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  1. Sorry to hear. Thank u for posting this to let us know. Thoughts and chants for him and his family.
  2. I am just speechless. Words can absolutely not express my sadness and grief. Deepest and sincerest condolences to all the community's here and all her many friends in various subcultures and circles. I was privilaged to have a very close friendship with Erin. Truly one of a kind, incredibly creative and caring person, who sometimes cared too much. You will be so very missed, dear dear Erin! Safe Journeys, mate!
  3. Very good and true quote! I have heard that one before. And great to be back and to digitally "hang" with the old gang. I don't think I knew you'd lost your son. There is nothing like that pain. I watched my parents experience it. I don't know how long ago it was, but you have my sincere condolences. Thanks for reminding of the Home Away From Home forum. Back in the day, we used to call TIWWA that, because we all felt that way about the community of fans. Name change might not remaim as it is. Still deciding. Great being back! TIWWA
  4. My visits to TIWWA have been so sporatic and infrequent that I failed to see the discussion that ensued from my thread starter. And a very insightful discussion it was! It always amazes me the depth that can be found in just one scene of a Millennium episode. And it's kind of fitting I rediscovered this thread now. Last year both my father and then later his sister passed away. Though my younger brother's sudden death in 1991, and my paternal grandmother's death a few years later effected me deeply, I was a younger man in my mid-twenties then. It effected me much differently then. The i
  5. Hey, Viivi! It's Scott, aka Selfosophist!  I've missed you since you left Facebook.  Hope you are well!

    1. Viivi


      Hello, dear friend! Thank you for remembering me, it's good to be missed. I've returned to Facebook, and i just sent you a request and a message. Hope you are well, too!

  6. I have to say when I first heard about the outbreak in March or April of this year (2014), I immediately thought, "This is it..." and I almost immediately thought of the teaser from "The Time is NOW": TEAM MEMBER: Dr. Sorenson, we're in a hot zone. SORENSON: We can't determine that until we collect all the evidence. And corroborate it with the CDC at Fort Dietrich. [sorenson has joined his associate at the window. Both staring.] TEAM MEMBER: We don't have to wait, sir. It's here. We knew it was coming. That it would spread faster than we could ever control it, and now it's her
  7. The link you sent will not work in the UK apparently. But if it is for Millennium Apocalypse, I have never actually watched it past the first episode. I just remember that it seemed a bit "emo-goth-new age" trying to be Millenniumistic. And the girl who played Jordan didn't seem very convincing to me, nor did she seem at all like what I would have envisioned Jordan to have grown up to be. That was years ago, though. Perhaps I will give it another go. What did you think of my show idea? I think that the idea of Jordan being in a witness protection programme would also be a good eleme
  8. I just posted my ideas about this recently at the Facebook group, The Millennium Group, and much discussion ensued! It reminded me of the many good old days of discussions here at TIWWA. So here I am. I know I keep threatening that I might finally to come back to stay. Sorry I haven't become a regular again yet. Anyway, I have over the years speculated/fantacised about ideas of Millennium and X-Files spin-offs. When speculating about such things, I always try to think of ways that would make it sell-able, as though I were actually going to try to pitch it as an actual show idea. M
  9. Hello, all! I have been absent far too long! Not a day goes by that I don't think of some MillenniuM reference; some way that the events of the past decade years have been reflected in a MillenniuM episode; some MillenniuMistic aspect to a movie or show... I have often used the main TIWWA website over the years to look up some transcript, picture, fact, or info about Millennium. I shall be making an effort to actively participate here at the forums. Now before you point out that I have said this before - Don't be dark! I really mean it this time! I truly have missed being a
  10. Really enjoyed standing in the garden in the cool night air gazing up a the stars, watching the meteor shower. Been a long time since I just spent some time starring at the stars. Cheers, universe for the opportunity!

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Starring up at the stars. Millennium style!

  11. I forgot that I had written this. Anyone have any thoughts on this one?
  12. I just want to say that you guys have done and are continuing to do amazing things with community and fandom! Far too much to enumerate! I just want to say thank you, and that, though I have not be able to be a part of things here the past several years, I have kept up with what has been going on here. It is just amazing. I am grateful and proud I was able to be a part of the founding and creation of this community in it's early years. I am even more proud and excited about how you have all evolved, developed, and nurtured this community in to an online phenomenon! I love the usage of Bl
  13. Scott, please don't be gone!

  14. First thing that strikes me as I am watching the first few episodes is that even after more that a decade, MillenniuM still does not seem dated! I heard other comment on this. No matter how many times over the past few years I have watched individual episodes (haven't watched the full run in a long time), I always feel the same way. And it still seems superior to any crime, forensics, or supernatural drama since its original airing. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy Lost, the CSIs, all the Law and Order shows, 4400, and so on. But, still, nothing has surpassed it. Another thing that I
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