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  1. kath

    Thuds head.

    So last year I was all excited about getting my own website and working on it and things were cool. Well, mid July I contact the person who ran the server farm and tried to get the info to be prepared about paying for the next year... and heard nothing. After several calls, and emails and PMs I finally hear from him and he is in the lobby of Dragon con and would get back to me asap... (sigh) Well, that hasn't happened. and my childrens website has been taken over by a porn group. I sent an email to him, didn't hear anything, called, left message, and still nothing and I am really really in a bind because I know this young man who is running the server farm and I thought it would be better to have him do it than someplace impersonal, because I thought, ok, gee, if there are problems I can take it to him, and it is helping him out. In a way, too, I am horrified that while I was passing out the website info, that it had been hacked (though I am still listed as the owner of the site, and it is difficult because if they are doing something illegal then its on my head, and all of the people that I passed the info to are now getting an eyefull. Part of me wants to abandon ship with this and go with TRIPOD, or something else. in a way, it would have been better had I not jumped in as I did, and I know that the cost of the website would be about the same. I don't know how to get his attention, and I am pretty pissed that it came to this. Unless he is wrapped around a telephone pole, this isn't very professional and I have always tried to be above board about everything because the books deal with children. (sighs) I do have the tripod site and I will be speaking to my husband after work about what I should do, and what I can do, and I am hoping that I can get this cleared up. In a way, the website wasn't what I had expected. at the very least, I need my name cleared from the whosits that gives my name and address as the owner, if I am not the one owning it, and I really would love to have my domaine name cleared from it, and kept as *my* domain name because had I updated it, it would have become a publishing company for the childrens books. I think, in a way, that this was something that was my fault. - Oh, I know I contacted him, but I wasn't aware that the date that I had done this was sept 10th, (until I saw the blog that I made about it last year,) here I was thinking the due date was the 17th. and In a way, that was his bad, that it happened like that. In a way too- I *think* that it can be rescued, but in another way, I have been locked out of the website so I can't make changes and even getting into it was something my computer cried over doing. I am not going to re do with another domaine with him, if it can't be fixed, and this happened, it should be a red flag over what should be done and how I should be able to have contact. I don't know what else to do. suggestions??
  2. Well, work has been interesting. So far, I'm not making enough in one pay to cover the morgage, and it's been a scramble after more cancer surgery, and work has been- weird. Nothing really settled in everything- still alot of cat fights and scrambling to be top dog by the others. I said to my boss. "have you ever heard of me getting into a fight with ANYONE here?" and he said no. Good to remember that because my evaluation is coming up next week, and I know that no matter how hard I've worked, I still won't get a raise. So I look to do that I can, and help where I can, and one of the things was a virtual fund raiser for a website that I go on, and things were going great until one of the members pokes his nose into what another person and I were doing and started questioning my competince, and I have had run ins with this idiot before. He hates me, hates women, women should be locked and loaded behind the door. Seen and not heard and heaven help a woman that has more education than him. For the life of me I believe that he only shuts up when he knows the woman could finantially help him. I knew the moment he started butting in, there would be trouble, and with out going into details he mis repeated what was said to stir up trouble, and I get a call from one of the officers of the group, and I get yelled at for what had been said an no, he didn't listen to what really happened, and never bothered to check with others and when I think all of that gets taken care of the girl that I was working with gets yelled at and she comes flying at me, freaking out because they freaked her out and Im like, I am sorry this happened, and I packed up my stuff and just handed over copies of everything I had to another person and said "I have my life to deal with, heres everything, sorry I can't do more." and then I send a terse letter to the group officer who screamed at me, that I was upset over how she was treated and his answer was to boot me out of the organization and hadn't spoke to me about anything since then. But I find out that while no one was speaking to me about it, they were speaking to eachother about it and I hear from the grape vine. whats been going down, and it seems that the officer of the group had posted on the group forum a small snippet of what was said, not everything and justified what he did saying I was a rude child that overturned the chess board if I didn't win- and it gets - strange after that. I manage to pass on all the communications that were involved (with permission from the young girl involved) and now they are beginning to see the light. But you can't make an omlette unless you crack some eggs. The girl that I had gone to her defense has since informed me she no longer wishes to be my friend. (blinks) Note I hadn't said anything to her since it all began, and I am at a quandry over what to say, or how to find out what was said to make her that upset. Sometimes you can't win. Sometimes- it's just not worth it. In a way, I didn't do anything wrong. Really. I made decisions on my own behalf, and I made decisions to ensure that needs would be met. In the mean time- I can't stop people from what they think, or say or do- and I can't hold on to every hand, or smooth over every brused ego. I think, if I was a petty person, I could be very vindictive in an answer to this young lady. I gave up- alot- to keep the peace, and friendship. her backside is probaby smarting because of what she said over the matter- (even though it was made that I was the bad guy) I don't know what her motive was. I know, that things could have been better and people are upset because they weren't there to step in when everything was going down. Not their fault. Maybe- I have peace in a way- that - If I am going to get screwed over, that this young lady is going to get few smacks to her backside for what she was saying all along. I asked her why. She said, that our paths were different and she couldnt be friends with me. told her that when we last spoke, we were friends, and I wished her well. told her goodby. Maybe, it's a lesson I needed to learn again. never let someone get close to you. never make friends, just have people whom you work with because people - people are fickle and weird and some don't deserve the support that you've given them because it only bites you in the backside. Sometimes- you do take the chance, you do- live for the time that you can make the difference in some ones life. but for today, I have said goodby, and in a way, i really wanted to get snarky- but I knew the best way to handle anything that any one had said about me was to rise above it Snarky can come later.
  3. We were watching Star Wars marathon on sunday when the power began to flicker. Outside the wind was blowing pretty hard, and we could hear our house groaning in protest. Darth Vader had just wacked off Lukes arm and was going on about doing in the emperor, and just as he was saying the famous lines "Luke, I am your....." the cable and the power cut out "I am your What Vader? I am your What???" I wanted to shout at the tv. It seems the wires that had gone down two years ago, never were repaired properly or replaced, allowing the wires to touch, spark, heat and strech to continue the process of the massive burning of wires and showering of sparks all down the street sending the fraught insulation tumbling to the ground in bursts of flames. Had this been the dry season, we would be screwed. As it was, the trees that the lines went through were pretty soaked and didn't catch fire. The last time that something like this happened, it was 4 days before we had power, I guess with the cops sitting around watching the sparks arc across the lines, and the look of sheer terror on their faces, the power company did double time to get there and unhook the lines. We were going to go to my mothers and spend the night, but something told me to just- wait, and go visit the neighbors, her daughter was there, and offered me a glass of wine, and we had a nice time talking by candle light (her house was always warmer than ours) and in an hour, her power came back on. we thanked her, and went home to discover that it would take another 3 hours before ours was on. Bundled up with blankets over us, we sat in the living room candles ablaze nibbling crackers and cheese and feeling very mellow. My best friend says that some how, my life is just a Drama Magnet. Ever since the discord at work with the pay, and the sniping and I finally told my boss that while it all was important, it was stuff I couldn't change, and I wasn't going to worry about it. I couldn't get involvled and I was there to just do my job. It was a massive- enlightenment that has kept me calm during all of this. ironic, the girl who I stood beside- and helped out has had issues of her own, way too much Drama-- but- on the other hand, she needed someone to just listen, and not judge her. I've seen- this- before. like- a pack of wolves people turn and snap and snarl at eachother and when I removed myself from the mix, it was something that turned them on to someone else. and I am caught in the middle of it all- caught with knowing things but not knowing how to get them fixed. The secret to survival is to do what you have to to survive, you fly low, under the radar- you don't whine, you do what it takes to get the job done and you do as your told, not as you have seen others do. You go where they tell you and you do not make waves because the moment you do- the next second, they are looking for reasons to get rid of you. I know-things- I have over heard the conflict, I know what happened, and I know that I am stuck in the middle. As I told one of the people, Look, I am not getting drawn into the middle of this, this is what I saw- this is what happened. IMHO. and I have been asked not to say anything to a person who had my back. and I know- how hurt, she would be if she knew. So, while I can't tell her everything, word for word, because i do not know what her resolve is, I know I have to do- something to help her. to get her grounded so that her life isn't filled with Drama. I have two weeks to figure out the answer before all hell breaks lose. I know I have to tell her. I know I have to give her a heads up in a way that she's not going to freak, or to yell, and I have to do it in a way that she can get something positive from this to survive. When you stop looking for the bad, and start looking for the good in people, you find good. we have to find the good, in all of us, we have to find what is right, and just, and ballanced The milk is cold, the cookies are warm, the milk is cold, the cookies are warm. it is the ying/ yang of life.
  4. kath

    If wishes were horses..

    So, I have been at my current job for 12 and a half years. Pretty much a record for me, because its the longest that I have ever stayed at a job in my life. Not that I bounce around, but, well, the first - real- job I had lasted 5 years, and it was horrible work that ground me done physicly and emotionally - I had worked at a nursing home, and I kept getting exposed to TB and every thing that people brought in when they came to visit their family and I lost a full inch of my height from lifting people who refused to stand up. I quit, and a week later I learned that the owner of the place was arrested for murdering 4 of the people who lived there (including his mother who had retired there, and was in her right mind and held the purse strings) My next job was with a dept store selling ladys foundation garments and fur coats, and that lasted 18 months before the owners decided to go to the kentucky derby and wipe out the retirement fund of the people who worked there, and when they tried to recoup their losses, they lost- everything. my next job was food service- and I was pretty good at it, and it paid for me to go back to college and I left there just before the manager was arrested for embezzelment of fund (he had set up a catering service on the side and was using the money from the buisness to buy things for the dinners he catered- he got caught because the millage on the van when they took it in for servicing was higher than expected by several thousand miles) the job I had after that was another short term one, simply because the manager was again, embezzling funds, and changing the time cards so that we wern't getting paid, though we had worked a 40 hour work week. I went back to work at a dept store (different one) in the childrens dept, and it was pretty good while we were on commission. but they changed that, and after 5 years, I found myself making minimum wage again, and I was pretty pissed, but left on good terms with them. the next job I had lasted 10 years. It started out with one company who was doing great, and then, alas, the CEO who thought he could get gold from sea water and yes, you can, well, the investors discovered that it cost more to make it than it could get out... so he pulled the money out of the company to pay off his investors and sold it to a rival company, and they started merging the locations, the district manager had no clue about what I knew, or what I was able to do- and in a way, I really didn't care. the company was sold to different subsidiary companys as they tried to beat the tax man, and after a while, they just closed everything. I kicked around for a while, did vollenteer work at the local library (which IMHO if your unemployed, do volenteer work because it shows that you are still doing SOMETHING besides sitting around collecting the checks. A position became avalible there and I applied for it, didn't get it, and it was funny, because the woman said :"Oh, but you will still be here as a volenteer..." and I shrugged and said, "I need a job. Funny that I am good enough to work for free, but your not willing to pay me for the same work. " and I walked out. I filled out a bunch of applications and I knew that at *my age* they look for the young kids who are dumb and can hustle. well, Im not young, Im not dumb and with my current health, I can't hustle. I was hired, at my current job, but under a different company. 12 years ago the company bought out one of its compeditors, and thus began the race to be the biggest in its market. Problem with that is that not all are equal, and failing buisness locations don't make more money, only more debt. But they were Solvent, and they gobbled up more than they could swallow, and they were bought out by another company who was bigger, and wanted to be in the top 4 but- funny thing... the owners sons ran it to LOSE money so they wouldn't have to pay taxes... and that lasted all of 24 months before they sold to another company who had COOKED THEIR BOOKS in order to make the aquisitons work. When I married my husband, I was making pretty good money- some of the highest wages I'd ever made in my life. Since the buy out, things have changed. If I hadn't been frugal all of my life - I would have been totally screwed. Which gets me to my current spot. I don't - gossip at work, I don't talk down, I don't trash people I go, do my work, and I don't complain. I know I'm winding down in my energy and dealing with cancer and arthritus and other issues, I know that the chances of being hired again are pretty slim. So, yes, dispite the cutbacks in my salery, I am still making pretty decent per hour wages- (maxed out in the companys list) I was grandfathered in with my vacation time,and yes, I have medical for my husband and I. I have been there for 12 years, and I have 2 degrees, and I can work in any area of the company as needed. Sigh Enter in the assistant manager. She was hired at 17 because she flirted with the past manager and hung on every word he said and cooed how handsom he was... she has a- certificate- in -- being a hair dresser... and she has been there for 5 years. Well, one of the big issues is that NO ONE is supposed to know what any one else makes in the company. It's like lawsuit issue dont breath what you know and somehow, she found out that yes, I make more money than her per hour. She is always WHINING about her credit card debt and paying for her sports car and she's decided to ask off for every weekend that she can. Knowing that I make more money per hour than her, (and forseeably more money than her) has caused a burr under her saddle that she keeps complaining to the district manager about so, they have cut my hours to 20 a week. the only thing that has kept me in medical coverage is the fact I am using up my vacation time. but the company as a whole, is showing signs of failure. they haven't been able to make the overall payroll for the last month, and the fiscal year ends in feb. With the current economy, I don't see the company lasting and I know that people are telling me to jump ship, If I should "ride it out" there is un employment for 6 months, not alot- half of what I would be making now, but still, enough to keep the house for that time. I have - dreams of a house- a victorian, with polished wood and the bay windows, a tower room- I almost purchased one- (but the neighbor was nuts) I thought about it, If I should win the lottery, what would I do? and the answer is clear, I would build the victorian of my dreams, move into it, and use this house as my studio. there is "so much" that I want to do, yet , have no space to do. sigh. and yes, I would wish, for a horse. which brought me to my current employment, I filled out the application, and
  5. So, I turnedd 52 today. Well, actually, at 1:33 pm today I turn 52. (I think). Looking into the family album, there is only one photo of me as a baby, in my godmothers arms. I know its me because the woman who was my godmother was only a godmother for me. the next childhood photo of me was taken in the summer, and I had to be about 8 months old-There is another with me in a scarlet dress propped up on a pillow, and one with my grandfather trying to read me a book. It wasn't until I needed my birth certificate to get my drivers licence that it was discovered I didn't have one. The hospital where i was born had closed so it took a trip to a city up north to get a copy. It was then that I saw 13 :33 on the corner, and figured out, that was the military time of when I was born. Not being sure, I asked my parents "when" was I born. My parents didn't know, They cited that they had so many kids they couldn't remember. Going back into the same albums, I realized all of my other brothers births were documented, as well as their photographs of growing up. At that point, I wondered if I had been adopted. I asked this of my mother and she said "Don't be silly, your aunt was there when you were born." so, I asked my aunt if she remembered the time that I was born , and she said she couldnt remember the time that her own children were born. ah well. So, my birthday is today. and I am 52 years old. my younger brother is 50, and my older brother is 53. There is one day of the year that all three of us are a year apart. then the following day, my brother ages a year, This was the year of large appliances. my husband informed me last saturday that the stove we had been looking at had been purchased for my birthday. (we were down to one burner). its a flat top glass range with 5.3 cubic feet of space, free standing. It is a new type of cooking, my hubby discovered last night how fast things can burn- of course the one we had was sooo slow. for most of the week I had struggled with the idea of getting a new one, but now that its in, it feels better. long day today taking my hubby to dealership to pick his car up, going to the cemetary, visit my mother, and then see a movie with my hubby. Right now, a nap seems in order though.
  6. kath

    is any one out there?

    As a child, I was raised in a large family, and it was a struggle- I know there are many people who have said they would love a huge family- more sibs for the others to play with, but in all fairness, the numbers don't work. I had one sister who was 6 years older than I was, and she was married at 19- and as in as much as I loved riding my bike (which my brothers that summer canablized for parts for a go cart that ruined it- they were willing to play with my toys, break them, and move on. I retreated to my room alot, got a lock, simply because my dad was on the road alot, and my mother worked, leaving us to be latchkey kids. When they were home, they were constantly helping my brothers with their homework,and their projects leaving me to struggle, and give up on asking for help. I saw it as my brothers needed more help than I did, and I was left to fend for myself , including my own battles, (yes bones were broken! Ironicly, my mother never took me to the hospital to have them set. She never believed me when I said my brother had broken my nose until years later when I was getting my tonsules out that the dr had to do reconstructive surgery before doing the operation, leaving me in the hospital for 4 days to recover when it could have been an overnight stay. The dr asked, how it happened, and I was quite frank, my brother had broken my nose and my mother didn't believe me. When my hand was broken by my brother, (she wasn't there) she said it was my own fault for provoking him- (my mother was ether in denyal that he had a drinking problem at 14, or that even though I had locked the door he had kicked in the bottom and had come at me in a rage because I had refused to clean up the mess he had made. I ended up taping my hand up, and pushing the bones sort of back into place, and was told by my mother that that would be what the hospital would do. No matter what I did, it never seemed good enough, and my mother would say, "others do better" It made me an angry child, in a way, at school with a hair trigger who could, and often did beat the crap out of the kids who would tip my books from my arms or push me on the play ground. My brothers, had, at least, taught me how to fight back- Then my mom gave me the speach that If I continued to be someone who fought all the time, I would have no friends and that I had to be a proper young lady. I think, that was the year I gave up on my parents. my sister wasn't any help. She had said, "her being married wouldn't change anything. that we would still go out for lunch and to the mall, and that-never- happened. I wasn't expecting it to- and to this day, I've never recieved an invitation. In a way, it changed me. I had one really close friend, who was manipulated into thinking i was this horrible person, and she abandoned me after all of the things that I had done for her. Over the years, I became someone who was always looking into the room, not someone- in - the room. It wasn't until I was almost 40 that my mother finally said that what I did was worthwile, that I was actually doing things that made her proud, or that she talked about to her friends of my accomplishments. her praises don't come often. more than likely its geared to my sister who my mother has said is the perfect daughter. what am I chopped liver?? when I commented on that- what I had been told to my mothe she said my sister would be very hurt- well, bloody wickets! no account for my feelings I guess. I make it a point to visit my mother- make it a point to call every day - she is my mother, and perhaps the hope of her praise would still be forthcoming... and I am there, and the phone rings, and I become invisiable, as it is my siblings chatting away- or I call, and they call and she has to take their call over mine- even though I am in need - I call back later. and I stay invisable. I became someone who was both starved for recognition, and someone who held others at a distance. I did make other friends, but for the most part, they were kept as just aquantinces, few- if any ever knew the turmoil that was churning inside of me- and I saw as the years went by, how I had been forgotten by my family. I was not thin, nor rich, or married with children - I had to work for a living, back breaking, mind numbing work, but- it didn't stop me from going to college and getting 2 degrees- or furthering the writing skills that I had started so long ago. When my second *best friendship* snapped, something in me broke. I swore that I would never let anyone close to me again- and it gave me time to look around at the people I work with- the people that I had associated with them and see- the petty jelousy that they harbored because I had more education and made more money and the only reason why I was there was to have the medical benefits and pay off my home. I was told by one of my co worker that I had to stop being such - a pushover- and to stand up for myself. and being like, being popular- it doesn't matter. To some, it would, and its not about being center stage- (though I did have someone who didn't know me say that "the world doesn't revolve around you Kath" ) For the longest time, I only wanted to feel well. I have been battleing melanoma and skin cancer for 9 years, I have been tested positive for Leiden factor V and i have worked to bring down my blood pressure from 190/110 - the heck with weight loss! one battle at a time. There are things that are important, things that don't matter , and times when you have to build a bridge and get over it. I have taken to writing things- and its funny in a way, because very few people have ever read *everything* that I have written. (though I have found this to be the most open of forums that I've ever blogged in, ) Profile me- I was abused by sibs and tormented as a child, went on to study and collect murder mysterys and research books on poisons, manors of death, had a history of solving issues with violence in school, wrote stories involving people getting killed and how people did it- have issues with family still, and those at work who- *hate me because i make more money than they do so they give me the silent treatment* On medication for high blood pressure, colesteral and thyroid, was treated for depression I WASN'T BLOODY DEPRESSED I HAD CANCER THAT THEY MISSED~ I don't allow guns in the house- I have a collection of knives and a sword (all legal) and it would probably be my weapon of choice, and I have dark thoughts of how people could die- whoa, would that be I am a serial killer?? As I approch my 52nd birthday- i still see myself, sometimes as that little kid who has been left behind waiting for my parents to notice me over my siblings. I have struggled with feeling- invisable. being overlooked, being talked about in a negative way because they never bothered to know me. its changed how I look at people, how I care- and how I help those who also feel invisiable. I haven't been well for a long time. There are times when I feel better than others, and days that it is a struggle for me to stagger to work, and I think, great, all I need to do is collaps at work. I make it through the day, and the next, and the next, and I find myself retreating- into myself until the headaces clear and the chest pains stop. I am beyond- anger- and sadness and sorrow, and it leaves me with wondering, if I was rich, or thin, would my sibs notice me? Would my own sister want to take me on vacation with her? I wonder am I just a little voice in the corner shouting "I am over here!" waving my arms , hoping to be noticed, if what I write is worthwhile, or if anyone even bothers to read what I have to say. forever being a little kid with a simple drawing that I hope my parents would place on the refridgerator. I understand- the aloness.I have worked through that- I think, with all the rest of the hurt I have had to endure over my life- i find myself keeping cards, and the tags at christmas time- and Iook at them- and I can remember what they were attached to- and its like- tiny bits of attention over the years. A pair of socks, a set of gloves and scarf- scrunchies for my hair. a mug- all treasured. Want to know a secret? yes, I write. and people have commented on the cast of characters -the story lines- well, I write what I know. Being left behind, dealing with siblings, looking in while others have the fun. I know the kids reading the stories, understand- they have felt that way- but- my sibs, and my mom, haven't caught on yet. I don't think they ever will. Those who know me- and know the family shake their heads. for now, I wonder, Is any one out there? does any one care? or bother to read the musings and ramblings of an old woman? maybe.
  7. kath

    Any scary stories?

    I should know more tomorrow- we are working together and she had a day off to deal with things. When I mentioned Sta suggesting rules, it was because that had worked for her- she had issues with the spirits in her house until she flat out started treating them like a parent would- setting guidelines and rules, Sta said, for the most part , they are just so happy that some one is listening to them, and is willing to try and communicate with them- I think, once she settles in, or if the ghost really starts bugging her, that she will figure out what to do. Well, its late and I have a long day tomorrow. will update when I can. Kath
  8. kath

    Any scary stories?

    Ive about an hour before I have to get ready for work (got called in early) so I will post what I can about my co workers experiance. FIrst, my coworker comes from a shattered home- her dad left them and didnt do anything to support them and the mother took up being a tarot card reader for a living. Every time as a child, that my co worker would see something, or hear something her family wouldn't believe it, and she grew up with a lot of issues. when she turned 16, her father finally came up with the back child support and instead of using it on her daughter, the mother kept it and tossed her out on her own. She bounced around in a series of bad relationships and the last guy that she was living with, she supported while he went through law school, it pretty much ate up her savings, and she ended putting everything she could on credit cards she couldn't pay off. he took to beating her and other forms of abuse and she finally was able to escape to her grandmothers place where she lived in the basement - her grandmother wa another piece of work who used to lock her in the basement for a few days if she tried to discuss getting a drivers licence, or going to a bridal shower-- things that would be something that would enrich her life. She was able to make connections with a person who was willing to split the rent and utilitys of a house, but after 2 months she found out that the girl was making her pay for pretty much everything while running a series of gentlemen friends (flavor of the week) through the door. her roommate had several dogs, and cats, and the house was infested with fleas. She managed to find a new place to stay- and get moved in last sunday. The first night she slept in the livingroom, the second night, she pulled her matress into the dining room - trying to find some place that felt right for a place to sleep in (feng shui?) it did have a bedroom, but every time she put a light bulb in, it would blow out. She was able to get her furnature from her grand mothers place, and moved it in, and decided on the bedroom to sleep in when things began to happen. At first she felt a bump against her, and as she is rationalizing what it could be, she began to hear tapping outside on the balcony. she had a hunch that it was a ghost, and just said out loud, "Look, it's late, I can't deal with this right now." and it stopped. the next night, at the same time, she felt pressure, like hands, or something that weighted about 10-15 pounds pressing on her legs, that woke her, and then she got the impression something had sat down (curled up) beside her. She rolled over and fel the eyes following her/ watching her. When she came into work, she told me, saying that of all of the people she knew, she knew I would understand and know what to do. so I texted Sta, and asked her and she suggested making a list of steps, rules, for the ghost to follow. And, its odd because she really wants to do this, to be in control, but the moment she steps into the house the resolution faulters. more later
  9. kath

    Only joking

    were we smarter as kids back then? I mean, they found out that all of those toy guns, mini ballarinas charms that were in craker jacks were made with lead and painted with cadmium- (both not good) but we didn't chew on them, and thats the reason why you only find something like stickers and the tattoos (though now they are banned because of the drug culture) in the boxes. I look at the Happy meal toys and they come right out and say "choking hazard, not for kids 3 and under- Like, the people who make this stuff are aware that its for YOUNG kids, - by the time the kid is in kindergarden, do they really want a happy meal? nooo. they want the full meal, not just 10 french fries in the box...
  10. kath

    Only joking

    Many years ago (and probaby still) there was a series of really- bad- jokes- that could be found on popsicle sticks. You would start with the beginning of the joke on the visable part of the stick, and would have to eat the popsicle to find out what the answers were.. some of them were What did the rock climber name his son?? Cliff What did the lawyer name their daughter? Sue. What did the waterskier name their sons Skip, and Bob. whats green and goes Slam Slam Slam Slam?? A 4 door Pickle! Whats gray and is in a bottle? Liquid elephant. Who made up Elephant jokes? The elephants are still looking for him.
  11. eh, sort of. One of the things that I noted (as my brother and his wife lived there for many years while she taught at the university) is that yellowstone isn't that far away. The other issue was that *when* yellowstone blows (with in the next 40 years) it will take out 4-6 states around it including Pocotella Idaho. Its a pretty tiny place, you have to fly into boisie(sp) first (1 gate) and then fly to pocotella. (sp) While there may not be fault lines, you can still feel earthquakes (having live in PA, and felt two in my life time) Kath
  12. kath

    Any scary stories?

    uh, yeah, I have a bunch so I will do them in croniclogical order. My brother (older) always said there were *somethings* you never do because you open up doorways that sometimes you can't close. Now, I know my brother, and he was not one to do speculations- so, it probably was from experiances he didnt want to talk about. Anyway, in highschool we had a group that hung around and Wendy gets this bright idea (as her mom isn't there) to hold a sceance (sp) and the only one of us who had a relative that had died before we were born was Reid- and he only had her name. So, they get a candle and a bible (you can't be too careful) and we sat around in a circle at the table and began saying her one by one and Wendy *lead* it, and we closed our eyes and all of a sudden I see myself laying on a table with a set of lantrerns above me and I give out this wheezy horrified gasp and open my eyes up and everyone looks at me and all of them said "You didn't look like you" and I just started shaking like a leaf. I was ice cold- cold to the touch, cold as death, colder than I had ever been before- dispite the fact that it was over 97 degrees outside & really humid. and I just started babbling stuff about the woman, she had died in childbirth, she had worn glasses her favorite color, favorite flower- I had ticked off like 30 things and even with being outside I was still ice cold until we prayed some and it was like a gasp of cold air rushing out of me. Swore off doing that!! It would be years later that a college friend of mine would confide in me that she was having nightmares, all at the same time of year. (you think I would learn) so, I went to her home when her mom wasn't there and I got her reclined in a chair and we lit a candle and I explained the concept of being hypnotized and she agreed. Basicly you go down steps and there is a room with a door, you go through it and it can lead to a halway with more doors, and you open the one you feel is the best. She had the feeling that someone was watching her- prompting her to do things, and there would be times when the blinds in her room would totally just blow away from the window when the window wasn't open and there was no breese. So, I - hypnotized and regressed her on an interesting journey that spanned over 3 years. Each time she would call me and say she had a different part of the dream that repeated about the same time of the year. Hers took her to --- germany!- she started speaking german, and I knew enough to tell her to speak in english, and her accent was pretty heavy, her voice didn't sound like her own... and she was this young boy who had followed her fathers footsteps into the army, and he remembered his father teaching him how to drive and he was pretty young and how his mother was shouting for the father to stop this nonsense... and She/ he began to cry because he missed his mother so much. I woke her, and she listened to the tape we had made, and she wiped her face, she said she wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't been for the tears. over the following months I hypnotized her a couple of times and the young man's story evolved to the things he did in the war- working in the deathcamps, selecting prisoners for experiments, I had her look in the mirror and see herself- and she was able to sketch out what she looked like and finally at the end of the war wandering out and seeing the park where he had walked in many times totally distroyed. She said he wandered to one of the craters, and sat down in it, pulled out a gun, and took his own life. We were able to do research on what she saw (took alot of digging) and it did happen, as she said, the people existed, but when it all started, she had no access to any of this information. after that, her dreams stopped and she was more at peace with herself. She moved out of that house and is now living in an old victorian that she and her husband are refinishing- each time they start something in the house, things happen- but when it gets done, things are at peace. Her husband was one of those non believers. at her request, I hipnotized him and his room at the foot of the steps was totally dark. no doors, just a dark room. So I had him imagin a tool that could cut through the dark wall, and... on the other side, was a light room. (now I had his intrest!) I had him go back up the steps and he found this beautiful garden with a pond and it was incredable to him. His wife said that he was totally analitical, ether things were, or not- but he was also highly creative. coming full circle... I was in the hospital for an operation. I had checked in at 5 am, and because it was surgery, I was not to get anything to eat or drink. (which was just a pain in the backside , but in the same light, they hadn't given me any drugs) So its 10 PM! because there had been so many accidents and it was a beautiful day and people were idiots on the road so I had to wait and they finally wheel me down to the waiting area and I am all alone and they have two lights on - one to the side of me three beds down, and one above the nurses desk. and I see- this light out of the corner of my eye. and I think, Ok, you are tired, and you got those eye mucas things that make glare happen. and I blink and its still there. so I turn and look at it, and its this - white light that is pretty tall. and I am thinking huh.. its the glair off of the IV pole- and I look at the pole and see that the whole pole is wrapped with white and red tape, that there isn't any area that glare can happen over, and Im like okay.. glare from the lights..and the other part of my brain is going... uh, your under florecent lights, its green in here and you are seeing white light. There was absolutly NO way the light was reflecting off of anything. I blinked, I moved, I sat up, I laid down, I closed one eye, then the other, it didnt go away. I kept checking the time, and it stayed beside me for a good 20 min. I went from being- concerned about the whole thing to having a feeling that - it would be ok, and things would work out and that it wasn't - my - time. I looked at the clock again and I felt- in a way that it had to go. I looked back, and it was gone. I took a breath and laid back down and in a moment I could hear the click of heals down the hallway, and the nurse came to her desk and made an entry and then made a phone call and I over heard her say "Time of death 10:57 pm." She came over to me in a bit and said that it would be a few miniutes more before they could take me. and I just nodded. About- 3 years ago, my uncle was having issues with a wound that didn't heal, and the dr's answer was to amputate, and they took the toe, then the foot, then the lower leg , then up to the knee, then above the knee and they had to take it up to the hip. Well, my uncle was ok with things until the last surgery and my mom and sister were there with him and he kept telling them that he didn't want to have it done. and the dr came in and said he had to have it because of the infection, and my uncle agreed, and all of a sudden he starts asking my mom and sis, "Why are there 5 nurses around my bed?" They looked at eachother and said 'there isn't any one else here-" he insisted, "Yes, they are here, and he counted as he pointed around my mom and sis. and he said they were all dressed in white. Well, the nurses there all were in blue scrubs, or the flowered ones, bright colors, and while he still didn't want to go and be operated on, he did and when he came back he was disorented and in alot of pain, and it was going on 1 am and mom hires a young man who worked at the hospital to stay with him while they got some sleep- and in an hour after they left he had died (though they wouldn' have left him if they would have known) the very curious thing was, my uncle was diabetic (the cause of the wound issue) Part of the diabeties was that it had made him totally blind. - so- as I asked my mom-- "How could he have seen anything else but Angels?" People - wonder why I am - so - woeful. (being born on wend I am full of woe, and being irish, we are a mournful lot as well as a november birthday) I am- sensitive- to death. I have this thing, and it's weird but if someone i know is going to die even if I am not aware of the illness, I can't sleep. I wake up and the closer it gets to the time of death the more I don't sleep. I - feel - things. I think its called empathy. I had a day off and my husband and I were to do the errands together, but I begged off, and in the middle of him being gone I had this- feeling of profound grief. I couldnt stop sobbing,and when I did, I got changed and drove out and met him and I just - clung to him. I would find out 3 days later that at that time was when my girlfriends mother and brothers had made the decision to take my friend off of life support. It wasn't the first time that this had happened, and I know it won't be the last. I can- hold things and know - things about it. Not that I can do it every time- I found this bracelette at a garage sale and I purchased it- and it was broken, but it was actually pure silver with turquise, and I thought, I can make 2 rings from this, and I did- but every time i wore one of the rings with out the other it was the worst day of my life. I found out later that the bracelet had been made on a reservation, and when I had filed down an area I had removed one of the "guardian" symbols. I left the rings in my jewlery box and when my parents house was robbed, the person took the rings... It proved to be a bad mistake for him... Of all the houses to rob he took checks from my uncles account and at the time my brother was district manager of the institution the checks were from. Under normal cercumstances if your checks are stolen and they are reported, the banks will take steps to protect your account, but not apprehend the guy. The police don't get involved, and the insurance company just covers it. Well, my brother flagged the account and was told it wouldnt take effect until monday. They guy worked fast, wrote out a pretty hefty check and tried to cash it. The credit union told him with out an account he couldnt cash it, and he said his father had an account and he would get a letter, and they told him to come back on monday... by then the bank had recived notification that the check was stolen , and had the police waiting there to capture him. They nailed him for 18 robberys and it will be a very long time before he gets out. No, I never did get the rings back,. but- in a way, I think they will find their own home some where.
  13. My hubby got me the MM 18 dvd set for our aniversary.so, pretty much since august 18th I have been watching them (skipping a few beause I wanted to get through the second season to get to barry Baldwin. I watched the last DVD today, and I was happy to find they had added the X files ep for the Millennium. I took the time and watched the interviews, and because I had watched so many of them in such a short space of time, maybe things began to make sense. It was interesting to learn about the group that had inspired the show, and how they are retired FBI people who say they are working to make this a better place for us to live. Ironicly, they said "we didn't have the audiance that they wanted but, we kept the audiance that we had..." in retrospect, the shows numbers were consistant, they didnt understand why it seemed to die, but I know- The network kept shifting the show - preempting half of it, and pushing it back later , or earlier, with no reason. The schedules for the show never were correct- How do you keep an audiance with that? some how, we clung on, we survived. More than 10 years later, we are still here , buying the dvds, the merchandise, still writing our stories and having some hope of faith that maybe, a movie? But for the end, at least in the x files show, there was some closure for us. We were able to see Frank and Jordan together, We know that Frank, by giving up helping people with his gift, was able to keep his daugter. Ironic as well, it was what the guy told him to do in the attic, - do nothing, and you have your life with your daugter and your wife. In watching "goodby to all that" I looked at the shoes that we saw in Peter Watts's study. - the blood beneath the body. While the show never said it was him right out, if you look in a previous scene, he wore shoes much like what were seen. Will have to rewatch, pause, repeat until I know. Bob if your there, now is the time...
  14. there is a dip that you use ether chile or salsa, and cube up velveta cheese and melt it in the microwave- mmm my niece does this bread bowl thing cuts out the center and cubes it up, then takes veggie soup mix (dry) and mixes it with sour cream and lets set over night. it was pretty straight forward , and was wonderful. I am a french onion/ sour cream person myself- though the girl I work with has this recipe that she soaks potato weggies in olive oil and some seasonings overnight and then crumbles up doretos and breads them with it, and the bakes them. they looked scrumptious. she doesn't follow recipes, she just makes up what comes into her head then takes photos of it. Told her she should write a cook book, she just laughed and said she never followed them anyway.
  15. heres my thing, I am not one to drink much besides tea. Soda sometimes, but , tea is the best. Its been ages since I have had to attend a party, and most often for that, they are dry. I am not a coffee drinker, but- there are certain combinations of coffee I can't get enough of. the first being take 1/4th teaspoon instant coffee. Mix with 2 teaspoons of coco and 2 oz of milk. Boil hot water and place mixture in mug, stir. Sprinkle cinnomon on top. very addicitve. they just came out with this caramel vanilla cappachino- also, addictive. My absolute favorite party punch though is pretty simple. kaths Rootbeer floats. 4 tablespoons vanilla extract. 1 -2 L bottle of really really good rootbeer. 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream (with the vanilla bean in it) place rootbeer in punch bowl. Add vanilla extract. Scoup 2-3 small scoops of ice cream into glass. Using ladle, slowly pour the rootbeer over the ice cream. Serve with spoon, and napkin.mmmm You can do the same with a nice gingerale and sherbert as well for the holidays, or, get the candied fruit, soak it in whiskey for 2 days, pour off extra whiskey and reserve. Get your favorite light soda, (the flavored gingerales work good. Mix fruit and gingerale and place in round jello mold- freeze. mix regular gingerale with the whiskey that was drawn off of fruit and add 1 cup to 2 L of soda. Place in punch bowl, float ring in it to chill, and garnish mmmm. if your going to do it, do fancy. Kath

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