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  1. You know everything mellows with time. I really like Thirteen Years Later these days. Jose Chung and Somehow Satan have always been a couple of my favorites as well as the X Files comedic episodes. I can't help but smile when I think about season five's Bad Blood ep. Just great comedy. Supernatural does a good job of comedy from time to time. Though my wife thinks the show is a joke anyway the last 3 or 4 seasons.
  2. Didn't know about a new Jack Reacher film. I'm hoping X-Men Apocalypse will be good.
  3. It's quite warm here in Florida but not a record. I remember Christmas 1980 living in northern Michigan it was so warm that we had to open the house to turn on the oven. Christmas dinner and we sat around sweating. Christmas 1983 I was here in Florida and it got so cold it killed all the citrus trees. It never got above freezing all day. Very unusual
  4. Seriously enjoying this show. Having Lance in it is sweet honey glaze
  5. You are correct. There have been recorded hurricanes in all 12 months. But I'm sure if we have an out of season storm the over-hyping news media will do their best to cause hand wringing everywhere
  6. On the bottom of this page is an Amazon ad for The X Files collectors set. Christmas is looking brighter!
  7. In a way that's kind of scary, but I'm far more disturbed by the folks on the internet that claim to be smarter than everyone because they can look up information on Wikipedia.
  8. That fight was just brutal. I still think the episodes that deal with hunting monsters are better than the whole demons vs angels vs bad angels vs not quite as bad demons stories.
  9. Hurricanes sure know where the panhandle is. We here on the central gulf coast have had it easy for a long time. I've seen maps of storms that have hit our area and most of them come in around Tampa Bay and go north. There has never been a direct hit from a hurricane in the 150 years. Our area is called the Nature Coast because it's basically a swamp. Any beach here is trucked in for the tourist.
  10. @Earthnut I don't think they are poisonous but you can see their jaws so... @seesthru I've been stung many times by bees and wasps over the years. I was stung last month by a wasp and it swelled to the size of an plum. I've never had anything like that happen to me before, so now I'm a little leery. One night this summer,I ran over an alligator with the company truck. It was a little over 3 foot long. We had a lot of rain this year so the gators are on the move looking for new water with less competition for food
  11. So it's spider season over there too huh. I just mowed around my parent's place the other day and was busy chasing these critters I call them banana spiders though they're not. Golden Orb spiders are the correct name. There was also a spider that had the biggest body I have ever seen on a web type spider. I don't know what kind it was but the but it's a WAS now
  12. It's one thing to quote the Bible, it's another to put the quote in context. Though Millennium went way out in left field on a couple of theological subjects (In Arcadia Ego and Anamnesis ) in this episode it all clearly fits.
  13. I watched this recently and was surprised I never noticed that Mr.Prine walked into the tornado.I had always thought he was getting justice for what he did. It was like a light went on and I said to my wife "Elijah!" He was supposed to be like Elijah and taken up in a whirlwind. It's funny how with every viewing this ep reveals something I didn't catch the time before. I know the first time I saw it I thought Prine was a psycho criminal and upon further viewings realized he was being used by God;a prophet if you will.
  14. Oh but wouldn't that be an awesome Monday line up- Gotham and then the X Files?
  15. Finally got my night shift position! Having a hard time learning when to sleep

  16. We use Celsius at the blood bank where I work. After about six months using it it's no big deal to convert in my head.If you're a mechanic you've been using metric for what, twenty five years? I think the Carter administration went about it all wrong and people rebeled. You'll darn sure change to metric if your job demands it, just not the government. I should be biligual too. It's just the extra push to make me learn.
  17. My local honey supplier has four different types depending on the season Orange Blosom, Wildflower, Palmetto and one other that excapes my memory. Orange blossom is light and has a hint of citrus but palmetto is dark and has a very strong honey after taste. I'm buying wildflower right now.
  18. I never paid that much attention I guess. I've seen a lot of those episodes and movies and never noticed. Great find
  19. Well fudge. https://seriable.com/intruders-canceled-bbc-shifts-series-saturday-night-graveyard/#comment-507869
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