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  1. Was watching the mocie The Cutting Edge from the early 90s and remembered that Terry O'Quinn was in it. -squees, then passes out-

  2. I really need to start writing things on here, don't I?

    1. ethsnafu


      *looks around* nope, still nothing written. You penance is a non-stop marathon of "Dark Skies" which will increase your appreciation of all things 1013 dramatically.

  3. Pffft. I think the Old Man dying upset me more, simply because of the fact I feel he had a grounding effect on Frank. Perhaps if TOM (I'm bein lazy now) wasn't killed at the end of Roosters, Frank would have stayed with the Group and parts of season 3 wouldn't have sucked the way it did?
  4. *raises an eyebrow* Nicer we may be than the Millennium Group, but we are far more nuttier than they are. Some of us sometimes tend to fall over the line of insanity *points at herself, then teasingly at Eth and Spook* Oh, not sure if you read the thread, but we do a Skype chat on certain Fridays. We're having on this Friday about The Hand of Saint Sebastian... I think its 5 pm eastern... Eth or anyone else, is that right?
  5. I will keep my opinion short for the first time in a long time. Drama does not equal humour, laughter, and light happy things.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I'd really go with what SAG has on their list, cause my theory is, if SAG can't keep up to date with what their own actors do, then they
  8. I wasn't a big fan of this episode, for reasons that don't really need to be explained. I honestly though that it wasn't an offshoot of the Group, but that it was the government trying to screw around... figuratively of course. However, man is neither inherently evil, nor is he really inherently good. Its a combination of nature and nurture, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they tweaked with the chromosomes of someone who was a violent psychopath, he or she would have become America's Top Homemaker.
  9. Nutty, in the music you mailed me (my ipod gets no rest btw), it wasn't on there? What a jip...
  10. Sorry I missed it. I shall report to Lucy and get whipped.
  11. Whoo hoo! Time for me to get some autographs. I want Lance and Peter, put them on the wall over the headboard of my bed so I can imitate the White and Nerdy scene (Do I like Kirk or do I like Picard).Then who knows where I'd go from there.
  12. Season 3 just threw me for a loop. Too many probabilities and twisty logic. From what I read somewhere, they were trying to get it off the religious/supernatural and get it back to the crime solving that was around in season 1. My question is, why didn't Mabius take the shot?
  13. I'll raise a thought that might not have been said yet... Perhaps Frank was Peter's balance, that which kept him enjoyable as a character. With Frank being on the opposite "side" now, there was a hole of sorts within him that upset his nature.
  14. *digs up a slightly dead thread* I really think that if MillenniuM was going to be extended to a fourth season, this would have been addressed, where the focus instead of being on Frank would have been on Emma. However, due to cancelling the show, they were unable to expand further on the hows, the whys and the rest of the rather annoying loose ends I felt were left. But that's just me.
  15. Megan Gallagher was in Star Trek??? Oooh, which one so that I can go watch em now?!?!?!
  16. I need me a Peter Watts plushie... I can't sleep without it >.>

    1. ethsnafu


      Wouldn't the tache prove to be a wee bit bristly?

    2. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Only in the right places.

  17. I see a lot of strange stuff out here in NY, but we're never sure if its something in the water or not. Or if its the airport. I lay in my backyard at night and I see some of the strangest things, but no one believes me
  18. Anyone know if there be anymore on Ebay? Or Amazon? Now if I can get me a plushie of Peter/Locke I'd be happy.
  19. A lot of people tend to think that even the hardest of criminals can be cured and that there is a sliver of goodness in them. Unfortunately, people don't realize that even the best people have the capability of becoming our worst nightmares.
  20. Welcome to the Nut House OpiumAddict. I'm sure you'll fit in here rather nicely. Now to go get back all my posts that I lost due to work.
  21. w00t! I gots it! Loads of reading for me tonight instead of doing work!
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