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  1. Cant wait, hopefully we could get a Millennium 3 after that, depending on many things to happen of course, but hope is not diyng on that...
  2. Earthnut: Well you get so scientific on this that i am quite speachless...hehe... Well, yes you are right in that there is a possibility in that, i never said that new Millennium group couldnt be created, but, i meant more like it would be cliché and forced in viewer stand of point, you just throwed at me a real and logical explonation which is 100% true, but tell me as a just tv viewer, would you like to see this new group? Its the same thing with other tv series which are not allowing theyr main villains die, yes in the beginning they was manacing, but after so long of rehashing they a
  3. I think there is a lot of reason why evil and people who creates still exist, its not that hard if you think about it, we did evolved as a human species, we did created a order, law and we did start to call ourselfs a civilization. Truth is that we still came from the same source, man did killed for food and for a territory before, we are still a animals in a sense and no matter what we do or how we start call ourselfs or whatever rules we will make, everybody is capable of killing, the only difference here that some of us can control it and some of us dont. Its hard fight with our nature, whi
  4. Well, silly me that i did not noticed this thread and already said my opinion elsewhere, but yet again and finaly in correct thread... 1. I really dont think that bringing a group would be a good idea, for one, they killed so many, for second, thanks to The x files Millennium episode even Skinner kind of confirms that group doesnt exist anymore and the Necromancer is kind of left over to overwatch the succes of end of the world by those zombies, which and i apologize for this was horrible unsatisfaying as hell, like zombies, really? 2. I dont think that another crossover with The x f
  5. I did voted for a Legion/Lucy part of the series, this was always my favorite part, obviously wherever Lucy put her work around Blacks... Now after like fifth rewatching process i do think that if there will ever be some new tv/movie Millennium that they should focus on Lucy. With the Millennium group gone which is sadly and very weirdly confirmated by Skinner in The x files ( zombies? really? ), bringing them back would felt as just forcing the old theme too much and there is no reason. Lucy on the other hand, is force which will and didnt just die, she always just dissapeared before they cou
  6. Yes, its like about freakin time, Lance will not get any younger in the future...
  7. Well i am back online for some time, not exactly settle down how Libby point out, but in condition download something... Now any suggestion how we may do this? Again thanks for your efforts and happy new year for everybody...
  8. I know about this fan made series and i can respect efforts what the creators of this give that project, but i just dont feel it, i know that it will be really stupid if i would compare this with Chris Carter work, and fact that nobody cant replace somebody like is Lance Henriksen, i dont want to do nothing like this, but i just cant take that like "another part" of Millennium, nice work, but i think it would be much more better do another project then this.....
  9. Well i was download that like a avi. files, i have not original dvd copyes, and for more its much more smaller size then whole dvd... Libby: I think the best thing you can do with those 400mb parts is upload them on torrent, there are any restriction or something like that and its only depend on when you have pc on, you can do private download slot for me, and its a quickest way how to do it... Unfortunatelly i will lose tommorow my conection because im moving somwhere else and it will be probably take a month before i will be able download it, but thank you for your effort anyway...
  10. Well i was fortunately read somwhere that they never ment The x files episode like the something what they can end Millennium series, but still even i know that they need something paranormal because they was making mostly X files episode, it still was weird. About Lucy Butler, i think that she cannot be rid off so easily, remember that Pepper/Butler/Martin character, he was struck by lightning bolt/gun and still she returns, i dont know how they would bring idea how destroy her, but i think that none of what happened to her in Millennium was stop her....
  11. Well, i think that whatever Lucy Butler represents, it mainly can be called "evil" or "demon", that is i think what we can agreed all of us. I think that if they finally make a Millennium movie, Lucy is the best choice for main villain character, after The x files episodes which weirdly end Millennium group itself ( i just have hard times undestand why they put a zombies into Millennium, and actually make this as a final theme for whole serie ), it would be most logical take this threat to right end, its only person who actually stands between Frank and Jordan now, and adult Jordan which actua
  12. Really thank you for your efforts, actually this was my first request for a documentary but its a only one i feel i really need to see, just amazing how you was reacting so quick, thank you so much....
  13. Exactly, The making of seasons parts, from a dvd, dont worry about subtitles, they are helpful for sure, but i was doing translations for three episodes in our language, im just fine even without them... I know about dvd policy, what i can have in original format i have, but we are not much strong in distribution, i just have sometimes improvise, but as you said, documents are usually taking more lightly, becaouse its kind of "commercial" in own way, i just cant find them, thats all, well if you can provide me a link on any version of download or just channel, i will be more then happy, this s
  14. Please can somebody help me find just for the watch, i dont need to download, Millennium making off? I was watched first season making of from a dvd, but in my country, here is no copy anywhere, i want to watch 2 and 3 season documents but on youtube is no such a thing, of course they have all 9 The x files, but thats it. I really want to know what is about these ideas, can somebody send me a link on that please?
  15. I hope that they released this set in more copyes than Millennium, 2000 is really few.... I hope that tracklist included some older songs, we have one cd, but its not enough, older seasons 1-3 is musically much originals than 4-9, and on Truth and light soundtrack some songr really miss, like Mr. X theme or Anasazi souite, i dont know why but everytime they must put on cd most romantic or funny moments, i like it but much better is serious side The x files... I have complete The postmodern Prometheus and i listen this episode two times, but Christmas carol 20 times, like Millennium soundtrack
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