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    Whoa! I didn't notice this thread. A little while ago, I just posted a "whatever happened to Lucy Butler" thread.

    I think the theory of her harvesting children for some sort of future agenda makes loads of sense. First of all, she had a baby in the years prior the time of the episode, and had killed it. Makes you wonder if she realized it would not serve her purposes. Then, in Lamentations, she was wanted to have a baby with Ephriam Fabricant. No doubt because she felt that his pathological sadistic serial killer DNA would be the perfect mix with her evil nature/DNA in order to conceive a truly evil child. All of this ties in with the Old Man's statement: "Serial killers, mass murderers, it's all genetics. Inevitability. You have no idea about... true evil." Also, it ties in with the child in "Monster", and the the discussions that Laura and Frank had in that episode about a generation of sociopathic children, devoid of conscience, etc.

    The next thing that give credence to the "Lucy-child-harvesting" idea is the fact that Lucy had kidnapped exceptional high school teenagers, and was trying to alter their psyche, so they would accept being ordinary - perhaps breaking them, in order to control them for some future purpose.

    Then there is the Antipas episode, where she involves herself as a nanny for a child of a governor. She apparently changed this child in some way through both her nurturing manipulations, and when the "snake" devour the child whole. I think the child was transformer or altered toward some evil purpose by this whole process.

    And then her appearance in Saturn Deaming of (I think that was the one), associated her with that boy, as has been mentioned.

    And then, if you want to really take it a step further, look at the Group activites/experiments with regard to genetics, cloning, and neurological/neurochemical behavioral control (most apparent in season 3). Was the group perhaps aware that Legion/evil was using genetics and breeding in someway? Was this part of their reason for such experimentation, with an eye toward combatting evils future purposes in this regard? Or was their experimentation with such things part of the infiltration of Legion that the Group had become vulnerable to because of their own fear and lust for power and control?

    I think their is huge grounds for this idea.
  2. Bardo Thodol's post in Aged? was marked as the answer   
    Hey, Core!  Great Avatar, BTW!

    So, did you see what I mean by the season 3 finale?  How it actually made for a good series finale even though it wasn't meant to be?

    And, yes, in my opinion, they dilerberately let Lance's grey come thru, so he would look old and weather... sort of a man broken, or weathered by all his experiences with the Group, the millennium, the things that drove him to the brink of insanity twice... almost 3 times.  I think this was definitely diliberate.  Yeah, how 'bout that scene with the chair thru the glass doors!  Intense!  That qualifies as one of my top most intense MLM moments!

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