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  1. The last few days were especially hot here and appliances had some troubles working bad...
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/madrid-will-kill-dog-woman-infected-ebola-n220361 Her dog was killed today
  3. The panic associated with the expansion of an epidemic would lead people to abide, even demand, a wide order and control by the authorities. So, thanks to the emergence of an outbreak, the mechanisms of control would be strengthened to levels that in other circumstances would be unacceptable to most of citizens. The need to control an epidemic could lead to a dictatorial state that even the most fervent defenders of individual freedoms just accept without a murmur, because simply, social rights would no longer be the central focus of their concerns. Well, I said this before... Marburg virus is the Mabus evil?...who knows..who cares? This is who we are
  4. Are Frank's skills a former manifestation of something own in the human beings or are a manifestation of something new arising?

  5. This is a question to start thinking about it...we're living strange times. Climatic global change, loss of spiritual values. My first thought is to be an sceptic one, but when I read this kind of curious news I must to confess that I am fearful sometimes. I need more dates in the future to build my own theory. Just like Frank, I prefer to watch being careful and prudent before to affirm a sentence.But I think it is a worrying thing by now. Time ago I wrote a post about the HAARP project. It was a nice discussion here about this. We were talking among a lot of things about the impact in the weather and fauna. Finally we have something that might be related? All we are Shepherds
  6. 28 hours from Dublin (Ireland) until Barcelona (Spain). usually there's only 2h flying. F......volcano ...I need a Guiness XD

  7. Eyjafjallajokull,an Icelandic volcano, dormant for 200 years, has erupted, ripping a 1km-long fissure in a field of ice. Icelandic airspace has been closed, flights diverted and roads closed. The eruption was about 120km (75 miles) east of the capital, Reykjavik. Thousands of people they remained without possibility of returning to their countries for many days. Even the experts ones they said that it could influence in the world's climate. Well, I posted some weeks ago about the HAARP project. I think everybody leaves there their opinion. I want to open a new topic now; prophecies. Lifetime, our world it experienced changes, disasters and catastrophes. We know it. But now, we are living a lot of this things at the same time and they seems to obey just like an strange and abnormal continuity. In Joel 2:29, we can read: Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days I will show wonders in the heaven and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord Well, I don't want to say that we must to believe every Joel's word out of hand. But it's an interesting experiment to explain what's our point of view about it. We're living only a result of our abuse with the earth? We're living the latest times? We're living the result of an strange experiment, just as HAARP or similar? It's only a logical cycle that will end up soon? Waht do you think? You choose the scientific theory? the religious? conspiracies? or you prefer to be an optimistic one? We all are Shepherds
  8. TheAngel


    I was sailing this site https://www.terravivos.com/ and for a while I thought that I was into the Millennium's episode "Force Majeure" Well,even they have a counter remaining until 2012!! I remember Frank asking Denis Hoffman "Where do you go that day?" We All Are Shepherds
  9. Oooops, no sorry I wanted to said that europeans we use to live so many times in our own navel.The past,the past and the past again...we enjoy with our own wounds It's not a critical to US people or films..I love the states!!!
  10. Season two only??? OK, I'll try it The hand of Saint Sebastian (Greeeaat) The Curse of Frank Black Owls Roosters The time is now * In relation to The hand of Saint Sebastian. Well, I must to say that I think it is a very european episode. Maybe it's for blame of, most of people they don't like in USA. Here we use to be a nostalgic people about the ancient traditons and medieval stories. Especially in Ireland. For me is just one of the best episodes from the whole show. We All Are Shepherds
  11. Hey there! I've been reading about the HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) lately. Well, it's an amazing story. The old Tesla's dream is coming a reality. But there's a lot of people who advert about a possibility that this project it becomes a weapon controlling the world. And more, the weather, the climatic changes, and earthquakes such in Chile happened lately... even our own minds Well, they're not stupid people who thought about it. There's a lot of scientists and people with a lot of knowledge too. OK, the possibility it's a real thing, there is not discussion about it. We know that they have the technology to do it. And the question is, do you think that they seek that? or do you think that they're really speaking in true and they only want to investigate? What Frank would think about it? Time is coming up? Here, a link with part of the book Angels don't play this Haarp Brilliant!!! My link We All Are Shepherds
  12. Well, I'm thinking to dedicate these firts days of holidays to see the season one again. It will be the fourth time I do it. Five if we count the firts time I watch the show on TV some yeas ago. Definitively I won my freak's official document. By luck my favorite show don't need of me I put in my head a Vader's helmet, hehehe After two months of hard work, I'll have my own time with Millennium. Happy New Year!
  13. I was watching a report about an Spanish Catholic nun (Teresa Forcades) and she was talking about the importance of not being vaccinated of N1H1. She's nun, doctor an scientist and she was working in the W.H.O. She assures that more people for blame of the vaccine than for blame of the flu they could die. On her site you can read: At the end of January of the 2009, the North American pharmacist's Austrian branch Baxter72 Kg. of material it distributed to 16 laboratories of Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, to prepare thousands of bovine against the virus of the seasonal flu; the vaccines had to be administered to the population of these countries during the months of February-March; before none of these vaccines was administered, a technician of laboratory of the company BioTest of the Czech Republic decided for its bill to prove the vaccines in ferrets that are the animals that are used to study the vaccines of the flu from 1918; all the vaccinated ferrets died; it was investigated then on what it consisted the material sent by the house Baxter exactly and he/she was discovered that it contained alive virus of the flu to prepare (virus A/H5N1) cocktails with alive virus of the flu of every year (virus A/H3N2). Seemengly, there's a lot of investigators who think that we're under a strange conspiracy which benefit to the chemist companies and that will help to the powerful to have a control on the population. In Austria, the journalist Jane Bürgermeister she has denounced W.H.O, UNU and several government managers for bio-terrorism. Well, well...perhaps by luck it is only an stupid and moderate virus, but when I read all this things I can't evoid to think about "The fourth Horseman episode" everytime I see it Don't you think something escaped to them and they didn't known how to stop it? The nun can to be near the truth? By now I think that I will take only natural medicine if I have symptoms I put the link. It is in spanish by now in spite of they say in the website they're working to translate it in the next days. I'm sorry, I was looking for in english to you but I can not found. Is not difficult if you put attention. Well, I'm living here long years ago, I maybe have advantage "We all are Shepherds"
  14. I will rise to the occasion now that I have my complete DVD collection and I'll watch again "The curse of Frank Black". I think that now is coming halloween it's a perfect time to do it. Maybe I could find some curious comparisons with days we're living lately in our world. "We all are Shepherds"
  15. Great episode!!! I think director he tried to show a point of difference here. Just when Frank talks about the Renaissance and the begin of a new era. It's just like a..ehh simile with the interior rebirth of Frank. Maybe a preparation for the hard days he will live in the future? "We all are Shepherds"
  16. Well friends! A lot of time I was not writing here but I use to read often your topics ;) Finally I have my complete DVD collection. It was hard to find here in the country where I'm living now. After a long time searching I could not find it here I returned to Ireland for vacation and I was looking for it. But it was an impossible task too Finally I decided looking for it in the web and I demanded in USA. Last friday they sent me the complete collection. I'm very excited!!! Well, I'm a lucky man. It haves not only every Millennium season. It includes commentaries,reports, making off and a lot of new stuff about Millennium. It's great!!! Well, just one of my wishes is fulfilled "We are all shepherds"
  17. It did not begin in 2000/5/5? not was tsunami the first sign of the future changes? I think it happened just after an important planetary alignment. Well, everybody are looking our world with a different eyes since. 2000/5/, 2012 & 2058 are dates with an important point of change in different beliefs, and too in Millennium, of course. *We all are shepherds*
  18. Well, there's a hope then? If young people can feel just like us, maybe the fight was worthwhile. *We are all shepherds*
  19. ..wohf.. really a sad story, I don't know what can I say :( Just the most important thing I find in Millennium it's the amazing resemblance with the real life, a cruel society without heart where only small heros are fighting everyday for a better world, trying to survive. I'm sorry for your loss, the hardest pain... Lara she's one of my favorites characters & miss her so since she leaves the show. If you can to reach this, it would be great for Apocalypse. I use to watch it online and it's a very nice show. Well, I'm on the other side of the world but you have all my support to M.A. I'm a fan ;) Regards *we all are shepherds*
  20. Great!!!! I've seen it before on YouTube and I thought it was a great video. It save the essence of this season. Without doubt one between the best episodes, and hard...the loss of Frank's better friend, a hole in the show impossible to fill. Well, she's my favorite character after Frank. Thanks! *We all are shepherds*
  21. Great, but I can't evoid to miss Lance here........................ sight :-(
  22. Well,you want a very difficult thing...but I'll try to save my 5 favourite episodes (really 6) "The Hand of St. Sebastian" "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions" "The time is now" "Owls" "Roosters" "Via dolorosa-Goodbye to All That" (Two of one, I can't do without it) *We all are shepherds*
  23. I can't help a feeling of impotence every time I see this episode. Emma, Peter & Frank represents to all of us. People living everyday with our doubts,our fears,our hopes,our fight against the troubles, the illness or a broken friendship... I think Millennium -a fiction show- is paradoxically just the most human and real show that I ever seen on TV. And is this feeling of reality which makes me think about these things. The Group, they want to control the future? they want to build a better life? they have so fear like everyone with the things are happening in our world everyday? Without doubt, the killer of Mr Baldwin he's a Millennium's member. We all are shepherds Peace The Angel
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