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  1. Earthnut, 7 months back I finished my read on John Douglas' and mark Olshaker's "The Anatomy of Motive." A book of which I used some of the forensic profiling common data of pshychological symptoms as they relate to their social surroundings of many serial killers and mass murderers. Borrowing that data, I compared it to commonly held views of those physchological factors in play in those who are suicidal (or struggle with ideations). The parallels were striking. Although, they are 'merely' parallels (meaning that parabolically they don't touch) there are shared factors. Anyhow, the purpose of such a comparison was to reach those who tend to not care about being on the lookout for fellow workers who may be suicidal. The aim was this: though the percentage is small - it is nonetheless real that some people who become suicidal are not only a danger to themselves - but to others when they also become homicidal. Murder suicides are known to take place." I 'enjoyed' reading up on the listing. Very cruesome . . . and scary. Bundy is correct (I'm afraid) that there are others out there that haven't been detected.
  2. Dave W. was a quality individual in an age when many genuine religious leaders lose their way (or focus) admist success. He remained authentic and 'in-touch' with faith.
  3. Love the Paul Mauriat link. Purchased "Love Is Blue" throught iTunes and recorderded it in MP3 format onto a disc so that it would play over, and over again. The teens were eerily suprised when I sprung this on them whilst driving them to Starbucks. Creepy smiles. "I love Lucy!!!"
  4. A nice clip (archived) of Chris Carter on Millennium. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Millennium/23618653295

  5. And Emily Blunt is in it too! Another good reason to see this film. Question . . . is everyone required to wear a Tom Landry like hat and if so, what does that mean???
  6. Light Snow Day in San Antonio (my rental property on Feb 4, 2011).
  7. Photeinos

    Light Snow In San Antonio

    Snow at my rental property, on February 4, 2011. Not much snow, but enough to shut down the 7th largest city in the US (because it is normally a hot climate region).
  8. Snow at my rental property on February 4, 2011. Very light, but enough to shut down the 7th largest city in the US (San Antonio) for a morning.
  9. Star of Wonder (James P. Davis) reading: A review by Photeinos. This reading is a little gem - one worth spending the time alone to enjoy. Sarah-Jane has a nice voice and it would have been nicer if the voice recording was clearer. Nevertheless, I find her voice enjoyable to hear and equally so her reading. I thought the background soundtrack and Sarah-Jane's voice inflections where complimentary to the story. Thank you for making this available (whomever did so).
  10. HPD!!! I'm a bit 'tapped out' at the moment. Is there a "dead-line" or is there more like a "life-line" to contribute in your name?
  11. Surfing the 'net' for anything Millennuim - I stumbled upon this link: http://www.crematorymanufacturing.com/pages.aspx?pageid=36. Dark humor especially first season episode "Gehenna." :-)

  12. Pelagius: Happy Birthday - and continue to be as generous as your name conveys.

  13. Thank you for the "get well" messages. I'm through phase one; and once recovered will undergo phase two. I'm not so dark . . . anymore. :-)

  14. Just a note to tell you that you have been missed. I pray all is well. Blessings always.

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