also to Mulder and Scully. But I also think that, given the style of film that this is, a Millennium movie produced on a similar or perhaps even smaller budget could also yet prove viable. And Dixon was sure to put in a word for the show when we met the man himself amidst the publicity for this latest release in London!
  12. Lance, I'd like to first add my voice to the many applauding your career to date, and highlighting in particular what I think is an unparalleled performance in a show without peers as Frank Black in Millennium. Frank Black was a wonderfully crafted and realised hero in the truest sense of that word, and I still find both the character and some of the episodes an inspiration. With the imminent DVD release I'm sure I will continue enjoying and taking so much away from the show for many, many years to come, throughout life's twists and turns. My question is, with several years' distance now between you and the character, how far has the experience of playing him affected your outlook on life? Thanks again and best wishes for the future, Adam Chamberlain London, England
  13. Of course this is fantastic news, and I'm itching to know if we'll maybe even get Millennium in widescreen for the first time (in which I believe it was filmed but never prepared as such for broadcast) and just what will be included in the extras, such as the recent interview Lance is said to have recorded regarding the show. Living in the UK, I'm also optimistic that the release schedule will follow humbly behind that for the US, just a few months as we have done with the X-Files box sets. I'm a little nervous, along with a number of others here as I've read, to find out in due course whether sales will justify the release of Seasons Two and Three. Video releases here in the UK never made it past Season One, but then the market has changed sufficiently for FOX to commit to a DVD release, so we can but hope it will extend to the show's entire run.
  14. I can recall spending a wonderful time staying in with a close friend, a perfect and intimate end/start to the respective millenniums... and that's all I'll say! I also wachted a few re-runs of taped epiosdes over that period, but whilst it was a special time for personal reasons, I'd concur with Jose Chung that, in the grand scheme of things, we're all set for another "one thousand years of the same old crap."
  15. I can definitely recommend the Episode Guide at The Millennial Abyss. There's a synopsis of the finale plus you'll find that the guide is currently being updated, with Season One's coverage now studiously and exhaustively extended.
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