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  1. medication77

    Indy IV News!

    I have to go with Temple Of Doom, The right age at the right time. Also about Indy 4 I heard that Indy has to "confront" his womanizing past could be his child, hopefully a girl, we've had the father son team up all ready and it would be amusing to watch Indy get flak from daughter and Mother. "No, it wasn't my hands. It was my..."
  2. That underground bunker article is fascinating!
  3. medication77

    Jon'Benet Ramsey Mystery Solved?

    That picture is just too weird. I think your right about the being a star thing because if I'm right he didnt have to give a press conference but yet replied "no comment" to nearly every question and only gave out that he was there when she "died" and it was an accident, just enough information to create interest in him and why he did it. I know this is speculation but I was under the impression that either he wasnt alone or he was given access, just going on his body language when he was asked about her death it seemed he wanted to say something but then held back, make of that what you will.
  4. I've been doing some thinking today (yes thats what the noise was) and there is about 2 months until the anniversary of the pilot episode. Regardless of these legal difficulties between Fox & Chris Carter that are an obstacle not just to Millennium but also the X files movie am I not wrong in thinking that the day of the anniversary would be an excellent day to hit Fox with something, anything? As a group of people we need to know the obstacles we face. the questions and answers we need, so we can bring an end to this destructive conflict and bring order... wait, oh yeah, obstacles ## TheStarsAreDown is writing a piece for Dreamwatch hopefully to coincide with the anniversary wouldnt it be great to email dreamwatch to encourage them to publish this article and also to come up with ideas to make an impact on Fox, point out to them the press interest give them hard copy not email fill their desks not their junk mail bin, attack Fox on all fronts. ## Does Fox think it is financially viable if not can we prove that it could be. ## Is it Chris Carter we should be harrasing and not just Fox. ## Is Lance the only person that wants this to happen is he the only one pushing. ## Other than Lance can we get in contact with any of the other members of the cast / Crew and get their endorsement and show that to Fox / CC and be able to say its not just Geek #1 or Geekess #2 on a sheet of paper that wants it back but say Terry O'Quinn replies we can put his name or quote on the hard copy. ## Who would we send all this to all we need are names. ## Does CC really want this to happen or is he just hiding behind Fox, you know the whole if I cant do it I dont want someone else to take the credit if it is a success. ## Show CC / Fox the shows that have been succesful using elements of MillenniuM, Tv / film types cant imagine anything unless they can compare it. We need a general consensus and adding names to online petition has been done, now something else has to take place. I'm sure you guys have some things to add or some questions I have missed, I really believe that we need to come together and push forward and use this anniversary in our favour. "the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves."
  5. Thanks for your hard work! This place has become a refuge of sorts to share this great show with other people so once again, Thankyou.
  6. medication77

    The Descent

    Cruelty! Have you tasted my cooking?
  7. Some great choices, I forgot about reqium for a dream and the machinist. also about the Batman Begins soundtrack did you notice that the first letter of tracks 4-9 spell Batman. 4. Barbastella 5. Artibeus 6. Tadarida 7. Macrotus 8. Antrozous 9. Nycteris
  8. medication77

    The Descent

    Hey L@the, no I meant that the Descent has a different ending in America compared to the British version. I'm not sure on the details as I think the director didnt want to give the new ending away to American audiences. I suppose as usual there will be a special special edition on DVD at some point. 666 I thought you'd be proud?
  9. medication77

    The Descent

    I'd recommened anyone to see this film its funny how now its coming out in America, lots of people are mentioning Alien because when I watched it last year (UK) I started banging on that he should direct the next Alien film also loved Dog Soldiers, great to hear English accents swearing rather than saying "More tea M'lord" or some such. What do you think of the new ending in the US? Has anyone seen both to be able to compare?
  10. Seeing as there was a fav bands / albums thread I was wondering what your FAvourite soundtracks are? Any Particular reasons as to why? Should I have put this in Films? Sorry if so. Heres my list: Star Wars (All Six) - MAsterpiece, A soundtrack to my life from single cell to adult to single brain cell. Batman Begins - I love how the music like the film does away with the need to create bombastic themes and to me is like a modern equivilant to ... Bladerunner - So Moody and evocative of a period of time I doubt the film even though brilliant would be as great without this soundtrack. Superman - Unlike Batman Begins has very stirring themes but is still the king of Superhero themes cant imagine a superman film without it. Lost Highway - not a typical soundtrack as such but so well used especially "Song to the Sirens" by This Mortal Coil. the thing - I could Have picked Any John Carpenter film (Yes even the later ones) just brilliant moods and yes I know its Ennio Morricones name on the credits but he didnt end up doing much of the music anyway, That classic repeated bass note intro just gets me everytime. The Ring (American Version) - Stop laughing at the back! I Love this soundtrack so atmospheric and I'm sure that once the dust has settled on the current crop of horror films this will find itself being regarded very highly. Also Not sure if this should be a seperate thread or not but how about classic films that dont have memorable soundtracks... Alien - I love this film but I'm not sure i would pick this as a classic soundtrack. Any Superhero film (Apart from Supes) "Hudson sir, he's hicks"
  11. Achtung Baby - U2 In Utero - Nirvana Melon Collie and the infinite sadness - The smashing pumpkins Stories from the city, stories from the sea - P.J. Harvey Songs for the deaf - Queens Of the stone age The Black Album / Master Of Puppets - Metallica White Pony - Deftones 4 Symbols - Led Zep Red hot chili peppers - Califronication Soundgarden - Superunknown Thats off the top but theres plenty more out there
  12. My two pence... All time In no order U2 Deftones R.E.M. Metallica Nirvana Nine Inch Nails Led Zep Queens Of The Stone Age Soundgarden The Smashing Pumpkins More recent great stuff not yet mature enough to be listed White stripes / arcade fire / System Of a Down / Placebo / Kristin Hersh / Me /
  13. medication77

    MM showing in UK this Saturday

    At a reasonable time for once
  14. medication77

    What's been said about MM

    I got the tongue in cheek bit horseman Even My friends mother remembers Millennium and is looking forward to the repeats on itv4 and this is a woman who loves her soaps etc, I think that also speaks volumes on how useless demographics can be with shows like MillenniuM, its not like Star Trek which is for a particular kind of audience. Millennium was intelligent, at times thought provoking without preaching, violent but not unnecesarily and witty without slapstick. I've read it on these boards and its correct that MillenniuM does not fit into one genre and that I think is the attraction for me and possibly the reason the "Critics" didnt get it, it was completly different to anything else at the time and like many things that are ahead of their time completely misunderstood. Also I have never understood the violence thing as I think the editing was very good at conveying the violence without being too graphic but also at depicting the mayhem of violence but as always the critics had no hook to latch onto and if I remember correctly wasnt there a big deal at the time with censorship in the air through the 90's, Tipper Gore etc. Did I go off on one there? "And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself"
  15. medication77

    What's been said about MM

    Those reviews explain exactly why this show stands up in terms of quality and production while other shows of that time look incredibly tame nearly 10 years later.

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