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  1. Did anyone see the first two episodes of Lost? It features Terry O' Quinn as an aloof, educated, and wise character stranded on island with 47 other people following a plane crash. I thought the first two episodes were well-done and I am looking forward to more. Any thoughts?
  2. Beware of the Dog is--in my opinion--one of the most brilliant episodes of Millennium. Not only does it show Frank coming to a new realization about his alignment for good, it shows him learning about true Evil and how it preys on one's fears. There are so many subtle points: the number dogs always remains the same even if one gets killed, the circle in which the old man's house is located, and the message that Good must respect Evil and Good must make Evil respect us. In addition it introduces the Old Man, who unfortunately met a way too early demise later in the season. Also, how neat was it
  3. While it may seem epic, most people did not view the year 1000 as the end of time. In fact, most people had no idea what year it was nor had the interest in it. During the time of the emperor Frederick II (who was thought to be the anti-christ), many believed that the end was near. The Mongols corresponded with a "pestilence from the east" and Frederick was the anti-christ from the sea since his kingdom was Sicily. Along with apocalyptic writings and preaching of Joachim of Fiore, everyone was pretty uptight. However, as we can so easily tell now, the end did not come. As for the robe of w
  4. I also heard that Morgoth was going to eat the Sun. When's that supposed to happen? The chart doesn't say.
  5. Yeah, the Aurora Borealis. I thought that at the current time, they were only visible close to the North Pole and the ones in the south near the South Pole. This is because most of the solar particles that hit the Earth dead on are deflected, but some remain trapped at the polarized north and south. But, wait, I see now that you are from Finland, so you're lucky enough to see the light show, to the envy of all.
  6. I just watched a Nova special about how the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. Apparently, the field is reversing polarity, so that instead of emanating from the south pole, it will emanate from the north. During its weakest time, the cancer rate will rise only a little and the aurora will be seen in many different parts of the world e.g. London. Apparently, this is supposed to happen in a few generations. I just thought it was neat!
  7. Sorry for not posting this under the first "Curse of Frank Black" but I thought it might get overlooked. Anyways, besides being the coolest episode ever to be on t.v.--not only for featuring a really spooky pumpkin and Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Little Demon"--"the Curse of Frank Black" has some interesting little parts. For instance, when Mr. Crocell is giving his speech that Satan is keeping an eye on him and his family and is offering him a deal, an inverted cross appears beneath him as he finishes saying "there is no way that he will lose!" Did anyone else notice that? That is such a powe
  8. Yeah, I really think there was a tension between Frank and Lara. Just look at the vibrating bed scene in Monster. hehehe. That, and they truely understood what each one was going through with their gifts; something Catherine never did. But getting back to the original topic, I was really surprised to see Catherine straighten her hair. I know this might sound silly, but it seemed to have some heavy significance. For me, it showed her selfishness, and her lack of understanding about Frank's gift and the role that he was to play in the fight against Evil. I can't really give a good reason for
  9. How about the line in Sense & AntiSense when Frank and Peter pull up to the crime scene. Frank: I'm Frank Black Detective: And I'm Joe Yellow. hehehe
  10. He did brutally stab someone in a uncontrollable fit of rage. I bet that scared her a little.
  11. Although the serparation between Frank and Catherine is the most direct consequence of the episode, I have always interpreted it with larger implications. Not only is Frank giving up his family in order to pursue the greater good of fighting Evil, but he also is at the center of a very important time in the keeping the balance at the coming of the millennium. For me, it's the moment when he realizes that he has a greater purpose.
  12. I really like the "anything goes" attitude that Jack and the rest have taken in response to the nuke. It adds realism and intensity. Like when he killed that prisoner and cut off his head--that was great! Now that I think about it, Seven, having the bobcat maul Kim would have been the perfect storyline for her.
  13. I was just wondering, what does everyone think of 24 this season? On the whole, I think it might be the best show on t.v. right now. I do have to admit that the plotlines involving Kim Bauer and Sherry Palmer should be cut completely. I nearly cringe everytime they come on screen. The way Sherry is infiltrating the President's inner circle is laughable, and Kim's run in with a bobcat...well...hehehehe. What does everyone else think?
  14. In all my years of trying to talk to people about the show, 0 females expressed any interest in it or awareness of it. Then again, only about 3 or 4 males have actually heard of the show and have watched it a few times. The general lack of awareness of the show--presently and when it was on--is what I find strange.
  15. I just have one question. What would you have thought back in 1996 if KISS suddenly appeared in a season 1 episode?
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