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  1. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    Thanks, you guys! I'm trying to stay in touch, but these first couple of weeks are killer, and internet here is ten cents a minute. Not awful, but a lot worse than unlimited, that's for sure. I really wish I had my own comp, as well, as these community ones suck. And I don't know so much about adventurous and fulfilling, Erin, but it's at least unpredictable, LOL. I'm having fun, but am trying to keep from murdering the guy I'm replacing, as I don't get along with him at *all* and am trying to deal with it until he leaves at the end of the week, since we're together most of the day, every day. Pray for my patience until Sunday... then things will get interesting and fun because I'll have more time and freedom. Aah!
  2. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    Okay, sadly, just as quickly as I made my reappearance, I'm making another exit. But an announced one this time! It's been a whirlwind few weeks, but I ended up spending the last two weeks working on a cruise ship in the Carribbean (a trip I only found out about 5 days before I went), and I'm leaving tomorrow (well, today) at 11 am on another trip for 1 1/2 weeks, but I've agreed to basically get straight back on a plane after that and go back to Miami to spend 6 months doing Wardrobe on the Norwegian Jewel, which is supposedly an awesome line\ship. And I don't know what I'll have in the way of internet access or anything, so I can't expect to have time (or money, as it's probably done on boat by purchasing internet cards) to dillydally online. So this is my probable re-disappearance. BUT never fear! If you e-mail me at LauraEJordan@yahoo.com, not only will I let you know how things are going with me, but I will be ecstatic to hear what any of you are doing. If there's one thing I like to do, it turns out, it's keeping in touch with my friends. PS, I also have a MySpace account (myspace.com\lauraejordan), which is great for keeping in touch with all of my school and work buddies from all over and being able to put up a post and know that everyone can see it, so I may have updates there, if (again) I can get online. After I get back at the end of this 6 months, I'll be going on to an internship in Memphis, where I'll be much more likely to have ready internet access. Incidentally, the one guy I made good friends with on the ship I just left -- turns out he's a *huge* Space: Above and Beyond fan! I happened to see the DVDs in a box he was going to ship home, and he pulled them out for me to borrow, since I never saw the series start-to-finish in order. Thought it was a great coincidence. Anyway, love to you all, and here's hoping my leaving won't be for too long this time. And also hoping that, since I'll be making decent money (though for a short term) for once, maybe I'll actually finally get seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. Cheers!
  3. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    SCOTT! How the heck are you?! Married *and* overseas, I hear... crazy! Things are decent with me, but I'm back at home (loser living with the parents, wah-wah, LOL) for the time being, and I'm aching to get out and be working again. I graduated May 2005 with my beautiful shiny degree in Theatre, and haven't acted since. I just finished up my 3rd and possibly final summer at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse in Auburn, NY as a Dresser (I help people change their clothes really really fast) and I taught Theatre classes to homeschoolers this spring, though, so I *am* using my degree. No giving in and running fast food or something equally mundane for me! I've got some upcoming costume work (10 days in November doing some alterations on a Celebrity Cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico, Costume Design internship in Memphis next fall), but nothing inbetween, so I'm thinking about doing some local auditions in the spring to stay active. Other than that, there haven't been any big life changes. I've dated, I've broken up; I've been sick, I've gotten better; now my biggest problem is remembering to Keep Positive and stay busy now that I'm inbetween gigs. Something I'll probably have to get used to in this line of work, haha. Just remind me if I post here in 4 years and I'm still in Knoxville that I swore this would be my last few months here before getting the heck out of dodge! I hope to earn some good credits, maybe do a tour or two, and hopefully end up working overseas for awhile (England, of course, though I wouldn't frown at Australia\New Zealand), though I don't expect to settle there b\c I wouldn't want to live permanently away from all my family and friends. We'll see how much of it pans out! How's everything with you? PM me if you don't want to clog up the boards with stuff everyone else already knows. And to the other responders: Yes, my SN is in reference to Alex Krycek. He is my One True Love. I started using his name back in the day when AOL would get you for using your real name anywhere, and it just stuck. ;-)
  4. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    Yep, I pretty much posted the most of any non-Elder, I believe. What can I say, I'm a talker! :-P There's probably some way to search and find old posts by me, if you're interested in meeting the Me that they knew, as I'm not very good at talking about myself. I was a total 1013 *junkie* starting in 1998, and I still have repercussions from the addiction in my daily life. For instance, my most recent beau is an actor\stage manager in NYC, and he was telling me that "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" is his favorite movie. He said, "I've got a couple of friends in that movie" (something that casually slips into his conversations, since he's lived in NYC\been in the business for so long), and when I asked who, he mentioned that "the guy who plays the Devil" (aka the Commandant on Malcolm in the Middle) is a very good friend of his. I immediately exclaimed in surprise and awe "He was on The X-Files!", then promptly covered my mouth with my hands. Turns out he's also friends with the woman who played the substitute teacher in "Die Hand Die Verletzt", which is also awesome. He got a kick out of the fact that I was so stoked\embarassed after this exchange. It's so great that you guys have had such fantastic things happen in your lives! Marriages and babies... wow! All I did was graduate and work some :-P No, I've been keeping busy, clearly, but I'm never satisfied with life the way it is... always seeking something more! I'd probably be a thrill-seeking daredevil if I wasn't so fricken afraid of bodily harm, LOL. But congratulations to everyone! (since there are so many, and I'm so late, I'll just blanket it, LOL)
  5. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    Erin! How the heck are you?! I wanted to watch that online MM series so bad, if nothing but to see you, but I haven't had a computer that'll let me watch them Hopefully I'll be around for awhile this time, so maybe I can catch up with at least some of what's going on. Not just on the boards, but in everyone's lives, as well! I'm sure that other people's have changed at *least* as much as mine has. Hilarious about voidprime! He's always ready with a conspiracy theory, LOL. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything near so dramatic with possible book deals; it's just life getting in the way of keeping touch. I'm trying to be better, though, and picking up old strings I've let fall by the wayside. It was never because I didn't like you guys; in fact, I still think of you all often! I'm just terrible about falling out of contact.
  6. LauraKrycek

    Remember me?

    Hey hey! I've heard nothing but good things about Six Feet Under, and a friend of mine tells me that Heroes is really good, but I've never gotten into House or The Shield. I love Hugh Laurie, but as much as they say his character is what makes it worth watching, the little I saw of it, his character turned me off. More power to you, though... to each their own! And I just have to use this emoticon for the heck of it b\c it's a ridiculous new addition since my last visit... LOL!
  7. "Welcome back; your last visit was: Dec 14 2004, 02:43 PM" I can't believe it's been nearly two years since I so much as logged on, not to mention it being a while before than that I disappeared. It's amazing to see how much TIWWA has grown! I don't even know how many people remember me, not to mention the new ones I never met, but I used to be all over this site. Life gets in the way! I did finally graduate from college, but have been devoid of computer access some of the time, and when not, on this POS of my parents' (it took me literally over 15 minutes just to get to this page). And sadly, I still only own season 1 on DVD -- I may be busy, but I'm still totally broke. I guess that's what happens when you try to get a fun job instead of a lucrative one -- I'm still doing Theatre, though I'm more into Costume\Wardrobe now than Performance. I have a few episodes one tape from back when Scott (Selfosophy Psycho) was giving out taped episodes in exchange for fanfiction, but that's all I have for the rest of the series. Sadly, I don't even really have any shows anymore -- yeah, I watch Boston Legal, My Name is Earl, and The Office every week, and I'll watch Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Grey's Anatomy casually, but nothing has that same kind of spark, individuality... heck, just nothing's as good as how we had it back in the late 90's. Whatever happened to TV?! I miss actually being intrigued -- watching something that only made me want more. Maybe I'm just jaded, but it seems like a barren wasteland out there. Anyway, this is my official "Hey, remember me?" to those of you who might, and maybe my re-connect. No promises, as I may get fed up with this computer in a few days and decide to go back to reading in my spare time, but we'll see. I promise I think about you guys often -- I'll never forget my TIWWA pals!
  8. LauraKrycek

    Hey Hey!

    Neither are dead or crazy! Just maybe a little... *confused*. And he didn't marry Lara Means, he married Laura E. Jordan in early 1999, and they're living in a beautiful house on a beach with their puppies Snuffles and OshKosh and their 2.5 beautiful children. Back safe in Berea, and started classes today... blah! Nah, it's okay. It's going to be a good year. But for right now, I have a little more internet time, so hopefully I'll be around more. Ciao!
  9. LauraKrycek

    Hey Hey!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm alive and well. I've been working in Auburn, New York this summer at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, and I've been hella busy. But school starts next Wednesday (eep!), so things will be more chill after that (hah, who woulda thought that school would be easier?). I haven't had very good internet access this summer, or I would've been around more. I know, all the people who have joined lately are probably like "Who is this weirdo?" I hope everyone's well. Still dreaming of the MM DVDs... maybe I'll be able to get them. I told my mom she should get them for me for Christmas, to which she said no, and when I told her I'd get her the Northern Exposure DVDs in exchange, she said "Well, why don't you buy yourself the MM DVDs, and I'll buy myself the Northern Exposure DVDs, and we'll call it even?" No fun. But hopefully I'll be able to get them! I'm just focusing right now on being able to pay my term bills for my LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL, buy art supplies for the classes I'm going to be taking, and buying myself a spinning wheel, because I *still* want one SO bad. GAH. Well, now that my brief-yet-lengthy spill has happened... I gotta run. *Tons* to do today in preparation for leaving Sunday morning (flight at 7AM, which means that after strike Sat. night, which'll probably be over by 2 or 3 AM, I'm just going to stay up until checkout\airport shuttle at 5). I'm going to try to start coming here again after school starts back... everyone bug me on AIM and make me! It's the only way, really, and send me encouraging e-mails. Later! The semi-absent(minded) Laura
  10. LauraKrycek

    Who Are We?

    Well! You know I can never believe that, being Miss Anti-Self-Esteem, but I appreciate it immensely. But then, I don't hope to ever become a household name, I just want to be successful in what I do. And make a lot of money, so that my family won't have to worry about it anymore and so that my college will someday be able to build a new theatre; they'll have a plaque that says "Storage facilities donated by Laura E. Jordan, class of 2005."
  11. See, I see more of an occasional pleasure in visiting a historical site near my house where they have sheep and goats, and feeding them and playing with the babies. I guess as far as meat goes, I find much more pleasure in living animals than I ever could by eating a dead one. And I certainly don't demand that other people pursue the same lifestyle; as I said, in a perfect world, but incredibly unlikely. No one would *ever* harm another living being, including humans, in that world. I certainly don't want to infringe upon anyone's rights as a smoker. My thoughts are best summed up in what my boss says to some people: "Yeah, you have your rights... but your rights end where mine begin." I appreciate your sensitivity to who you smoke around, as long as they show you respect; I definitely agree that if they deserve your respect by your putting out your cigarette, they should believe that you deserve theirs by not being treated like scum just because you've made a different life choice than them (maybe the wrong one -- but that statement falls under the category of "I don't want my friends to die"! ) And you know me, Erin -- always causing trouble! I spent too many years acting like things were always fine and bottling them up; not I feel that if someone has a right to their opinion, then by golly, so do I.
  12. I certainly don't do anything like that to them -- I only hit people when it's absolutely necessary, and almost never in seriousness (unless they hit me first and hurt me) and NEVER in the face (I have BIG issues about that!). I do things like shake my head sadly when they go to smoke. Tell them that they're going to die. Things like that. But I don't nag them about it. I have a friend who I used to try to help quit smoking (yes, it was her decision): she always craved either cookies or cigarettes, so I would buy her a big warm chocolate chip cookie from the local coffee shop when she would be breaking down. But then this friend of hers started happening to be there whenever we would, and would invite Katie to go out and smoke, and she broke down. I really didn't like that girl for a long time (for other reasons than just that, of course), so of course we happened to get stuck together as roommates last fall. Strangely enough, we got to be friends, are still rooming together, and will still be rooming together in the fall. Prior to her, I've never had a single roommate more than 1 semester (not counting living together in the summer, because that roommate and I were trying to be separated from even before that semester started, and our friendship was broken for a long time because of it). Anyway... I don't think that any habit that is potentially harmful to oneself or to others around them is something that should be encouraged. I think that smokers, especially ones with small children (like my chain-smoking neighbor who has smoked inside around her now 6-year-old daughter for the girl's entire life -- wow, I wonder how she got asthma?!?), should seriously consider the repercussions of their actions. So, however, should anyone who does drugs or drinks heavily. There's nothing wrong with a small glass of wine before bed, or getting a bit light-headed on the weekends (or getting fairly sloshed at a party once or twice a year, even, as long as you don't harm yourself or others), but abusing the substance is another thing altogether. I know 18-year-old alcoholics here, which is positively ridiculous. I also know 30-year old non-smoking, non-drinking, religiously exercising vegans on sugar-free diets, though. I also find that a little ridiculous (but just because I'm unable to stick to something like that so strictly, especially at this time in my life). BLAH BLAH BLAH, I'm rambling again... I guess it's fine with me if someone wants to harm themselves. It's when it harms me and\or those I love that it becomes not all right anymore. As I almost let slip once to a girl I strongly dislike who was nagging me about telling Katie to be strong and not smoke, "Well, you can smoke if you want to, because I don't care if *you* die." (disclaimer: that's not aimed towards anyone here, just to people like that who want to nag me about actually caring about people)
  13. LauraKrycek

    Who Are We?

    My name is Laura E. Jordan, not to be confused with the radio lawyer out of D.C. If I get famous, I may change my name to Elizabeth Broadus. Keep a lookout. I grew up in a very creative household -- my mother had always wanted to be an artist or in interior design, but she ended up mainly taking care of us and babysitting when I was very young, as she wanted to be with us (and she quit school after one year to marry my dad; she now regrets not going through and making him wait). When I was probably 8 or 9, my mom started making crafts as a side income, since she was at home anyway, and when it took off, it became our sole source of income. We still use a branch-off of that as our income now, over 10 years later. I've always read and written like crazy, ever since I was tiny; the only problem is liking what I write. It must be better than I think it is, because last year I submitted a play to the Thornton Wilder Playwriting Award, thinking I'd get feedback on it (I wrote it the night before it was due, on a while), but ended up winning instead and getting $200, which went onto my term bill (but I never got any feedback, ironically). When I was 11, I read "The Headless Cupid" by Zilpha Keatley Snyder and decided I wanted to play Amanda in a movie. My mother was shocked when I told her about this forever later, as I was literally THE shyest kid you'd ever meet. I came out of it some, but it was when I became involved in theatrical productions at the age of 14 (at church) that I started to break out of my shyness. My first professional performance was in February 1998, as the Elven Queen in "The Hobbit" (it sucked; I have the tape if you ever want proof!). I've known since I was 13 years old that I wanted to come to Berea College, and it was the only school I even submitted an application for. I'm pursuing a BA in Theatre, and I hope to work in costume shops and design some on my own (I have a love for recreating costumes, namely from movies, i.e. Labyrinth and Rocky Horror -- send me a note if you want to know if I can make you something!). I do still hope to perform, though that's not been my main focus for quite some time -- I'm told I have a lot of talent, but I know I lack the self-esteem to be able to fully rely on something like that. I don't know yet if I'll go to grad school, as my grades aren't good enough to get a full scholarship at most places, and I'm so broke I actually can't afford to buy a piece of chewing gum. All of my money has to be saved to go onto my term bill next fall and to pay off my student loan from my research trip to England last summer. My backup plan is to teach for a couple of years, then go into the FBI. I talked to an FBI agent the summer after graduating high school, and he said that I could get in with this degree. Hopefully I'll be able to support myself on working in shops and doing independant design\construction work -- I also want to be able to support my hobbies, the most recent of which is learning how to spin fiber, such as cotton or wool, into yarn. I'm only 21, so I have a little time to find a place to go, but hopefully I won't have to look too long. I've got a job for this summer (I actually start on the 20th... I'll be up there the afternoon of the 18th, though) working in costumes at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse in Auburn, NY. I'm always full of hopes for the future! Oh, and I found Millennium through X-Files, which I found through Brisco County Jr., and I loved them all because of a neverending love for all things strange and fantastical (unless cheesy, like those weirded out fantasy role-players and whatnot -- I don't get that stuff) that has endured my whole life. And to close (about time, eh?), a few pictures of some of the clothes I've constructed that I'm the most proud of: Black silk dress for Richard III (and that's me wearing it, too) Puppet that I designed, and I made the dress entirely myself, including all of the beadwork -- and I cut myself out of the picture on purpose. It's not a good picture of me OR the puppet, unfortunately, but it's the only one I have right now. I was going to take pictures this week, but she's starring in another show right now. Dress I made for She Stoops to Conquer... I wore one exactly like it, as seen here. But the picture of the one I made was used on all of the publicity for this season! Yay!
  14. LauraKrycek

    Sarah-jane Redmond In "a Wrinkle In Time"

    Yeah, this has been on the shelves for a couple of years, at least -- I first saw it on IMDB when I was a freshman (I'm just ending my 3rd year at college now). It's still listed on IMDB as having aired in 2003, actually. I, of course, would've watched it, but I had a rehearsal that night so I called my mom and asked her to tape it for me (and she told me she already had a reminder note on the VCR, as my little brother wanted it taped). I first read that book in the 1st grade, as my older brother first read it at the same age and though I'd like it (we were always really ahead as far as reading levels went -- when I was starting Kindergarten, they started testing my vocabulary, and finally just quit when they reached 8th grade level, as they figured that was more than sufficient). But I don't think I'd like SJR as Mrs. Murray -- no offense, but Mrs. Murray's supposed to be a tall, lithe, redheaded beauty, and while I have nothing against SJR (though she does creep me out a bit, still), I just don't think she was right for the role. Well, actually, from the preview, I'm can tell I'm going to absolutely hate the movie as a whole, but I'm going to watch it nonetheless. Who knows, maybe she'll be the best thing about it.
  15. A bit late on this, I know... but I've always been very against people smoking, for various reasons. I always try to get my friends to stop smoking because, as I tell them, I don't want my friends to die. When I was in 3rd grade, I had one of my favorite teachers ever, Mrs. Cooper. She wasn't there a lot because she was sick -- it was probably at least one day from every week that year that she was out. One week before school started my 4th grade year, she died of lung cancer, caused by her years of smoking. Talk about traumatizing. And sometimes it seems like everyone I know dies of cancer. And it runs heavily in both sides of my family. On top of killing the people that I love, it pollutes the environment further, which affects not only me but every animal out there that is given no choice but to suffer in the mire that the humans turn their environment into (but that starts me on animal rights issues, and I'm sure several of you know that I can speak at length about that). And imagine the billions that could be saved if there were no cigarettes! The money you'd save as a consumer, the money the government would save on health care for those harmed by it as well as on anti-smoking campaigns, the land that could be used, say, for growing organic produce... so many possibilities. Of course, I also don't feign to believe that these views will make the world stop smoking any faster than my refusing to eat anything involving harming animals will make the whole world go vegetarian. But it makes me feel like I'm doing some little part to make the world and the lives of those that can't help themselves just a little bit better for it.

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