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  1. What a wonderful and extraordinary tribute and accomplishment. Amazing! Lance Henriksen once said: And what an actor! Happy birthday, Lance!
  2. So jealous I can't be on the Canary Islands...
  3. I personally love Dollhouse a lot. It's a modern Whedon piece. I would think people that loved Buffy had the same problems back then arguing for the show.
  4. Isn't it amazing to see how much better the storyline went with Sarah Connor Chronicles than the 3rd and 4th movie? Lena Headey, Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker are the best incarnations of Sarah/Machine/John that I've seen to date. This is my opinion. Especially season two brings so much depth to the characters that it's sad to see Fox once again used the money axe. OH WAIT, HAVEN'T THEY DONE THAT TO SHOWS WE LIKE, TOO?
  5. Can't watch this stupid trailer because of regional restrictions (US only I guess). When do they realize that this is one world and they would make far more money if they offered all the shows on the day of release everywhere else for the same price. I'd gladly buy all the shows I want to watch on iTunes... And that's probably around $/€ 500 just from me per year.
  6. This is a brilliant idea, Pluto. I will make sure to check it out :) I hope the X-Files and Millennium DVDs are transcoded from the NTSC masters and not the 24 fps original because there would be a difference in runtime (45 minutes in NTSC = 43 minutes 12 seconds in PAL). Am not sure :D But if you didn't have a problem with differing runlengths during your sessions, I guess things are fine.
  7. Blu-Ray won't change the quality of the writing or acting, it will just let you enjoy the programming as it was originally intended. HD comes almost true to the resolution of film as you would see it in a movie theater (not going to break lose a discussion of 2K and 4K now :D). If your TV set is rubbish and you don't have the appropriate sound system to go with it, I don't think the plunge into Blu-Ray is worth it. I agree with you, eth. I can enjoy a movie on my iPhone in bed as well as on my laptop on a trip or on my TV at home. I don't like the movie more just because it's in HD, it's better but different :)
  8. I fully agree! I have mixed feelings tho. Where will they take this? I hope the creators don't feel like they need to change House so it "gets interesting again". It still is! I don't want him to solve cases from a mental institution :D
  9. We truly could, but at least all the seasons that were finished in 1.33:1 aspect ratio were only completed in SD. I doubt any X-Files season finished in HD, but I honestly can't say :) To be honest, I am very pleased with the MLM and XF DVDs in terms of quality. Having good 1080p upscaling won't make it HD but it let's us cherish what we loved about the shows.
  10. I wish for Terminator as well :) ... and Dollhouse because Joss Whedon is a hero. The announcement will be made public on Monday, May 18 2009.
  11. I don't want to bust anyone's dream but I think I have to... All recent shows have been produced as an HD digital intermediate. This means the shows were produced and mastered in 1920x1080 resolution even when network TV was still showing standard definition PAL or NTSC. The release of these shows on Blu-Ray is trivial and not a big deal. Easy money. Millennium was not mastered in HD, it was mastered in SD. Releasing it on Blu-Ray would mean: HD telecine of the source material of ALL episodes. Matching the color grading of all original episodes. Reframing of all episodes to 16:9. Recreation of all visual effects. Saying this endeavor is non-trivial is a huge understatement. The chances of FOX doing this are so low I would bet my life on it not happening. Summary: Release of the show on SD is taking finished material (on tape) and encoding it in MPEG-2. Release of the show on HD is doing all episodes again sans principal photography and editing.
  12. Most brilliant. It had its few way too sci-fi moments but we have to deal with these nowadays. John Noble performed in a way that is unseen on television. Anna Torv doesn't disappoint a bit. And the end? I will not spoil but wow. The season finale gave a whole depth and meaning to the show. I like :) T.
  13. I think comparing MM and Dexter at all is rather difficult. Dexter has innovative storytelling and interesting characters but fails to tie those down into a serious picture. Any attempts to do so would be risky. After all, it's just an amazingly well done soap opera with a twist. I love the series nonetheless.
  14. We pay $8.98 (US Dollars) per gallon in Germany. Much of which is used in taxes to invest in alternative sources of energy. I do not comment further. I rarely use my car. We have a thing called public transportation. It works, it gets you anywhere (usually always faster) and it doesn't cost a lot.
  15. Basically, you make my life easier because I'm the one to fix bad makeup in TV commercials... among other things :D Cool stories!
  16. That in fact would be brilliant... (says me who lay crying on the floor when Scully had to give him up!)
  17. I once again would like to remind people how BADLY X-Files episode 1X18 "Shapes" did. This topic is so through :( And no one is interested in werewolves, I even hated it on Buffy (yes I watch that.)
  18. Welcome Sébastien. Thanks for joining. Your English is fine, I hope you enjoy your stay. We have a French sub-forum on here but unfortunately it fell dorment since 2006.
  19. Welcomes, Jamescush. I hope you like it here. Enjoy season three, you might be pleasantly surprised at the variety several episodes of this season brought to the series.
  20. Hello Rhodes_Knight :) Welcome to TIWWA.
  21. Hello Tyrant1100, welcome to TIWWA. I hope you enjoy your stay :)
  22. April fool's or not... The werewolf theme came up 2 weeks ago somewhere? Anyone have sources? My brain has depleted.
  23. Indeed. Weather here in Germany is rather dull, tho recently (last week) it snowed while the sun was out and shining bright. I made a few interesting pictures myself of a construction site I am looking at from my suite at work... I love how blue and orange complement each other in here, while we do not have such large scale, it is still a nice mood: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tobyx/sets/72157604290246955/
  24. Anything related to werewolves, and this is unfortunately not an April fool's joke, is bullshit. Remember one of the worst rated episodes on X-Files ever had to do with werewolves? lol... First season, whenever I do an X-Files marathon, this is one of two episodes I happily skip. I be sad.
  25. I remember in school... omg I was young... when I used to be able to recite Mulder's epi/prologue in both English and German with exact rhythm.
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