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  1. Welcome, enjoy your stay. Be good, otherwise Mabius will come after you.
  2. Man, she's gorgeous. WOW :drool:
  3. Bun venit! Vei găsi o comunitate prietenoasă și destul de activă. Welcome! You'll find a friendly and pretty active community
  4. The essential requirements are all there but this episode doesn't convince me at all. In the end I zapped through it out of bore.
  5. This should be interesting. Hope there will be more from Darin than his brother
  6. Mine is not frustration. Not anymore anyway... I just keep wondering, that's all. I'd like very much a proper ending to the show but I realize that wont come.
  7. Just for the heck of it, I could do the graphic log-in for the Gnome Desktop Manager/KDE if anyone is interested. Although I wouldn't know about the counter, not a programmer.
  8. It means that although Fox is paying for the movies he's not a John Doe took out from the streets to direct the X movies. I like to think he has his a saying in what projects he pursues and he's not a robot which does whatever the execs from Fox tells him.
  9. Oh come now eth, he wasn't born with the last rain either.
  10. Oh wow... pretty touchy aren't we eth. It was just a simple inquiry, you know. If he wants to try I'll be happy to help him at the best of my abilities.
  11. Yes, he continues to make that poor excuses of a movie. Probably with half the money for the second xf movie he would of done a Millennium movie since there are no special effects and the plot of the series is pretty static.
  12. I don't really think the movie will happen at all and I really have put this option aside. Of course like everybody I'd like to see a decent closure to the series but, alas, this will not come.
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