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  1. Just noting a typo on the title for this one, given it is actually another classic: "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'". 😉
  2. 7 downloads

    Millennium (4C79) - Pilot.pdf
  3. 5 downloads

    Millennium (3ABC03) - TEOTWAWKI [PINK].pdf
  4. I have "Pilot" and "TEOTWAWKI", but it looks like those are already in the repository.
  5. Oh, sorry—I'm getting confused and conflating the two here. It's Planet Megamall who have essentially closed down; they were very polite, open, and helpful in their email correspondence when they finally got back to me, but you're right that their website should really be updated to reflect their current trading status. The Hollywood Script Shop is still a going concern, but their listings appear to be wildly inaccurate (and not just for Millennium, I can attest). They shared that they had the following actually in stock: Pilot Gehenna Dead Letters The Judge 522666 Kingdom Come Blood Relatives Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense' The Pest House Siren In Arcadia Ego Anamnesis TEOTWAWKI Borrowed Time
  6. No—they just said they were essentially closed for business but fulfilled the occasional order. They had gone in search of "Goodbye to All That" but couldn't turn it up. I don't recommend trying to order from them at this point. And you're right—I had ordered paper copies.
  7. I guess I should remove it from here, given the duplication, but thanks for the offer. I hear you on bidding for scripts, as it can get expensive fast. Still, I'll keep an eye out for anything affordable!
  8. Ah—a rookie error! Thanks for setting me on the right path. Just done that, and done the same with "Kingdom Come" and "In Arcadia Ego", plus the long-promised copy of "The Pest House". By the way, I got a nice email from Planet Megamall the other day. It seems they've gone through some difficult times and are no longer trading in the way that they once were, but are set to be auctioning some items on eBay soon.
  9. 7 downloads

    Millennium (4C03) - Kingdom Come [WHITE].pdf
  10. 5 downloads

    Millennium (5C18) - In Arcadia Ego [BLUE].pdf
  11. 5 downloads

    Millennium (5C15) - The Pest House [WHITE].pdf
  12. 6 downloads

    Millennium (4C06) - Blood Relatives [YELLOW].pdf
  13. Here's one of three recently-acquired scripts from me. Two more to come... (Now added to the collection instead!)
  14. I'm not sure about the PDFs, but it does seem that the online listings can't be entirely trusted! I have checked out Planet Megamall, but I haven't had an entirely successful experience with them to date. "Anamnesis" is waiting for me in Massachusetts, although I will also be spending time in Connecticut when I visit! As for "The Pest House", I actually have a copy of that already. The scanned version I have is too high resolution to upload here, but I'll figure that out and share it in due course.
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