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  1. Wow I'm so sorry Erin. It sure looks like the guy was going too fast in the rain. and that's a good point about the cameras but they probably only have them at traffic lights. You sure don't need this. Thank God Terry's okay.
  2. Me too. But I guess it's only a dream to want to include the amazing coincidences reflected in the other shows. I'm really looking forward to the movie this summer. It's supposed to be entirely new and stand alone and I can't imagine what they would tackle. The conspiracy stuff is bigger than ever. Still waiting for the truth :grin:
  3. This is the one I'd like to see X Files Sequel Fan Trailer (sorry if it's been posted already)
  4. Thanks. I thought he was due for a change. Bill Cobbs was amazing. The perfect center for a group of wayward mediums. This is one of the hardest shows to track down. I'm hoping the exposure on Chiller will bring about calls for it's release on DVD. I know at least one of the episodes stands up to my memory of it.
  5. I wish I had a digital recorder but at least I can do VHS. Yeah It is a great show. Missy Cryer and Kristen Cloke as recurring characters and Mark Snow's music. We'll get it taped at least.
  6. Thanks Joe. I have Millennium too but it's nice to see it getting air time again. I'm anxious for the Morgan & Wong series The Others which, so far as I know hasn't been released on DVD. I'll be getting my recorder ready.
  7. http://www.tcarms.com/firearms/g2ContenderPistols.php http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/TUTORI...UNS/GUNGSR.html Just playing devil’s advocate. I know I told you it would leave residue.
  8. Wow (I've lost track of time as well as my mind ;) Happy Belated Birthday my friend! Adding my sincere joy that you were born to give us inspiration and friendship. You have truly touched us all and especially me. Hard to express as well as everyone has already, other than you are always in my thoughts. Hugs, Bonnie
  9. Oh is that Amita? Yeah I agree to an extent. Except for maybe Larry and Meghan, but who knows? I guess she's interested in his mind.
  10. Fast fwd to about 1:01 for Lance's comments on his character and voice acting. Mass Effect
  11. I agree. Also reminded me of Se7en when they found the victim who was boiled and then his eyes popped open. This is a well crafted show, how they managed to get all the complexity crammed and edited into an hour of Television is beyond me. It's like watching a fast paced movie. I'm no way a math geek but I love how they incorporate the graphic overlays to illustrate how the math relates to the story.
  12. This is absolutely wonderful! Thanks Graham and ibskin.com Aw, I wish we could keep it!
  13. The hive was back tonight. Grissom's doing research on Bee mortality I guess, Given his fascination with insects. Have to wait and see.
  14. That puts another light on it. Did you see the look on Grissom's face when he saw the hive?
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