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  1. Well it'd be for the cause. If it doesn't a proper Swedish release, there's a smaller chance we'll be seeing it on the shelves of Åhlens and such stores, and a lot of people who liked the show will miss buying it, probably won't even know it exists.
  2. Sweet. The one at DVDNorden seems to be packaged the same way as the UK release so I wouldn't worry. Now, the big question is, will the tripleseason Box collection be available in Sweden...? That would be something.
  3. I came here to ask the exact same question... luckily, I haven't bought season 1 yet so I'm going wait for this set IF and only if all the extras are included. Because that's one sweet box, and a bit cheaper too (though you'll have to pay it all at once instead of three installments, but still). I was a bit worried since, I just noticed that the box set of four seasons of Red Dwarf that I was going to buy did -not- have any of the extras - just the shows. Which blows. But, if this set still is 18 discs, like three separate seasons would be, I guess it wouldn't make much sense to remove the extra material.
  4. This June, in fact. Surprisingly enough. http://www.bushcountry.org/news/may_news_p...d_june_2004.htm This man, nevertheless with some credentials, claims that a dust cloud with some heavy meteorites will be passing our way... and it will all be over in six weeks time. All, as in, everything. Well. I guess we'll see if he's right.
  5. Lot's of good choices, but I'm going to go with Cassie Doyle as a good runner up... maybe she wasn't as clear-cut evil as some others, but I always found her and her reasons for going insane quite intriguing.. but that's just me. Darwin's Eye was after all one of my favourite eps, too.
  6. There really is nothing on Swedish TV that I care about. There are a few shows I watch but nothing important. I am however in the process of buying Buffy and Angel, and I'm watching those... also, I just happened to buy Twin Peaks Season 1 on DVD the other day, but I haven't gotten around to watching it. Other than that, not much. Guess I'm saving myself for the Big Release.
  7. Thanks wiggin, that's very helpful! I'll download those and test them out later in the week..
  8. wiggin, I have heard of these programs that would let you change the region on your PC how many times you wish, but the -only- one I've found costs quite a lot to download... since I'm not sure about its effects or abilities (does it really work for ALL computers?) I've never dared buy it. Do you know if there's a free version of some sort?
  9. That episode had one of the most imaginative openings ever... so tremendously bizarre. Got me hooked right then and there. But the ending was the best part. Yes, the acting was smashing. And what really made my day was the show finally dealing with Catherine's death. I never would have suspected this was where the episode was going after that opening. But the tapes really served their purpose and everything came together so nicely. An extremely well put-together episode.
  10. I think five years would have been enough, but I want it to atleast have a proper ending. The writers were prepared for Buffy ending, not for this, and I don't think they'll be able to tie everything up now. Yeah, I heard about the TV movies, and sure, that would be a great way to send it off. But I read a statement from Joss Whedon about this, and he seemed strangely unoptimistic about a TV movie. Almost like he wouldn't want to do it. Don't get why, though. But you're probably right. Oh well.
  11. The TV show Angel has been cancelled by the WB. This, well, sucks. It's all that's left of Buffy, and though I haven't seen Angel up to the fifth season (wich will be its last) yet, I definately think it's worth keeping on the air. They haven't given a real reason for cancelling. This seems to be nothing more than another attempt to dumb down television to nothing but "reality" shows (so the networks won't have to pay real actors and writers! yay!) http://www.petitiononline.com/angels6/petition.html It would be great if you could sign that, too. I doubt these actually work, but, eh. It's something at least.
  12. Last one I bought would The Cardigans - Long Gone Before Daylight. I tell you, they're not all Lovefool, actually. If that's what you think. If you've even heard of them
  13. I see. Thank you all for the replies. The thing is I was hoping that there was a movie that actually treated vampires seriously. I mean, I just bought The Lost Boys, and everybody I talked to made it up to be a classic, but, come on... there was hardly one scary moment, and reading up on the vampire lore in -comic books-... eh. No. That was one horrible resolution. But this does sound kinda cool. Seeing how you all likes it I'll definately keep an eye out for it :) Thanks.
  14. I just saw Near Dark mentioned in the favourite Lance movie-thread, and I checked it out. Turns out it's a vampire flick! For some reason, that really surprised me. Now, I know Lance's resume is a bit uneven and that vampire movies have a tendency to be.. campy. But I know I can trust you people's taste, so, tell me, is it any good? :) I mean for real. I know Lance's always good, but the rest of it...?
  15. Season 3 is the only season I've really gotten to "know" rather good, since it was aired only recently and then repeated(?) shortly after where I live. And yes, at first I just didn't get it. It was obvious that they had NO idea where they were going. It felt like they were trying to make the X-files out of it. Frank was sent to the FBI, teamed up with McClaren (Skinner, only, worse) and young and spunky agents. Hollis having a sister being killed was just -too- much like Mulder (and later, Doggett, for that matter) and too simple, and on top of that they hardly even used it. The Group was turned into the Syndicate and Frank's cases had less of a common theme anymore, they were mostly just strange, just like the X-files. But, eh. Enough bashing. Yes, there were too many lame episodes for it to be healthy, but it DID pick up. When they actually tried to deal with some of what was left unsolved it became quite good. Skull and Bones was a bit too vague to me, but it did help make the group into the villain it was supposed to be this season. Collateral Damage was great, too (I know having the Group being involved in the Gulf was just a bit of a cliché, but aside from that). Peter was great in this. Then there was The Sound of Snow, which forgave everything. And after that it was great in my book. The mind control theme was a little forced at times, but ultimately quite scary. The interaction between Peter and Frank was great throughout the season, though, somewhat underused. But still. And who can avoid loving episodes like Seven and One or Darwin's Eye? Well, I can't anyway. God I wish there'd have been a fourth season.
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