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  1. Awsome !!! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Very nice.
  2. I must recognize he did a great job.
  3. I'm Not so sure if i'm dissapointed or what, but the guy who played the polaroid stalker in this EP isn't the same guy that played it in PAPER DOVE. I must to recognize this is a great EP. This is out of discussion. We started to undertand somethings 'bout the group. Well that's it. I just want to express my idea.
  4. We're talking about one ep from each season I love them. So i vote for each one. Bye
  5. Well, as you said I'm looking for transcript (no scripts) You're write. I'm glad to hearing from you. I understand you're too busy. It's Ok. I'll be patient and i really want to say Thank You
  6. "Nostalgy" is one episode I can definitely live without it
  7. Hi, people. I downloaded a couple of Scrips from Abyss (i think): Beware of the dogs and Sense-Antisense. I'm trying to complete my all MM scripts and then read them for understanding certain events from real life and MM of course. I'm reading the first one and i should tell you that i'm fascinated. I watch this EP in 1998. I don't have this EP in VHS, so i'm using my imagination trying to remember the scenes. I'll appreciate any kind of help because in abyss some scripts don't exist.
  8. YES !!!!... One of the first great news of this ytear !!!!! I'll start to save money, but what will happend with people living in south america ? THE TIME IS NEAR... Lucas
  9. Happy birthday to TIWWA all MillenniuManiacs !!! THIS IS WHO WE ARE...
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