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  1. I have forgotten my password a number of times. Thankfully, Graham has always been very gracious.
  2. Hi Roofless. Is the "blackcoat" tag a reference to Firefly?
  3. The third episode (Dead Letters) takes place in August 1996. The date on the non-existent "Portland Herald" is August 6, 1996 (newspaper from which the killer is cutting articles). Ergo, Gehenna happens between Feb. and Aug. 1996.
  4. Actually I think there is a hint of the supernatural in the episode, which is "Gehenna", not "Gehanna." At the very end, the killer says "you see it too [apocalypse] and you can't stop it." Also, Franks's ability to determine the state of the corpse in the body bag is at least an example of more than ordinary abilities.
  5. Thanks Eth! I obviously need to watch the whole thing again (dammit:)) so I can tease out this optimism for myself. I like your take on it much better than mine, but then I can be pretty much a gloomster anyway.
  6. I haven't visited for some time and here's the reason. Season one, and to a lesser extent season two, proposed that evil can be overcome with skill, dedication, talent and truth. Season three's ultimate lesson is that even the brightest and best of us will in the end be defeated by the unseen powers that really run things. Will somebody please either talk me out of this or erase season three from my mind?
  7. Mr. Henrikson has been in a ton of movies and brings a lot of class to whatever he appears in. Can't say all the movies were good, tho. I saw one about Sasquatch Mountain or some such thing, that wasn't the best. He can certainly wear a black hat with ease (one of the Hellraiser flix).
  8. Hello. I joined this site several months ago but haven't posted anything yet. A word about the moniker- it (badlife) is taken from the Fred Saberhagen Beserker stories. Written from the 60s to about 2004, the stories centered around machines built by one side in a long ago space war. They were programmed for one task-kill anything living (guess what happened to the Builders). Occasionally they'd capture and use humans for various purposes. A captured human that cooperated was goodlife. One who didn't cooperate was badlife. I know the name is off-putting, but I'm not sure I want to change
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