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  1. This is INCREDIBLE news!!! Now if we could just get a Frank Black appearance in one of the 6....BTW everytime I see Lance Henricksen in Blacklist; I keep calling Frank Black...anyone else having trouble separating him from Agent Black? I guess...This is Who we Are!
  2. I'm sure Batman will clean up, but I still think that overall, this film will do well. i remember when I saw FTF and was not a fan of the X-Files @ the time and really enjoyed it...CC does a brilliant job creating standalone stories that draw people into his shows. Another case in point, Millennium...once I saw the episode, Millennium in X-Files, I was completely drawn into Millennium the series. I can't wait...and selfishly, CC and the cast want to do more films if this one does good enough. www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  3. Just got my tix for the upcoming X-Files flick!!! Anyone else out there go there's? www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  4. Just read an article at: http://www.tvsquad.com/2008/03/27/paley-fe...al-the-x-files/. Someone during a Q&A time asked about Millennium and any possibility of a comeback: "...Carter thinks it's a long shot but has some ideas ready if the opportunity presented itself. " This was also reported at: http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?id=51151. t sounds like a longshot, but that's what people were saying about X-Files 2 getting made not too long ago. I think a strong showing for X-Files 2 may be just enough to give Carter the clout to resurrect Frank Black!!! www.flexfiles.blogs
  5. This is tremendous! No more nebulous Duchovny/Anderson statements, no more Carter lawsuit hodlups, no more Spotnitz speculations....it's really happening and now we CAN believe. I'll be camped out @ the theatre! www.flexiles.blogspot.com
  6. Anyone watching Reaper? I haven't laughed out loud during a show in awhile. www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  7. Wow! I remember and loved this show back in the day when FOX was still a brand new, risk taking network. Is this out on DVD? I can't even remember if this show was even concluded. www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  8. I just added a link to this petition on my site! Let's get this project going! www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  9. Here's the latest on Indy IV to all who are as geeked out as me to see Harrison Ford back in action! http://flexfiles.blogspot.com/2007/02/indy...ews-take-2.html
  10. I really enjoyed the second episode...looking forward to tommorrows...I like the mix of paranormal phenomenon with sarcasm...
  11. It's a show about a modern day wizard, but with kind of a CSI meets Millennium meets Harry Potter kind of twist...2 episodes and it's not bad...plus it's on scifi, so it's bound to stick around for awhile. http://flexfiles.blogspot.com/2007/01/dres...les-review.html
  12. Anyone watch Dresden Files last week? Not a bad show...kind of paranomal CSI. www.flexfiles.blogspot.com
  13. I've heard rumors about Natalie Portman being Indy's daughter.
  14. My wife loves Last Crusade and if there was no Raiders, then I would easily vote for it...Raiders though is just so freaking amazing and really holds up well for being a 20+ year old film.
  15. Indiana Jones IV is still on track! Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford are all on the same page and the film is projected for a release date of 2008. http://flexfiles.blogspot.com/2006/08/indy-iv-news.html
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